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Problems In Love

Numerous reasons could be cited which lead to misunderstanding between individual in a relationship. It could be monetary, emotional or even physical. One could look at the misunderstandings from two perspectives- male and female.

Male perspective
Several reasons could be attributed by the man in the relationship, some of them could be:

Adequate communication
It is considered that women's behavior is more emotional than men's. Although it would be fair to say that even the most emotional women are sometimes simply not quite self-confident. Men hardly use the female language of emotions and for them learning a Latin or Greek would be easier to learn as compared to the former. This gap in communication provokes most of acute problems and conflicts.

Lack of understanding
To bridge the communication gap that sets in individuals, it is important for the man to gain some understanding of emotions. Maybe women at times use an emotional approach to communicate which is misunderstood by men as encroachment. So if a man wants to become proficient in emotional aspect, it is important to learn to understand your feelings.

Blaming each other
Many a times, men think that women are encroaching too much by grazing some emotional aspect. Though the woman might be trying to make them comfortable, it could be misinterpreted! This could result in the two individuals blaming each other.

Being compassionate
Expressing compassion resolves a great deal of miscommunication. At time it becomes imperative for men to shed their rationalistic thinking and get into the shoes of a woman! That mean. They need to be more patient and lend an ear to their partner's maladies irrespective how trivial it may be.

Female perspective
A man is not as bad as you think!
The emotional communication of men differs from women as a result women need to realize that they might not get the same degree of intimacy from men when it comes to talking.

Let him boast
Women should take men boating about their success at workplace or other things in their stride. Women generally perceive boasting as a sign of egoistic male nature while in reality it might not be the case! That is why you should take this character trait as a matter of course.

Give him his space
Men always need more space, than women do. Women might find this to be dictatorial in nature. Women should remember that when a man interferes into your private space he is bound by his habit of exercising a certain degree of authority.

Money related issues
Money related issues crop up when there exist some form of imbalance between the two individuals. This could also be augmented by ego and lack of communication. Issues which go unnoticed acquire gargantuan stature once marriage happens. Some of the situations could be:

Difference in priorities
One's choice of a house could be negated with another's choice of a holiday

Possessiveness towards income
If the individuals become conscious of who is earning and how much then that could lead to ripples in the relationship. Prudence is good but understanding is more

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