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<ode to Prince>

Prince,what can you say,genius,sex god,guitar hero,the man could do it all,from funk,to rock or a folk ballad, this guy owned the stage,he could rip it up with a guitar solo,or make the girls go crazy with is oh so elegeant sexy dancing,I would rate him over Michael, Prince was decades ahead of peers, especially in the decade musical talent forgot,the 80s,Prince is one of few artists not confined to a single genre,he could play rock almost bordering metal and if your ,or play jazz,funk,sometimes Prince could move you to tears with a acoustic guitar/piano ,playing a mournful ballad,e.g.(sometimes it snows in April),he never could be boxed in.Prince seemed to in body all styles and influences,in his repertoire, you can hear Hendrix,Led Zep,Marvin Gaye,James Brown and even John Lennon in "Around the world in a day",but there are many Bowie he played with sexsual ambiguity, androgynous images early on,he also played with racial identity, in the line from his song Controversy ,he declared # am I black or white ,am I straight or gay,am I what you wanted me to be,he said this as due to questions over his ethnicity, Prince tried many dress styles,some that would make people question his sexsuality,but it was that Renaissance 17th century dandy look/Hendrix ruffled shirts that won over the world,and like Bowie he was able to transform with every album,in later yrs he still was the performer that both fans and other musicians were still in awe of as a live performer.There will only ever be one Prince,the true king of pop and one of the great guitar heroes,and if your a Madonna fan ,the guitar solo at the beginning of "like a Prayer"is Prince and he played on all the other tracks of that Madonna album,he also played synth on a Stevie Nick's track" stand back"Prince also dueted with another genius, "Kate Bush", on her Red Shoes album #Why should I Love,he always had great female musicians around him ,Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman,Sheila E and what with his recent band 3rd Eye girl,he in some way was a pioneer in promoting female musicians, showing that women could play the axe ,and Rock.Prince's genius lives on,even if your not a Prince ,he has either worked with a artist u like or influenced them,e.g. Gwen Stefani,Lady Gaga,Kesha and many many othersprobably Lenny kravitz wouldn't had a career.the too fighters/Nirvana's Dave Grohl was a huge fan,and was pleasantly surprised at Prince' s cover of his song the " Best of you",at the Prince super bowl rock musicians lives were made easier by Prince since Hendrix was a long time dead,and the music industry can be narrow minded ,thinking all black musicians and singers are all locked into being only r n b and hip hop.......a quote by the great Stevie Wonder," if Michael was the king of pop,then Prince was the emperor,when Prince danced and evoked the desire of female fans he meant it,I very much doubt Michael Jackson knew what to do with women,anyway that's by the by,Prince is probably the naturally talented pop/rock musician ever,a point alluded to by the great Elton John, with Prince it was like listening to the entire history of pop music, soul,blues,funk,rock,jazz,new wave,punk rock,gospel,folk and eleronica, it was all there,many metal stars paid tribute to Prince and his guitar playing ,to his song writing abilities and general musicianship ,,his influence extended to other genres,the use of LINN M_1 drum machine on "When Doves cry", a funk metal work out,Prince made heavy use of the drum machine on Purple Rain,showing that a rock song could be made without a bass guitar,now in tech/industrial metal it all very common and place, e.g.Nine inch are some little known facts ,the late Jonathan Melvoin of Smashing pumpkins fame was the brother of Wendy melvoin of the Revolution and Susannah Melvoin Prince's ex ,also Pat Smear the drummer of the Foo fighters appears in the Raspberry beret video, he is the one who has dreads,..It just goes to you how vast Prince's influence is..

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