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smackdatzn - Man


60 of 66 in ‎(¯`°·.‎M><!tMad¡®'Z.·°´¯)

03. Feb 2008 10:37:38 EST
File type: JPG picture
File size: 34 kB
17.05.2008 09:40 EDT,
cum fyt yaw 0wn battlez zafir da kafir 8o
25.03.2008 09:58 EDT,
Continued...Had i known i'd come across an ugly bitch like you that picks on my foreskin lol i would've kept it in a bottle for you just to shove it down your throat when i get a chance ! But i doubt that would happen anyways cause i wouldn wanna lose my eyesight by lookin at something as awful as you...As for that story bout sapna and i yeah its good that we broke up everything happens for the better...Did you see who i got now? Is that whats hurting you fuckn bitch? Your upset cause i didnt give you a chance? Well giving you a chance is as good as giving my dog a chance...I wouldn stoop that...
16.03.2008 11:05 EDT,
Lol thevdia you fuckn ugly bitch i've been hearing bout your disgracefull looks and today's the first day i decided to check it out! For myself only to find myself the urge to puke! Your seriously terrible looking gal! But you'll learn to deal wit it as time goes by! You speak bout my bala being cut? Well yeah the foreskin is removed and its clean shaven unlike your type wit hairy poez and hairy arm pits! Its all bout cleanliness your fuckn mud frog! Learn to clean the shit from ya bum first then come here to comment bout me...
16.03.2008 10:59 EDT,
Lol bhai... These madrz wana be us bt can newa match us.. I mean wy da fark d0 url even try.. Hahahaha l0oking 0va madr zaf;-) now0nder assholes lyk thevdia gets eaten up insyd wid da fact that they plain d0wn l0ok lyk c0nstipated d0 sh!t:-)
10.03.2008 19:19 EDT,
Yoh! My bhai l0oking lyka fucking superm0del! ... Lmfao its d0ne lyk this u fucking hat0rs8-o.. If url dnt lyk a pic c0z url cnt l0ok lyk it then take urlz heads and sh0ve it up ur madas puss and blame da b!tch 4 bringing url int0 da w0rld;-)
10.03.2008 19:16 EDT,
yaw c0ncieted p0ez, yaw madaz lipz between ha legz muz b dripin dnt be havin fantaziez b0wt me l0l u furkin ugly cut bala dey shuld 0v cut yaw real head n n0t da head at da b0tt0m gud yaw n sapna br0ke up da ppl wud 0v th0t she waz f0rcd in2 da relati0nshp 0r aranged marrige kekekekekekeke il stil newa st0p lafin 0w cn u send a pik lyk diz :o(
10.03.2008 09:44 EDT,
You'll never stop laughin? I'm glad just to know a smile comes to your face when you see this pict...You seem lonely and left out... Lips in between your legs too most probably smilin when checkin me out8o shock><gz
04.03.2008 12:23 EST,
il newa st0p lafin f0r diz pik, cum c 0ur l0cal bakstabba
14.02.2008 06:38 EST,
$h0ck bhai awewewewewewewewe(G)
08.02.2008 20:49 EST,
HMm i agRee wIv u dHeE hE So fYn:P
07.02.2008 10:52 EST,

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