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Much More of Subfem:Kelli.18

[´Even more inbox messages from my subfem:kelli.18.´ -mstr.b 21.Apr+-->]
21.Apr.05-4:6:32: Morning master.- Ooops sorry evening for you. Its 3am and just woke. Cant get back to sleep. Time for a coffee. If u want me to serve you i will keep looking in for orders
21.Apr.05-7:53:59: Morning master. I hope you had a good day? Just woke
21.Apr.05-8:1:42: That is nice to hear. It means i am serving u well.
21.Apr.05-8:14:58: Carol is fine master. [Am] About to [go] out [with Mikey]. Will take fone master.
21.Apr.05-8:18:00: Dress 4 work when back
21.Apr.05-8:29:30: I am in the boat house. I am rubbing his cock and pre cum oozin out. Mmm tastes nice master
21.Apr.05-8:32:28: I will. [Mikeys] cock long. He has come in my mouth master. Lots
21.Apr.05-8:34:13: Tastes diff. His red end is out hard and long
21.Apr.05-8:42:43: He is big master but i will try 4 u
21.Apr.05-8:45:14: He is sniffin ass. On all 4s and he is in ass. Fukin hell. Shit hes big. Mmmm
21.Apr.05-8:49:46: He has cum in my ass and its oozing down thighs.
21.Apr.05-8:57:24: Used water in canal its in. That was the best ever master. THANK YOU.
21.Apr.05-10:38:29: Im fine master. I loved it.
21.Apr.05-15:12:48: [Am] On my way home. No underwear master
21.Apr.05-18:23:43: I love serving u
21.Apr.05-18:27:9: [Am] In garden with bev and mikey
21.Apr.05-18:33:59: Did not tell [Bev that i fucked mikey]. Says hi. [Mikey] keeps sniffin me and bev laughs.
21.Apr.05-18:42:35: I would love to slowly guide his cock into her and then me. He sniffin bev
21.Apr.05-18:45:12: Always wanted a shower of piss
21.Apr.05-18:47:7: She just said she wants to show me something. Fuk she wankin him
21.Apr.05-18:50:56: Just asked her bout [golden] shower. She will piss on me
21.Apr.05-18:53:43: We both lickin red end
21.Apr.05-18:59:19: Bev on knees and i have [mikey] behind her. Slowly in and fuk he going wild 4 her
21.Apr.05-19:4:44: He cum in her pussy. She lickin him clean me lickin her
[´I haven´t heard from Kelli18 for days...

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