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smackdatzn - Man

hustler rmfl

33 of 66 in ‎(¯`°·.‎M><!tMad¡®'Z.·°´¯)

24. Mar 2008 15:04:04 EDT
File type: JPG picture
File size: 66 kB
P.S.always 0n my mind:$mwaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaah:Pu sexy thng! Ren papa waz ere ;)
27.07.2008 12:51 EDT,
Hustlr 0nly says watch wat he'l d0 bt s0 far i thnk he 0nly sh0vd hs pellet :x gun up hs pussbag, nw ur ma is fukin the eastr bunny that thngs makin her shit empty eggs, il slap u ur putu lips wil g0 in the bak 0f ur thr0at cunt u thnk u the leadr 0f rmfl hahaha cunt cnt d0 ntn with0ut bakup ;)
24.07.2008 14:46 EDT,
:-) this fucken gawf Watch how i'll make this asshole a big pu$s.You wanna play topp dogg super star but u are barking like one puppy.This kunt will fret just now his brain capacity will explode cuz this is way to much for u to think off like a bunny hopping around room to room with easter egg's like u trying to make yourself important ah shame u left completly in the dark.
04.07.2008 05:38 EDT,
bwahahaha boya lyk u talk da talk,bt cnt walk da walk u firing blanks,take dat checkerz bb pellot gun n put it up ur ass puzzler real m0da fucken lund kp it up bt w8 bwahahahahaha puzla.wudnt it b beta if u crawld back up ur m0daz d00s u s0n 0f a puss,
02.06.2008 11:04 EDT,
Your pu$s marie can u see puzzler written anywher but on your face wat a fucken shame take your shit stain underwear wipe the stupidity out of your face maybe sucking your mothers ball's you will get some sort of brain's instead blowing anything on two leg's can check its affecting your eyesight now.Why don u save yourself from being humiliated shepstar cuz i'll burn u very badly now ;-) fucken pu$s must look like one drama queen :-O
29.05.2008 14:58 EDT,
hahaha m0re lyk puzzler wid ur bb pellot gun,drop da magazine n clip,boyo u talk da talk da talk da talk,bt u cnt walk da walk,and yaaz h0sh pangela jou ma se puss,donsa jou mareta mao.w8 dat pellot gun bwahahahahaha jou sny
27.05.2008 11:13 EDT,
your fucken dumb fuck ;-) watch how i'll make u hop in this site your asshole period pu$s licker your chun's are as dry as horse's shit applied on your tooth pick face bra ;-) wat a big pu$s u making yourself xse it wit be my pleasure to show everyone how illiterate you are boy ;-) hosh pagamisa :-) wuflagdunk in your bum :-O
26.05.2008 08:25 EDT,
boya reh wats wr0ng,p0sing wid a pellet gun,show da magazine boya wid clips man,ne way ch0do i knw u talk da talk,bt can u really walk da walk,h0sh hoe lyk hulle,gwala ma se puss
26.05.2008 03:16 EDT,
Haibo, since when you got gun Bhai? lol How you?> Long time man. I've been lost in space bro. Hopefully chat to ya soon though. Stay up playa. XyLo666...
21.05.2008 11:30 EDT,
17.05.2008 09:49 EDT,
haha tel em lyk it is hustla ! u tyk dt fyk gun n put in ur mase p0sez when ur fada nt l00kin isnt bhai..!
28.04.2008 16:23 EDT,

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