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hunter nin

[?] Hunter-nin

Hunter-nin are a special team within each Hidden Village given the specific duty of hunting down missing-nin. They kill their target, taking the head as proof, and then completely dispose of the body by using various methods, such as cremation or the summoning of wild carrion crows to devour the corpse. This is done in order to make sure the village secrets which a ninja's body holds -- such as chakra types, herbs eaten, ninjutsu, and kekkei genkai -- will not be revealed to outsiders. Hunter-nin are also supposed to destroy the corpse at the very spot the body is lying; it is not to be moved after it is dead. Hunter-nin are also taught about how the human body works and how to kill people easily. Early in the series, Haku poses as a hunter-nin as a ruse to rescue the supposedly killed Zabuza Momochi. Real hunter-nin have only been alluded to, and so far have not been seen in the world of Naruto, though it is possible they actually exist as part of the ranks of ANBU; canon is unclear on the differences between the two groups. They are at least ANBU-trained, as mentioned by Kakashi during his short explanation of the group.

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