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Wife's Gangbang

I never had a gang bang before the other day. I mean I had fucked two
guys at once but, that's
not really a gang bang. I had always wondered what it would be like
to fuck 3 or 4 guys at once.
Sucking, fucking, stroking, and getting reamed. How intense would
that be? I still don't know
but, I can tell you 5 guys is a blast. My husband and I were having
some work done on our house.
We were having a new room added on in the back and he hired a
reputable firm to do it. What he
didn't notice apparently was the men who worked for the company.
Every one of them muscular and
hard bodied with strong chiseled jaw lines. They were definitely
handymen, every one of them.

My husband was at work and I was taking a shower. I heard the front
doorbell ring and at first
was annoyed they were early. Then after thinking about it, I realized
that at least the had work
ethics, so I wrapped a towel around myself and went to answer the

I opened the door and got the shock of my life. There standing on my
door step were five sexy
men. I guess I looked startled because the tallest one immediately
started explaining that they
were the workmen my husbands had hired. He talked fast like he was
trying to get it all out
before I screamed for the police. He is was cute. I smiled and told
them that I just wasn't
expecting five guys and certainly not five guys that looked like they
did. Three out of the five
blushed and they all smiled back.

I stood aside and told them to come on in. They each brushed past me
as I held open the door.
Those hard bodies pushing past me and the faint smell of sweat on
them caused my pussy to start
to burn at once and my nipples got stiff. I lead them into the back
where they were to work and
told them I would be back down in a few minutes after I rinsed my
hair out. I turned and walked
from the room and could feel five sets of eyes watching me go.

I am not normally very outgoing. I mean I am attractive and have a
good body but, I have never
been one of those girls who could be brazen. That day though, I guess
there was something in the
water. I couldn't help myself. My husband and I had not had sex for
several weeks and I was
already horny. Standing there in the shower naked knowing there were
five hunks downstairs was
too much.

I dried myself off after getting out of the shower and pulled on a
silk teddy that showed off my
ass the best. I know, what a slutty thing to do but, my pussy was
dripping wet within seconds of
deciding to do this. I needed this, I needed something so wild it
would stay with me forever.

I walked downstairs to see how they were doing and one by one they
all turned and stared openly
at me in my little teddy. I could see their cocks stirring in their
pants as they started to get
hard looking at me. I loved it. I loved being devoured by so many
sets of eyes at once.

"I know you are here to build the room and all but, I was wondering
if you could help me with
something else?" I said in a coy voice and smiled.

"What do you need?" The tall man asked.

"Well." I said and slipped the straps of the teddy from my shoulders
and let it fall off my
breasts. "I really need to get fucked." You should have seen the look
on their faces, now it was
my turn to worry they were going to call the cops but, no need to
worry after all. Maybe this
happened to them before, because they seemed to have a definite plan
of action.

In no time I was nude with a man sucking on each nipple, a cock in
each hand, men rubbing my
ass, one rubbing my clit and another sliding a finger into my pussy.
They definitely were
handymen. The one playing with my clit began to pinch and pull on it
as the other slid two
fingers into my sloppy wet pussy. I moaned and almost collapsed as
the sensations got the better
of me. So many hands and mouths at once sent me into an immediate
little climax.

Next thing I knew the tall man was laying on the floor, his hard 7
inches waiting for me to
mount. I slid onto him and was pushed forward by his friend who began
to finger my ass and rub
spit on my asshole to get me well lubed. Another shoved a big cock in
my face, maybe 8 and a
half inches, for me to suck. I licked the head once and then took
half the length into my mouth
and began sucking.

The tall man held me up so my hands were free to grab the two
remaining cocks and start to
stroke them, keeping em good and hard. Then the man behind me pressed
his cock against my tight
ass and slid it in. it hurt, like I was being torn in two from the
inside out but, it was worth
it. Finally it slid all the way in and I was full. Every hole was
filled. Then they all started
fucking me at once. The man grabbed my hair and gently fucked my
face, the two in me began to
slowly slid in and out. I was in heaven

I tightened my grip on the two in my hands and began to stroke them
fast and hard. They each
reached down and played with my tits, pulling on the nipples and
rolling them in their rough
fingers. It was so intense, every sense filled with these five men
fucking me. The man up my ass
increased his pace. His cock was about 6 inches but, thick so it
spread my asshole wide as he
fucked me harder. The tall man thrust up into me harder as well so
that I jerked and swayed with
the force of the impact.

The man in my mouth was first to shoot. I suck good cock. I suck very
good cock. I had him ready
to blow in a matter of a few minutes as I licked and sucked his full
length as he fucked my
face. He moaned and suddenly erupted into my mouth. I swallowed hard
and tried to get it all but
some dripped out and ran down my chin. I kept swallowing and sucking
until finally he was done.
He pulled his still hard cock out and wiped it across my lips and
then stepped aside.

The man in my right hand stuck his cock into my mouth now and began
to fuck my face. His cock
was smaller so he could be rougher and he went right to the good fast
face fuck. I was moaning a
storm because, I could scream. I loved the feel of the cock pumping
in and out of my mouth. The
man in my ass began to spank me as he fucked me harder. I was loosing
myself to the situation.

The man still in my hands pulled his cock away and stroked it a few
more times and unloaded cum
all over my back and neck, rubbing his head in the wet sticky mess.
The man in my mouth pulled
out and shot his load full in my face. I laughed and tried to catch
it in my mouth as his cum
sprayed all over me.

The two fucking me were at a furious pace now. My ass and pussy
screamed in pain/pleasure. I was
being torn in two and loved it. My whole body turned to fire and I
felt a wave rocket through
me. I was cumming and only distantly felt the man pull out of my ass
and shoot his load all over
my ass. Then as I started to scream I felt the tall man grab my tits
hard and thrust deep into
me and explode. His cum filled my pussy and dripped out onto him. My
body began to tremble and
shake and I collapsed onto him as he finished cumming.

It was intense. Very intense. 7 days of work so far and seven intense
mornings and best of all,
I convinced my husband we need another room added on after this one
is done.

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