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+More Jargon+


INTERNET: The channel through which email&the web flows.
ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network.
ISP: Internet Service Provider.
WISP: Wireless Internet Service Provider.
GSM: Global System for Mobile Communication.
GPRS: General Package Radio Switching.
LAN:Local Area Network.
MEMORY: Area used to store information.
WAP: Wireless Application Arotocol.
WML: Wireless Mark-up Language.
HYPERLINK: Text on an internet or wap page that links to another area or resource.
HTML: Hypertext Mark-up Language.
HTTP: Hypertext Transfers Protocol.
URL: Uniform Resource Locator.
BACK-UP: To create copies of files which are stored in a safe place.
DOWNLOAD: Copying of a file/programme between the internet.
ICONS: Pictures/logos representing programmes on the computer screen.
BROWSER: A piece of software that allows the internet to be viewed on a computing device.
WAP BROSWER: A programme which allows viewing of WML page.
PDA: Personal Digital Assistant e.g.palmtops or handhelds. O/S: Operating System.
SMS: Short Message Service.
SIM-CARD: A unique chip in mobile phone.
WEB CLIPPING: Retrieval of specific information from the Internet.
WAP PORTAL: Provider of connection to the mobile internet .e.g. Genie,Mviva, Aol, T-motion, Vizzavi, Orange. Etc.
SHAREWARE: Software which can be trialed for free, then paid for later.
WEB BROWSING: Viewing web pages online and offline.
MB: A mega-byte (1000000 bytes = 1MB)
KBS: Kilobytes per second (1Kbs = 1000bps)
BIT: Single unit of computer memory or a character of a computer information
Dialup: Dialup Access´ or a ´Dialup Account´ is when a modem is used to gain access to the Internet via a network.
GIF: Graphics Interchange Format
Megabyte: 1000 Kilobytes
Gigabyte: 1000 Megabytes.
IP: Internet Protocol the main protocol used on the Internet.
Offline: When your computer performs an operation when it is not connected to any other computers, it is working offline.
Online: Your computer is working online when it performs an operation and is connected to other computers.
Scripting language: Series of programmed commands that designate how one computer communicates with another computer.
Tag: In HTML terms, a ´tag´ is used for marking-up text in various ways so that it is formatted in a Web document. They are sometimes called ´Markup Tags´.
Terabyte: 1000 gigabytes
Upload: Transfer of files off a local computer up to a specifiedremote computer (as opposed to download where files are pulled off a remote machine).
Virus: A virus is virtual evil. It can hide anywhere where a computer stores information. They have the ability to transfer from computer to computer with the use of the Internet and various other networks.
WAN: Wide Area Network

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