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~ I Sat At Tha Kitchen Table, Drinkn My Cup Of Coffee & Staring Out Tha Window At Tha Sky. Oh Dam! I Thought To Myself. It Looks Like Its Goin To Snow. I Hate Tha Snow! Wot I Hated More Then Tha Snow Was Waking Up By Myself. Which Was Tha Reason I Was Goin To Do This Stupid Contest Tonite. I Drank Tha Last Of My Coffee As I Got Up To Put Tha Cup In Tha Sink. Then I Headed Towards Tha Bedroom To Pack A Small Bag Of Make-Up, Brush, Toothbrush & Paste, & 3 Different Change Of Clothes. I Zipd Tha Bag Up, Grabd My Keys & Headed Out Tha Door. I Pulld Into A Dirt Parking Lot, & Turnd Off Tha Engine. I Sat There For A Moment, Staring At A One Story Building. Tha Barz Name In Big Bold Letters Above, Lit Up A Small Portion Of Tha Dirt Coverd Parking Lot. I Lookd Straight Ahead At Tha Front Of Tha Building With Tha Brite Pink Lites Of Tha 'OPEN' Sign Stairing Back
At Me. I Laid My 4head Upon Tha Steering Wheel Of My Car, Mentally Kickn Myself In Tha Ass. "Why Do I Always Do This 2 Myself?" I Thought. I Swore That Id Never Do This Ever Again! But Here I Was Siting In My Car, Tryn To Calm My Nerves. Every So Often Tha Music Of Tha Band Came Seeping Out Of Tha Door When Someone Was Goin In, Or Someone Came Stumbling Out. I Sat Up, Grabed My Bag, & Took A Deep Breath. I Slowly Exhaled As I Opened Tha Car Door, Got Out, Shut It, & Slowly Made My Way To Tha Entrance Of
Tha Bar. I Grabed Hold Of Tha Doorz Handle & Pulled It Open. My Senses Was Hit With Tha Music Of Tha Live Band Playing, & Tha Chatter Of Several People Talking Loudly. My Sense Of Smell Was Assulted By Tha Combination Of Smoke, Sweat, & Alcohol. I Went 2 Tha Bar & Told Tha Bartender Who I Was & What I Was There For. Tha Bartender Then Motioned Me With A Nudge Of His Head, To Tha Back Of Tha Bar, To What I Thought Was Tha Changing Room. I Must Have Took A Wrong Turn Somewhere, Cause Tha Door I Had Opened Deffinately Wasnt Tha Changing Room! I Walked Into A Very Spacious Office, & A Man Fuckn A Woman From Behind On Tha Couch. She Was Completely Naked Except For Her Heels. She Had Her Forehead Resting On Tha Armrest, Her Head Was Turned To Tha Side A Little With Her Mouth Open Moaning Out Loud From Tha Fucking She Was Geting. Tha Man Was Naked From Tha Waist Down. He Had Just Pulled His Cock Out Of Tha Womans Pusi When I Walked In On Them. He Smiled When He Looked Up & Saw Me. He Leaned To Tha Side A Bit As If To Show Me His Cock Before He Rammed It Back Into Her. I Was About To Turn Around To Leave When He Motioned Me With His Hand To Come In. I Steped Further Into Tha Room, Placed My Bag On Tha Floor & Quietly Shut Tha Door. As He Pumped His Cock Into Her Pussy, He Asked Her, Looking At Me, "Do You Enjoy Females As Well?" "Oh! Yes!" She Moaned. "Do U Want To Fuck A Female Now?" He Asked Her, Never Taking His Eyes Off Of Me. "Ooh! Fuck Yes!" He Seemed To Fuck Her Even Harder. I Was Geting Hornier By Tha Minute! If He Didnt Get Me Involved Soon, I Swear I Would Start Playing With My Pussy! "Tell Me What Would U Do To Tha Female?" He Asked Her As He Smiled At Me, Sensing My Growing Uneasiness. "I Would Lay Her Down, Get Between Her Legs As I Opened It Wide, Lap At Her Slit, Suck On Her Clit, & Finger Fuck Her Tight Wet Pussy" "Ooh Gawd!" I Moaned Out Loud Before I Could Stop Myself. Tha Woman Gasped As Her Head Snaped Up & Tha Man Pulled Out Of Her To Sit Down. When Tha Initial Shock Of My Presence Had Worn Off, Tha Woman Stood Up & Walked Towards Me. She Looked At Me. Eyeing Me Up & Down, Giving
Me A Good Look Over From Every Angle. She Then Leaned Into Me, Softly Kissing Me. Her Tongue Lightly Teased My Lips Open, Sliping Into My Mouth. As She Slowly Continued Tha Sensuous Tormented Kiss, She Placed Her Left Hand On My Ass As Her Right Hand Played With My Material Covered Breast. I Looked Over To See Tha Man Sitting Back, Giving His Already Rock Hard Cock, Some Attention. He Watched Us With A Smile On His Face. As I Watched Tha Movement Of His Hand On His Cock, Tha Femalez Hand Was Moving Down My Body Away From My Breast. She Was Lightly Kissing & Sucking On My Neck, While Her Right Hand Traveled Slowly Back Up & Under My Shirt, Her Left Hand Had Made Its Way Under My Skirt, Into My Panty & Was Probing My Asshole With Her Fingers. I Closed My Eyes & Softly Moaned. I Told Her. . . "MmM! That Feels So Good!" Her Right Hand Found Its Way Under My Bra & Was Caressing My Breast, Rubbing My Nipple With Her Thumb Until It Was Painfully Hard With Each Pass. She Removed Both Her Hands & Began Undressing Me. Tha First To Go Was My
Shirt, Then My Bra, Followed By My Skirt & Finally My Undies. She Looked Towardz Tha Man & Said, "Tim, I Want To Taste Her Pusi Before U Fuck Her." "I Was Hoping U Would Say That Ashley!" He Replied With A Big Grin On His Face. "Come & Bring Her Here." Ashley Took Hold Of My Hand & Led Me To Where Tim Was On Tha Couch. "Come Get A Taste Of This." He Said To Me. I Got On My Knees In Front Of Him On Tha Couch. I Took Hold Of His Cock With My Hand, As I Looked Into His Eyes. He Watched His Cock Disappear Into My Mouth, Inch By Slow Inch, Until I Had Swallowed Him Whole. "OOOOHHH!!" I Heard Him Moan As His Rock Hard Cock Hit Tha Back Of My Throat. I Could Feel Ashley Behind Me. Her Nose Was Pressed Against My Ass. I Felt Her Tongue Sliding Up & Down Along My Slit, Teasing My Pusi Lips Open. "MmMm" I Moaned. I Sucked On Timz Cock Harder. I Started Massaging His Ballz With 1 Hand, While My Other Hand Along With My Mouth, Slid Up & Down His Shaft At A Steady Pace. Making Him Groan Out Loud. Ashley Thrusted Her Tongue Into My Wet Hairless Pusi, Keeping Rythum With Tim Thrusting His Cock Into My Mouth. She Stoped What She Was Doing Long Enough To Lay On Her Back Between My Legs. She Then Sucked On Her Middle Finger Before She Probed My Tight Asshole, & Continued Exploring My Pusi With Her Tongue. I Felt Tims Fingers Runing Through, Then Grabbing A Fistful Of My Hair Shoving My Head Down As He Thrusted His Cock Further Down My Throat. "AAH!! That's It! Suck All Of Ashleys Pusi Juice Off Of My Cock!" He Moaned As He Roughly Forced My Head Down On His Thrusting Cock. Ashley Had Worked A Second Finger Into My Tight Asshole Stretching It Even More.

*s0rrY rEaDeRz! t0 bE c0nTiNuEd*

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