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My Nieces Caught Me Skinny Dipping

Yet another early CFNM experienec

Skinny dipping

One mid-summer afternoon, sometime after the two incidents I recounted, I wanted to spend some quiet alone time down at the small pool in the river that ran through the farm. Some trees growing on the bank of the river lends some privacy to the area. Skinny dipping was a favourite pastime of mine during my visits to the farm.

It was sunny and really scorching hot, I stripped naked and got into the water. After some swimming I got up and sat in the shallow end for a while enjoying the hot summer sun. Since I was all alone I got out every so often relaxed in the sun and dove in again. I swam around a little then got out and stretched out on the grass again.

I closed my eyes and replayed the incidents of the last few days. I was frustrated that my nieces had seen me naked, but that I still had seen nothing. I was extremely curious and fantasized about what the girls’ bodies might look like. I wondered what their pussies would look like naked. My dirty thoughts about my nieces had my little prick hard and standing straight up. I had not yet had the opportunity to properly feel what my hard little cock felt like. I reached down and wrapped my hand around my hard little cock trying to get used to the feel of it in my hand. I wasn't quite sure what it would feel like if I pulled my foreskin back over my erect little dick. Of course I had done it before when I wanted to pee, but then my dick was soft. I started to slowly slide my hand down my hard little shaft, pulling my foreskin off my dickhead. As I slid my hand up and down my short hard shaft, I got a new look at the way my foreskin moved up and down over my glans. I watched in amused silence... I took my sack and balls in my other hand, feeling them with the tips of my fingers. They felt like soft little eggs.

I must have been lost in my thoughts as I was completely surprised when upon hearing a faint rustling sound like that of someone walking over grass and I lifted my head to look around, I noticed Kylie sitting in the shade of one of the trees - and she wasn't alone. Kylie and Grace were both watching me intently. The surprise of finding the girls had my erection subside immediately. As I moved about looking for my clothes, I realised they were ogling my cock swinging from side to side. I desperately looked around for my clothes or something with which I could cover up myself, but I found nothing. My clothes were also not where I had left them and I couldn’t see my towel. I hurried back in the water and stayed in the water while I talked with them. I tried to keep under the water deep as I could. All that they could see of me was my head and shoulders. I asked, practically begged for a towel or any sort of covering, but to no avail.

They knew I had to get out of the water eventually and they were waiting patiently for the show. I acted embarrassed but was actually excited that the girls wanted to see me completely naked again. I was naked and excited and soon I started to get hard again, and very soon I was fully erect again. It didn’t take long before I decided to get out. I was going to give them what they wanted. I stood up and started to walk towards the edge of the pool. As I climbed out of the pool, I made no effort to cover myself. I gave them a good long look at my naked body and hard cock while I walked straight towards them. The sight of my erection evoked a few naughty comments from both of them. It was obvious that they were checking me out all the time. I asked for my clothes again. Kylie was still looking me up and down. Her gaze lingered on my throbbing cock. They ignored my request.

"Come, have a seat," Kylie said.

I decided to sit with them. I enjoyed being naked with the two of them. I was a little embarrassed by my situation, but I was also excited and aroused. Everything I had, including my pulsing cock, was now out in the open. I felt acutely aware of the throbbing in my cock. We engaged in small talk, and they asked me more questions about my cock and balls. I answered as many as I could, but there were many I could not answer since i was still learning myself. I found myself relaxing as the conversation went on. I remained naked and the girls enjoyed themselves as I covered nothing up.

I noticed Grace looking at my erection and saw a slight shiver sweep through her body as she looked at my naked cock in broad daylight. She seemed somewhat distracted by the sight and the situation. She had seen my tiny erection already, but only in the dark of the room. Having it now in broad daylight right in front of her for inspection and education clearly distracted her. Playfully, I turned my naked body facing Grace directly to give her a better look. Her hand went to her mouth and her eyes went back and forth between my cock and my face. Grace moved closer and took up position right in front of me. She looked at my hooded hard on for a long drawn out time. She was getting her first proper look of an erection and she seemed in no hurry.

“Hey, one of them is hanging lower than the other," she suddenly exclaimed with delight and elicited a round of giggles.

The exhibitionism we indulged in was naughty excitement that we all came to enjoy immensely and I wanted to draw it out as long as I could. I lay on my back and looked down at Grace and my hard little cock. I was convinced it had never been this hard before. It felt as if it was swelling and throbbing like never before. Well it was possible since I had had less than ten erections before then.

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