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So how much do you really know about cs?
Here are some tips that you have to type in your console before you start playing.
Rate 200000
cl_cmdrate 101
cl_cmdbackup 2
cl_updaterate 101
gl_lightholes 0
max_smokepuffs 50
mp_decals 50
AK47 & Colt strat Guide.
First off you will have to control these weapons recoil!I will try to show you sum tricks of how to control your recoil more effectively.
Single shot technique:is complicated unless you are good with rifles.When using the ak i burst a different amount of bullets depending on the DISTANCE between me and my enemy.Use 2shot bursts when the enemy is far away nd moving. 3-5shots when the enemy is @ medium range.You can also try to end the burst by using single bursts towards the lower health points of the enemy.NOTE this technique is beter used if you crouch.

A lot of people requested some input on how to handle the AK47 and the Colt rifles more effectively. I have two words to say about these weapons: recoil control! That is the most important task, and I will try to show you some tricks of how to be able to control the recoil more effectively.

I have recorded a demo, but you must note that this demo is for educational purposes only. The demo will show you how to practice recoil control and burst control, as well as information on when to use what.

Single Shot, Burst Shot, 2-5 Shots, and Spray

First off, I will state the difference between the following subjects: single shot, burst shot, 2-5 shots and spray.

The single shot is a technique that I use in only one situation, and it is quite complicated unless you are good with the rifles. There are times when a good player makes a nice burst of 2-5 shots with the AK47, but starts to lose control of the crosshair and recoil. A good player could single burst to finish the enemy off, effectively. You can watch the demo to get a better...

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