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Konoha has had five Hokages (Hokages literally Fire Shadow) since the First Hokage founded the village 60 years before the start of the series. The Fifth Hokage is currently still in power. The Hokages are significantly more powerful than most shinobi of Konoha; as there are various extenuating circumstances involved in the selection of a Hokage, the one in power may not be the absolute strongest ninja in the village. They also act as the leaders of the village.

First Hokage (Shodaime)
Age: ? (deceased)
Rank: Hokage
Height: 185.1 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Birthday: ?
Blood Type: ?
Seiyu: Takayuki Sugō
Voice Actor: Jamieson Price
JB Blanc (Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2)
Unique traits: Mokuton (Wood Release) techniques, tailed beast control.
The First Hokage (Shodai Hokage, literally "Founding" or "First Hokage") was the founder of Konoha and used his unique Mokuton abilities to create the village. He was the older brother of the Second, and the grandfather of Tsunade. On separate occasions he fought Kakuzu and Madara Uchiha, the latter of which he is known to have defeated. The First saw the people of Konoha as a part of him, and put them before anything else. His spirit even now takes a firm root in Konoha. He was resurrected and summoned by Orochimaru to battle the Third Hokage, who is eventually forced to seal away his soul to defeat him. Prior to this defeat, the First uses Bringer of Darkness Technique (Kokuangyō no Jutsu, English TV "Infinite Darkness Jutsu") to cause the Third to see nothing but total darkness, allowing the First to attack him unseen. In earlier years Orochimaru injected the First's DNA into 60 test subjects in an attempt to replicate his Mokuton abilities. Only one of the test subjects, Yamato, survived and retained the First's abilities.

Second Hokage (Nidaime)
Age: ? (deceased)
Rank: Hokage
Height: 182.3 cm
Weight: 70.5 kg
Birthday: ?
Blood Type: ?
Seiyu: Kenyu Horiuchi
Voice Actor: Peter Lurie, Steven Blum (Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2)
Unique traits: Excelled at water jutsu, did not require a water source to perform them.
The Second Hokage (Nidaime Hokage) was the younger brother of the First and Tsunade's grand uncle. He greatly contributed to Konoha's establishment as a major power. He was very proud of his superior combat ability, and was especially skillful at water jutsu (to the point that he did not require a source of water to perform them). One such ability was the Water Release: Water Shockwave (Suiton: Suishōha), which allowed him to spit out a large body of water that he could control to attack others. He was the teacher of the Third Hokage, Homura Mitokado, and Koharu Utatane, and was the one to appoint the Third as his successor. He was resurrected and summoned by Orochimaru to battle the Third, who is eventually forced to seal away his soul to defeat him. One of the anime's filler arcs the Second is revealed to have owned Raijin sword, the blade of which was composed of pure energy and could retract into the handle. Despite being composed of pure energy, the blade can be cracked and broken like a regular sword, which happens at the end of the same filler arc it is introduced in when Naruto uses Rasengan.

Third Hokage
Age: 69 (deceased)
Rank: Hokage
Height: 163.1 cm
Weight: 50.6 kg
Birthday: February 8
Blood Type: A
Seiyu: Hidekatsu Shibata
Voice Actor: Steve Kramer
Unique traits: Earth mud-river, Earth mud-cannon, Fire cannon, Shuriken kage bunshin no justu, Fire element-fire dragon flame missile.
The Third Hokage (Sandaime Hokage) and his former teammates, Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane, were students of the First Hokage and Second Hokage. Because of his surname, Sarutobi (Sarutobi), the First and Second called him "Monkey" (Saru). Later in his life he became the sensei of Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade, who would go on to become known as the "Legendary Three Ninja" (Densetsu no Sannin). He also became the father of Asuma Sarutobi, and in later years the grandfather of Konohamaru.

The Third was called The Professor (Purofessā) due to his vast knowledge of jutsu, purportedly knowing all the jutsu within Konoha. During the only battle he is seen in he utilizes a number of attacks dealing with fire and earth; his fire-based jutsu deal with spitting streams of flames at opponents, while his earth-based attacks allow him to either create defensive walls or projectiles to launch at opponents. In addition to elemental attacks, he can use Technique Neutralize (Jutsu Shō) to prevent or stop an opponent's jutsu by exerting an equal amount of chakra. After throwing a shuriken at an opponent, he can use Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique (Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu) to replicate it and surround the opponent. The Third also has a personal summon: the monkey king, Enma, who can turn into a staff that the Third wields with great proficiency. Despite all of his abilities, the Third seems to have had some sense of lecherousness in him as he spends much of his free time talking to young girls. When Jiraiya was still his student, he offered to help Jiraiya test the jutsu that would allow the user to spy on naked women unnoticed. Even Jiraiya, in this instance, noted his sensei's perverted qualities.

While Orochimaru was his student, the Third came to appreciate Orochimaru's natural talent and, after becoming Hokage, hoped to someday pass the title on to him. As he neared retirement, however, the Third realized that Orochimaru was only interested in the role of Hokage as a way to get power, and thus could not give him the role as village's protector. As such, the Third passed on the role of Hokage to one of Jiraiya's former students, Minato Namikaze. After Minato's death the Third was forced to reassume the role of Hokage, at which point began investigating a number of disappearances within Konoha. Upon finding that Orochimaru was the source of the abductions, the Third was unable to bring himself to harm his favorite student, allowing Orochimaru to escape. Years later, Orochimaru invades Konoha in an attempt to kill his former master. To give the Third a similar privilege, Orochimaru resurrects the first two Hokages to do battle with him. After struggling to defeat the two former Kage the Third is able to use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to seal away the souls of his former masters. Although he attempts to do the same to Orochimaru, his age and the injuries he has received from the battle make it impossible. Doing what little he can and hoping to rectify his mistake of allowing Orochimaru to escape years earlier, the Third seals Orochimaru's arms to ensure that he will never again be able to use jutsu, a punishment for Orochimaru's obsession with power. With the village saved from Orochimaru, the Third dies with a smile on his face, death being the result of performing the sealing.

During his battle with Orochimaru, the Third's likeness on the Hokage Monument cracked across the face. While the crack is fairly prominent due to its size, it doesn't always appear in the anime due either to a bad angle or a mistake by the animators. Later filler arcs try to address this discrepancy by filling up the crack, but the filling is revealed to consist of exploding tags and as such is removed. Masashi Kishimoto originally planned for the Third Hokage to be a dog, but eventually dumped the idea for being "too weird."

Fourth Hokage (Yondaime)
Age: ? (deceased)
Rank: Hokage
Height: 179.2 cm
Weight: 66.1 kg
Birthday: January 25
Blood Type: B
Unique traits: Flying Thunder God Technique, Spiraling Sphere, Dead Demon Consuming Seal.
Minato Namikaze (Namikaze Minato was the Fourth Hokage (Yondaime Hokage) of Konohagakure and the man responsible for sealing the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox inside his son Naruto Uzumaki soon after he was born. Doing so cost him his life, and before dying he asked that the villagers not see Naruto as the monster within him, instead wanting him to be viewed as a hero, a request ignored by the villagers. "Namikaze" translates literally as "Wind and waves" or "Discord." "Minato" translates as "Harbor" or "Port."

Minato shares a number of traits with Naruto, namely in appearance and attitude. These similarities are frequently pointed out in the series until it is revealed in Part II that Naruto is Minato's son, who he had with Kushina Uzumaki. In his youth Minato, along with two other unknown Genin, was a student of Jiraiya. Prior to becoming Hokage, he was also the sensei of Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha, and Rin.

Minato is said to be the greatest ninja Konoha had ever produced, with natural talent that is rarely seen amongst ninja. He created several distinctive techniques, including the Flying Thunder God Technique (Hiraishin no Jutsu), which essentially allowed him to teleport to any location with the use of a special seal. By attaching the seal to a kunai or an enemy, Minato could teleport to the location of the seal unnoticed, allowing him to wipe out nearby opponents almost instantly. This ability led to his title as "Konoha's Yellow Flash" (Konoha no Kīroi Senkō), and it caused him to be seen as so dangerous that a flee-on-sight order was given in regards to him during the Third Ninja War. He also created the Rasengan, a technique that does not rely on hand seals but instead uses a concentration of spinning chakra in one's palm that causes immense damage to its victim on contact. Later in the series it is revealed that technique is actually incomplete. Minato had planned to add his own nature manipulation training to the Rasengan, making it even more powerful, but died before he could accomplish this task.

Fifth Hokage
Age: 51 in Part I, 53 in Part II
Rank: Hokage
Height: 163.1 cm
Weight: 48.9 kg
Birthday: August 2
Blood Type: B
Unique traits: Medical Ninja Power, Super Strength, Worm / Slug Summoning Technique.
As a child, Tsunade and her former teammates, Orochimaru and Jiraiya, were students of the Third Hokage. Because of the three's exemplary skills, they were given the title "Legendary Three Ninja" (Densetsu no Sannin) by Hanzo. Because she is the granddaughter of the First Hokage and the grandniece of the Second Hokage, the word "Hime" ("Princess") is often attached to her name. In the English anime, it is translated into "Lady Tsunade." Tsunade is known for her large breasts, despite the fact that Jiraiya referred to her as "flat-chested Tsunade" during their ...

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