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How Strong she is!!!

*** ***

Thanks to Allah who honored the woman, and made the strength in her personality more beautiful than the beauty in itself.
Yet, the strength of personality is not stubbornness as some people think.
Come sisters and brothers to know which strength is great in the Sight of Allah!
Allah gave us as an example, Assia, the wife of faraoh, as He says:
"And Allah has struck a similitude to the ones who have believed, the wife of fir'awn..." Attahrim 11

*** Assia ***
Let's sink inside the castle of faraoh. It's the nicest castle on earth. Everything is wonderful there; the buildings,
the decorations,the drawings.... what a wealth!!
But, who is that tied woman being driven to be tortured? She's neither a theif nor a servant! Oh!! She's the queen of the castle!!
Assia!!? Yes, Assia, the wife of faraoh!!!!
For whom all the servants bow of respect and obedience!! and if she demands something, all the hands race to serve her...!!!!
The nicest castle on earth is hers! the most expensive jewels are hers! the greatest number of servants is hers! But Praise be
to her Creator how strong her personality is!!!!! Her bliss didn't make her forget the One who gave her the bliss......
When Assia decided to follow Moussa -peace be upon him- they didn't cover her way with flowers, but, they took her jewels.
Yet, that didn't fill her heart with grieve. They tied her as if she was a cheap slave, they beat her till they cut her skin, and
left her in an isolated corner with no food and no drink. Did all that weaken her...!!? Her body yes, but her personality no...!!!
How strong she is,Assia !!!!
Faraoh sent his messengers to ask her if she wants to forget about the message of Moussa _peace be upon him_ then, she is welcome again to his love and his wealth, otherwise,she will be killed. Assia loves her castle, but, she is wise; She decided to sacrifice it and even her soul, not for nothing, but for an everlasting life in the Garden of Allah. So, she said firmly:" I want the God of the Heavens and the Earth, I have believed in the God of Moussa and Harun".
Then, shortly after that, they cut the cords of a huge rock to fall on her and destroy her completely. But before the rock touched her body, her lips had moved,and Allah pictured that image for us and made it everlasting in the Ever-Glorious Quran, because He wanted her words to last forever.
She said:" Lord! build for me a home in Your Providence, in the Garden, and safely deliver me from fir'awnand his deed(s), and safely deliver me from the unjust people!"
Assia chose the neighbour before the home. She prefered Allah and He rewarded her the reward in full.
Ibnu Abbas narrated that when Assia asked for that, Allah ordered the curtains of the Garden to be removed, then, she saw the great castle that Allah built for her in the Garden, then, she smiled and her soul rose up before the rock touched her body and broke her bones.
Assia is a similitude not only to female believers but to male believers also.
How strong she is!!!

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