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My Mature eXperience

hi to all the lustfull fans of this indiansexstories all the other guys i also love to burst the fudies or pussies of the gals ,but i was totally a shy guy.i m starting this story from the very begining of my past and now my future , i also wanna tell all other shy guys like me that there is no relation betweenn studies and sex ,sex is not going to damage ur studies but it depends on u how u maintain a balance between these two ,it is a natural thing how much u ignore it will arose later and it will arouse like volcano. in the past i never liked the incest sex ,but how much i ignored it again aroused in my mind ,

i was always woundering about the ladies who were very close to me like my bhuas,chachis,mamis etc.once my mami gave birth to a child and i used to see , feeding her child then later i used to masturbate in the bathroom thinking about her.there is one thing more for the guys who r disturbed by the thoughts that they r not getting rid from the dirty feeling about their mothera and sisters , because they r not the only ones in this world even the great saints who even not touched their penis in their tapasvi life got involved in these things by the gals like mainka etc etc who were at the ages of their daughters so how we normal people can control about this . i m visky gill 18 years old n doing engg in mechanical field. i m punjabi munda with 6feet height and very big penis which became so big due to hasthmathun or masturbation , it was my greastest dream to fuck the woman whose age group would be above 35 upto 100 infact i was greatly attracted by their big and lose boobs with slim i used to be in a search for this kind of lady till i got shifted to our new house and in our street mine house was beautiful and big than the other houses, near to our house there was a house in which lady lived which was a perfect match for my lustful desires for my luck she was also attracted to me and she is also having the same family as that of my family she is the sarpanch of one village but her family stays in our city for education of their children and she was having two children one was 12 years old n other was 8 years old and both were studying in the #1 school of our city.

she was very sexy lady and god knows how she maintains her figure there is no comparison of her with her husband he kept his beard lose and with big moustaches like the traditional jatt sikh but his wife was a modern lady she used to watch tv with very loud voice,when i used to play cricket with my friends she would stand on terrace and used to watch me continously but when i notice her she would start ignoring me ,i thought she like me but she was afraid abouit the reputation of her family so this happened for whole the year ,she watch me secretly and i would beat my lund in the bathroom slowly our families started interacting with each other as there were only two jatt sikh families of equal status in our whole street. one day god had done mercy on me , it were the months of june and july and my parents had gone to shimla for winter vacations and i was left at home to take care of the house and also now in my youthhood

i usally feel bore in the family, my family left in the morning and they tried to call me at our landline number to imform me thet tey reached shimla but our telephone line was having some sorte of problem due to monsoon rains so my parents called at aunti's house i call her aunty on that day it was raining outside ,she came to my house with the drpping clothes to infom me that my parents is waiting to talk with me on telephone at her house , i noticed she was wearing white coloured bra and i ran after her to her house ,i finished my talks on telephone she asked me about my parents i told her that they were gone to shimla n she again asked "tu kothi vich kalla rahenga"[so u would be alone in ur house].i said yes, then she told me to have the dinner at her house 1st i told her that i will have it from the hotel ,she said "unjh taan mainu aanti kehna hain kee sadde khare roti ni khaaa sakda "[cant u have dinner at our house ]so i told her that i will eat meals at her house i m coming in half an hour as i have to finish the assignment and lock the house ,after half an hour i returned back i saw food was ready i saw uncle was not joined by us as he was gone to villlage to settle the dipute of some people ,aunty told me that he called her and told he will come late and u take ur dinnner along with children , aunt told me to remain at their house untill uncle doesnt come ,i obeyed her as i was also interested to spend more time with aunt with whom i was interested to have an affair ,so we all started watching TV there was a movie of sunny deol which we all were watching its name was DAMINI ,there came the rape scene on it in which 4 to 5 guys were raping a maid i got aroused and auty was sitting in near by sofa she noticed the tent like structure in my pant , after few minutes later when the scene was over she told in real life god never spares these people who do just a act forcefully on women , i thought now is the chance to lay a chance , i told her " aunty ejehe kamm tan dusre di marji naal hi karne chahide hann"[these things should be done with the permission of female " she got surprised by my remark then she smiled , i thought arrow hitted the target , then she started talking frankly with me she asked me about the gals of my college ,

i told her that gals only want th e money but i havent found any one whom should understand my feeling and i should give her any thing which belongs to me , she asked does it matter if she is older than u . i said no ,if she is married , i again said no ,she again asked if she is having children ,i said no ,she then happily told me "taan oho janani tere samne baithy hai "[then she is sitting just in front of u} i shockedto listen these bold words from her , i asked her is it possible she told me why not u r man n i m woman why it is not possible , i asked her what about our families she said no body will know about our affair untill u n me break the secret , i agreed , i asked her so can we kiss each other like lovers she said why not , i came close to her there was a lips stick on her lips i cleaned her lips by scratching my cheeks then with deep plsssssssssss and haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i laid and locked my lips on her the juices of sliva from mine and her mouth mixed with each other, then slowly i started rubbing my hand on her whole body she replied +vely and she started doing same with me , i was feeling her big breasts becoming more big abd she noticed my big lund becoming monster in size , slowly i lifted her kamiz and i started rubbing her stomach and back with my sliva filled lips her stomach became wet due to sliva , then i more lifted her kamiz and she threwed it away on bed,i was in her room as children were fast asleep, i slowly and slowly unbottoned her bra and started licking the hidden potion of her body under the straps of bra , i came in front and my one hand was playing with her boob and my mouth was involved in licking her other boob and she was moaning in ectacy .slowly i untied the nala of her salwar and removed her black panty whose coloured was changed at the place of her fudi because of the juicies which drips during her periods, there was the dark whole which is the cause of great disasters in this world. she noticed me i was only half naked she sat on bed and asked me to stand in front of hershe untied the hooks of my pents and removed my underwear now my weapon was free and was moving like pendulum in its to and fro motion , she said let us make the game more interesting she brought honey from the kitchen she put that on my penis and started licking dont ask about my condition at that time i was felling that i dont have any body but i m only a lund who was being licked by my dream woman oh i m cumming while narrating ,

let me masturbate ........... ya now i m relaxed ,ya i said she was licking my honey dipped penis and i was moaning aunty sssssssssssssssspppplllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssssss please do it slowly after some time i ejaculated the loads and loads of cum in her mouth and her mouth was having the mixture of my cum and honey which i made her to drink , now it was my turn to lick her i applied honey on her pussy and started licking it she was moaning in loud voice "kanjra tun nahi jaanda main iss kadi tun 1 saal ton udeek rahi see te main tainu soch ke aapni fudi vich unglaan laindi hundi see"[i was waiting from 1year for this moment and i used to insert the fingers in my vegina thinking for u ] i said aunty i loved u the most she said dont call me aunty only call me by my name . when i increased the speed of tounge fucking she splashed the cum on my face which she cleared with her bra, now we decided to take some rest suddenly the telephone bell rang and we got truely xxxxxxciting news that uncle was not coming home tonight now we became free and locked the room of her children from outside so that they cant see us in sexy state, we ate some bananas to get energised for the final chapter, i laid her down on bed and i jumped on bed i speared her cunt with my penis and she moned in loud voice aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh visky i m going to die in pleasure then i increased my penis thrusting and the whole room filled with the lustful moaning voices of ectacy yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ssssssssssssssssssss hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa she was moaning like this ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and the floods of water was drippping from our bodies due to pasinna , when i incresed the momemtum she moned like this ahh aaah aahhhhhh ahhh aahhhh aaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and me haha ahaha hah

hhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhha . slowly our sexy graph reached the maximum peak point and and after screating the juices from our respective organs we rested in each others arms and we again started the processs we fucked in every possible position which was in the flexibility range of the human body .in tthe morning i left her house with the commitment with her we will fuck and suck whenever we will be having an suitable oppotunity.our relation continued for 2 years and no body got hint about that , now she lives in other city but she calls me often and we talk like lovers and discriminating the unnecessary age factor. i hope u enjoyed my xxxperiance and the women who r interested in having an affrair with younger boy of my age espacially me can mail me at .bye to all of u ,please send ur replies and experiances and proposals[only for older ladies].

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