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~*~ TEACHERs PET ~*~


~ Jus Think, U Could Be Tha Teacher & Id Be The nAw.T Student. U Bend Me Ova Ur Desk & As Punishment, 4 Not Doin My Homework & Coming 2 Class Without Ne Panties On, Ud Spank Me Til I Beg 4 U 2 Stop! Then U Tell Me 2 Spread My Ass Cheeks Apart With My Hands, Then Kneel Bhind Me, Tongn My Asshole As U Stroked Ur Cock, Getn It Ready 2 Roughly Penetrate My Tite Anal Opening. When Ur Cock Has Became Painfully Hard, Ud Stand Bhind Me, 1 Hand On Ur Throbn Cock, Tha Otha Hand 1st Rubn Then Spankn, My Already Tender Round Ass. Ur Cock Twitchez More Wen U Hear Me Cry Out In Pain. "AAAAAHHHHH!!!!" Without Ne Warning, U Ramd Ur Full Cocks Length N2 My Tite Asshole. Ur Hands Rubn Its Way Up My Back 2 My Shoulderz. I Hear U Groan, "OOH!! FUCK!! Ur So Fuckn Tite!!" I Feel Ur Cock Twitch In My Ass, Just B4 U Start Fuckn Me Hard, Riding My Ass Faster & Harder. I Scream Out In Pain, Begn 4 U 2 Stop, But U Dont Seem 2 Hear Me. Faster & Harder U Fuck Me, Til My Screams Of Pain Turn N2 Moans Of Pleasure.
"AAAHHH!!! FUCK!!! U Feel So Fuckn Gud!!! MmMmM!!" The Louder Id Moan Tha Harder & Deeper Ud Fuck Me. U Move Ur Hands 4m My Shoulders 2 My Hair, Gathering It Up N2 1 Hand Without Missn A Beat. U Yank On My Hair Hard, Pulln Me 2wards U, Ur Otha Hand Grabs @ My Tit, Pinchn My Erect Nipples Hard Btween Ur Fingerz. U Roughly Kiss My Lips B4 Sayn N2 My Ear "Ur Njoyn This Aint Ya, U Bitch?" Ramn N2 My Ass Fast & Hard. "Oh Fuck Yea Teacher!!" I Moan In Reply. "Ima Fuck Ur Cunt Bitch!" U Pull Out Of My Ass & Slam N2 My Cunt. "And Wen Im Tired Of Fuckn Ur Cunt, Ima Fuck Ur Ass Agen!!" U Pull Out Of My Cunt & Ramd Ur Full Length N My Ass 4 Emphasis. "OOH!! HARDER!!" I Tell U, "Fuck Me Harder!!" As U Repeatdly Thrust Ur Hard Cock N2 My Ass, I Slide My Hand Down Btween My Legs, Finger Fuckn My Wet Cunt & Rubn My Clit Fast & Hard. "Oh! Fuck! Dont Stop Teacher!! U Feel So Gud In My Ass!!" Hearing Me Moan Out Loud "OOH!! GAAAWWD!! Dont Stop Teacher!!! OOH!! FUCK!! Im Going 2 Cum!!!" Sends U Ova The Edge.
U Pound Ur Cock N2 Me Lyk A Madman, Filln My Ass Full Of Ur Hot Cum. Collapsing On Top Of Me, Both Of Us Exhausted & Spent. Ur Fingers Move My Hair Aside 4m My Face, Kissn Me Gently, "MmMm! Cum See Me After School 4 Detention" U Softly Say, As Ur Cock Slips 4m My Ass.


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