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~ I was home alone late 1 nite. The first time in what felt like centuries! My roommate had decided she was gona stay over at her boyfriends place, but wasn't sure if she would stay the weekend. As soon as she said that, I hauled ass to the closest video store & rented a bunch of movies with the hope she would stay the whole week & get fucked. She was behaving very restless & getting on my last fuckn nerve! So I was totally estatic when she made her plans known to me.
~ As soon as the door hit her ass on the way out, my clothes was hitting the floor! DAM! I thought to myself, I've forgotten what it was like to be able to walk around naked! For a few blissfully silent minutes, I allowed myself a moment to let it sink in before I took off running & screaming throughout the house like I was possessed.
~ I had grabbed my blanket & pillows from my bedroom, popped in the first of what I thought many videos & settled my naked ass on the couch, when the doorbell rang. WTF??? I glanced at my watch. 1AM??? Getting up off the couch, swearing at whom ever was standing on the other side of the door. "YOU BETTER HAVE A DAMN GOOD REASON FOR RINGING MY BELL AT THIS DAMN HOUR!!! I yelled as I flung the door open. "WOT THE HELL DO U WANT??" I barked at my very shocked ex-boyfriend. It took him a moment 2 compose himself, shove his eyes back into his head & pick his jaw up off the floor before he could stutter, "Well! Hey sexy! Haven't seen," He paused to look at my nakedness over, smiling as he did, "U in awhile & thought I'd stop by to see" He stoped again, grining like a dam fool, "U & how you're doing."
"Well now you've seen me, GO AWAY!!" Slamming the door in his face as I turned heading back to my movie & the couch. He stoped the door from slamming in his face with his shoe covered foot. "OH! FFS NICK!!" He came walking into the room, striping as did. I noticed to my diseasure, his cock was already half hard & I rolld my eyes at him turning my attention back to the tv. "Dam! Ashley! I've forgotten how fucking sexy you are!" His cock was jumping as he spoke. "Dam! Nick! I've forgotten how much of a pain in my ass you can be!!" I said back at him for blocking my view of the TV with his nakedness. "But I seem to remember you screaming HARDER !!" I be damned if my face flushed red, betraying my secret thoughts.
Although Eric & I haven't been a couple in a few months, he had a very uncanny knack for coming around when I was horny! Which is the ONLY reason I haven't kicked his sexy ass out yet. I couldn't help but laugh at that comment. "No I didn't! Maybe you was dreaming that I did!" When I looked at him, he had that look that I knew all too well. And from the way my pussy was reacting, I knew it wouldn't be much longer before I'd be screaming" HARDER NICK!!" "Lets see who is right then." He said. Laughing I asked him, "What do you mean? And the way you said that, it sounds like some kind of challenge." A big grin came across his face. "It is a challenge! To see who is right!" His hand moved to his now hard cock, griping it in his hand, slowly fisting it. I bit on my lower lip, afraid my voice would crack if I spoke. He leaned over to me, kissing my lips. His hand went from his hard cock to my breast, cupping it in the palm of his hand, as his thumb brushed lightly across my nipple. I groaned softly as his lips kissed me from my lips to my neck, lightly sucking & licking, almost teasing my skin. He then moved further down, replacing his hand with his lips. Sucking my already hard nipple into his hot mouth. I moaned a little louder when I felt him gently bite my nipple, holding it gently between his teeth, as his tongue lightly flicked over it. He grabbed hold of my ass with his free hand, pulling me further down on the couch. I was reaching for his throbing cock when he brushed my hand aside. "Not yet honey." He softly said. He hooked his arms beneath my thighs, his hand cupping my breast. His face between my thighs, his tongue working its magic on me. My hands went to the back of his head, pressing him down roughly to me. As his tongue became more insistant, the louder my moans became. I was just about to cum, & he knew it when he suddenly stoped. He looked up at me with a huge smile on his face. "Why did you stop?" I asked, a little more then irritated with him. He winked at me, just before he shoved 2 fingers into my already wet pusi, finger fucking me, as he flicked his tongue & sucked on my clit like a man possessed. "OOH!! GAWD!! I loudly moaned. "OOH!! NICK!! I'M ABOUT TOOO!!! He shoved a 3rd finger into my tight little asshole, which made me cum even harder. He continued this til I was finished cumn & I was breathing hard. He stood up swinging my legs off the couch & turning me onto my stomach. I felt him kneeling behind me, rubbing his hand over my ass. "MmM" I moaned, as I felt him rubbing the tip of his cock over my slit & clit. Prying my lips open as he did. He pushed the tip into my pusi, slowly working his length into me. "OOH!! DAM!!" I moaned, wiggling my ass back towards him. "MmM!! Slam it into me Nick!! Dam!! You feel so good!!" His hands rested on my shoulders. He pulled me back towards him at the same time thrusting his throbing hard cock into me. "OOOOHHHH!!!!" I groaned out loud. He picked up speed. "OOOHHH!!!" I heard him moan. I knew he would be cumming soon. Just like I knew he would take his cock out of my pusi right . . . About . . . Now! As if he read my mind Nick removed his cock from my pusi right on cue. "Hold your cheeks open babe, I want your hot tight ass!" An ass cheek in each hand, spreading it as wide as it'll go. I felt something cold land on me & knew it was lubrication. Nick rubbed the tip of his cock into the lube, spreading it around. He popped just the head into my ass. He waited just long enough for my ass muscles to stop griping his cock, like my mouth sucking on him hard, before he continued sliding the rest of his cock in. He must have had at least half of it in, when I felt his hands on my shoulders again. I felt him slide almost completely out of my asshole. In 1 swift motion , he tightened his grip, pulling me back 2 him, slamming his rock hard cock into my tight ass to the hilt. "AAAAHHHH!!!!" I screamed out in pain! He kept sliding in & out of my ass at a steady pace. 1 hand on my shoulder, the other hand grabing a fistful of hair. "AAAHHH!!! DAMIT NICK!! YOU'RE HURTING ME!!!" It seemed the louder I would scream, the more he would moan. Just as I was getting used to the feeling of being stretched, & I wasn't screaming as loud, Nick would fuck me a little faster. The faster he would pump into me, the louder his moans became, & the more roaming his hands did. He finally settled his hands on my tits with my nipples between his fingers, pinching & rolling it. I moved my hand to my very wet pusi, rubbing my clit hard & fast. Our moans of pleasure filled the room. "OOOHHH!!! HARDER NICK!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!" I nearly screamed. "OOH!! YEA!! BABY!!" Nick moaned just as loud. "OOHH!! FUCK ASHLEY!! I'M ABOUT TO EXPLODE IN YOUR FUCKING ASS BABY!!!" Hearing him moan this was all I needed to send me over the edge! "HARDER NICK!! OOHH!! FUCK!!! I'M GOING TO CUM!!!" "AAAARRRRGGGG!!!" Nick groaned loudly as he came in my ass. My breathing became nothing more then heavy panting as I came like a dam that broke! And just at the moment I was coating Nicks swinging balls with my juice, I sat straight up in bed, drenched in sweat & breathing hard. I looked about me at my surroundings, trying to shake the cobwebs from sleep & the dream away.


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