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phant mz t othprick - Man Private Parts Shortdickman...

...eenie weenie tiny thingy i dont want no shortdickman hahahaha who heard that song? of the classics in female preferences no woman want a shortdickman this here guy go by the nick of p!h!a!n!t!o!m! Hangs out in Ally of fire darkmountain a sick twisted minded guy who'll rape kids as he threaten of thor psychos who'll do anything and in his eyes this little toothprick he got is the biggest thing in his own eyes hence he's asking people to rate his isn't your only shortcoming nor is're the best thing to happen to shortdicked man and you also a perfect example as to why men turn out to be fagg0tz i mean lol...this dude whip it out a chick go like is that all:O what happened to the rest:O and walk out on him telling he gotta find the rest of it first...but as it is in his mind his so ignorant he'll still think the woman want him...sigh...some guys pure desperate anyways the story goes like this...
Phantom looks after himself like a good m0ffie would...having facials pedicurez...the this day he decided to have a tan and took a sunbath in the back of his backyard...sun was luka warm and he was reading a magazine next minute he's gone off to dreamland...about half an hour after that he woke up to a eerie feeling through his loins feeling something sucking on his toothprick he kinda enjoyed the feeling since it was quite a while he last had a good wank and laid eyes closed...decided to take a look and saw the neighbour's dog sucking he wanted to chase it away but opening his eyes fully saw the neighbour's daughter staring over the wall seeing everything...what a he decided to pretend like his been sleeping all the time and lay motionless...the dog continued sucking and after a while he couldn't help but to cum all in the dog's mouth who puked all over his stomach and ran off with his weenie spurtin all over his this time the neighbour's daughter was in tears of laughter and he still pretended to walked off...he jumped up and ran into his house...never showing his face in front of her again...when it does happen he only say hello and disappear like the phantom he is and like the ghost of a c0ck he got...eenie weenie tiny thingy woman want a shortdickman...lmfao...anyways read on for the factual page on this psycho...

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