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buffalo.. - Wallpaper

Origin of the Buffalo Hunt

from the
Cheyenne ppl

There was a time when buffalo ate man.
The Magpie and the Hawk were on the side of the people.
Together they formed a council with all animals and decided to have a long, hard race and the winners would forever eat the losers.
It was a long race around an entire mountain.
A confidant buffalo-cow stepped forward already brimming with expected victory.
All the animals prepared for the race by painting themselves with colors they retain today.
They all gathered in a line and the race began!
They ran and ran!
The smaller animals quickly fell behind, while leading was the confidant buffalo-cow.
Magpie and Hawk were in second place and man was in third.
Magpie and Hawk knew they could easily beat the buffalo-cow.
The finish line was back at the starting place.
They waited until the finish line to swoop past her and win the race for people!
Blood of the animals that had died due to the stress of the race forever stained the dirt and rocks red.
The buffalo told their young to hide from people because now they would be hunting them.
Buffalo told their young to always keep with them a last piece of human flesh and they did.
They tucked it away in their chests, under the throat.
People never eat this part of buffalo because it is human.
Its almost the only part of the buffalo that is unused.
From that day forward the Cheyennes began to hunt buffalo. Since all the friendly animals and birds were on the people's side, they are not eaten by people, but they do wear and use their beautiful feathers for ornaments.

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