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My Maami

My mama was getting married and I went with my family members to attend the marriage ceremony. The moment I saw my "mami", I was definately aatracted to her. but that attraction was not like sexual desire because I was just 10 years of age at that time. but beauty of my mami had some impact on mind. I went home told everyone that mami is very beautiful.

later on time passed and I concentrated on my studies. I almost forgot my mami but whenever there was some discussion about her in my home, I just recalled in mind that I was very much impressed with her beauty in my childhood.

8 years passed. I was grown up now...preparing for enginnering entrance test. the centre of entrance examination was near the home of my mami. my mother took me to my mami's home before my 1st exam. that time I didnt see mami ( I dont remember why..she may be bathing ) and after having some breakfast I left for my 1st paper examination.

Ater exam in the break between the first and second paper....i went to mami's home for lunch. That time I saw her after a period of 8 years. She was a gorgeous beauty. innocent face, sweet voice and sweeter smile and having a perfect body even after 8 years of marriage and having a 7 yr old daughter ( she might be 25-26 or say maximum of 28 yrs of age).

no need to mention this time, I was attracted sexually towards her. but that was only attraction because there was no chance of any action. In the evening, after my second paper, I returned again to mami's home to pick up my mother and return to my home. when we were returning home mummy said to mami,"Thhik hai...ham chalte hain.

kal iska antim paper hai( 3rd and last paper)...isko exam dilwane aayenge tab mulakaat hogi". Mami replied, " didi aap kyun aaiyega, ye ab bade ho gaye hain khud hi aa jayenge..kal main inka pasandida matar pulao and chicken pakaungi."(my mother might have told mami about my favourite matar pulao and chicken)

I remember on hearing these words my dick became hard with some pleasnt expectations of spending sometime alone with gorgeous sexy mami.i remember masturbating that night thinking about my mami. Next morning mummy asked " main bhi chalun exam dilwane?" I politely said, : "chhodiye aap.. mami ka ghar dekha hua hai mera. morning me unse mil lunga.

fir 3rd paper exam ke baad direct ghar aa jaunga." Mummy boli, " na jab wo tumhare liye khana bana rahi hai, to exam ke baad chale jaana.. aur kuchh samay rahna.....nikki ( my cousin) ke saath bhi kuchh samay bitana aaur aane samay mama se milkar hi aana". ( Mama often returned home after 8 in evening). Main khud bhi yahi chahta thaa.

I said, " Thhik hai mummy...kal bhi mama se mulalkat nahi huii thhii..aaj unse mil kar hi lautunga" I reached mami's home, told her that I will come after my examination so that she could prepare dishes for me. Examination got over. By God's blessings, examination went fine of all my 3 papers ( and later on I was selected in the results)

but I wanted God's blessings much more for something else. I went to my mami after examination.after some formal and routine talks I was offered lunch which was very tasy but I wanted to taste something else. After Lunch I was sent to the guest room to rest and relax. I was resting on bed and regretting my decision to come alone to spend some boring hours in my mama's home.

Buttttttttttttttttttt...............Ater some time mami entered my room ( guest room). Said," Sorry Nikki ko sula rahi thhi. usko fever hai. isliye aapko akela chhod diya. Ab wo so gayee hai.Main yahan aa sakti hun na...aap so nahi na rahe hain". I said, " nahi mami, main sone ke liye thode hi aaya hun,,main bor ho raha thaa, aap aa gayee to time pass ho jayega".

In spite of what was going in my mind I always tried to hide my feelings and tried hard to behave as an ideal "bhanja". Lekin sachai to pata chal hi jaati hai....meri aankho se aaur mere aakho ki harkato eyes were searching that they could see something more than a little bit of cleavage that was visible inside her saree and blouse.

In that attempt my eyes made contact with mami's eyes. not knowing how to react to such situations she hide her eyes and pretended everything was normal.But not was all normal with me. I was sexually aroused with some expectations at the same time there was some embarassment that I was caught trying to get a glimpse of mami's breast.

I looked at the wall clock it was around 4.00 and I was becoming more restless as mama could arrive anytime after 7.00 and nikki could also wake up any time i.e I had only 3 hrs. Finally mami herself broke the silence, " Ghadi kyun dekh rahe hain.yahan aapka mann nahi lag raha hai na?"I said, "nahi aisi koi baat nahi hai" mami said " Kuchh baat to hai, boliye na".

I dont know how I thaught that it was an offer for me.I gathered some courage and said the same thing to her what I had said to my cousin ( not nikky... she was daughter of my bua) a year ago seeking her permission for sex with me (but then my attempt did not succeed because my cousin simply refused and slapped me and said

'I will tell uncle (my father) this if u again talk to me like that')" mami baat ye hai ki main ab bada ho gaya hun aur har sundar ladkiyon ko sex ki nazar se dekhta hun aur main aapse sex karna chahta hun..aap mujhe ye mauka dijiyega ya main apne ghar chala jaaun kyonki main ab yahan chup chap nahi baith sakta".

I was afraid kya mami bhi meri cousin ki tarah thappad to nahi maaregi. But mami was different from my cousin she did not slap me but said "bade hone ke baad ladkiyan bhi tum ladkon ki tarah hi sochti hain...lekin sochne aur karne me bada antar hota hai........tum jo kah rahe ho galat hai isliye tum apne ghar jaao". I did not say anything, picked my instument box and left her home.

Time passed in days, months and years. Now my study is completed and I am working as a senior engineer in one psu. I am single yet. living alone. I am a matured guy now. but one thing has not changed...whatever be the age of a girl..if she is beautiful and sexy, I dream to have sex with her. now I am 28.during my college life, I had some gfs and I managed to have sex with few of them.

One day I got a call from papa that mama, mami and nikki are coming to my city ( I am hiding the name of cities for privacy reasons) for admission of nikki in an engineering college of my city. after so many years I got another oppurtunity to meet my sexy mami.

Next evening they arrived my home. mami is a bit older now between 36-40 but she is still beautiful and sexy and has maintained her figure but this time I was not attracted to her because I was rejected by her long time back. the one who drew my attention was cousin..a sex bomb....17-18 yrs of age...perfect boobs, nicely shaped hips and whole body.

i made a pledge in my mind...." maa ne to mana kar diya. ab dekhta hun beti ko koun bachata hai mujhse. akeli rahegi is city me. us ko to main chhodunga nahi" nikki was admitted to the college and was alotted a room in the college girls' hostel. Before leaving to their city ( my native city) mama said to me, " beta nikky yaha akeli rahegi.

tum kabhi kabhi us se mil lena hostel jaakar. aur weekend me apne ghar bhi le jaana. uska mann laga rahega. aaj tak akeli nahi rahi hai" I promised him to take care of nikki, " mama aap nikki ki chinta mat kijiye. wo meri chhoti bahan hai. uska main pura khayal rakhunga. aap bass maami to khus rakhiye, dekhiye nikki se bichadne ke gam me kitni udas hai".

I dont know whether mami guessed about my intention or not but she was not happy.( ya to nikki se bichhadne ke karan ya to is chinta me ki kahin main nikky se sex na karun usko fusla kar akele me..i dont know what the reason but she was unhappy)

Ater a fortnight on friday nikki called me "bhaiya. do din ki chutti hai. main ghar jana chahti hun. aap zara net se ticket book kar dijiye" I said, " kya baat hai nikki, tum 1 baar mujhse mili bhi nahi aur ghar jane ka plan bana rahi ho. galti meri hi hai. main office me busy rahta hun tumse phone par baat bhi nahi kiya 1 baar.

lekin 1 baat sun lo kal morning main tumko lene aaunga. is weekend me tum yaha rahogi mere ghar.fir aage se jab man kare ghar chali jaana." Next day (saturday), I went to her hostel. picked her in my bike and returned to the main city. on the way if any one would have seen us, he would have believed that she is not my cousin but my girlfriend. because she was holding me very tightly.

I also did not waste much oppurtunity and often used front break of my bike so that her soft boobs were pressed by my back. my dick was all hard in this journey but 1 am not sure whether nikki got wet or not. Nikki was in mood of masti. she did not want to go to my home and spend time there. she asked me to show any movie.

That whole day I spent watching movie, going to restaurants with nikki. Finally it was 8 in the evening and I was very much waiting for this time. I did not want to waste this golden oppurtunity.So I said nikki that we should go to our home now. Around 9 we reached home. I remember as soon as I opened the door nikki ran inside and slept in my bed flat

on her back and said to me " aaj bahut maza aaya. main bahut thhak gayee hun ab main soungi. bhaiya tum bhi nakhre mat karna jao fresh hokar yahi bed par sone aana.sofa me sone ka irada hai to badal do." It was like a dream coming true for me. sab kuchh apne aap ho raha thaaa, mujhe kuchh karna nahi pad raha thaa.

Ater changing my clothes I was in my half pant only. I turned on the Ac and came to bed. I was as much excited as a husband may be while going to bed of his newly wed bride.I said " nikki agar tum kapde change karna chahti ho to kar lo. din bhar tum yahi kapde pahni ho. chaho to meri t shirt aur shorts hain le lo".nikki's reply was unexpected,

" bhaiya main so to rahi hun din bhar used kapde pahan kar, par ab se thodi der baad bhi mere body par ye kapde honge? bhaiya maine 1st day ki aapke aankho mein chhupe lust ko dekh liya thaa. maine kal phone aapkse ticket book karwane ke liye nahi kiya thaa balki ye batane ke liye kiya thaa ki 15 din ho gaye hai mujhe yahan rahte huye agar

is weekend ko bhi tum kuchh nahi karte ho to main wapas patna (our native place) chali jaungi. aur mujhe lagta hai tum mere ishare ko smajh gaye." Now there was no reason to waste anytime. Main bed par ya bolo to nikki ke upar chadh gaya..aur fir jo hona thaa wo bahut pleasantly hua.

Nikki was 5th girls whom I fucked but she was the 1st virgin girl and no need to mention I enjoyed this moment more than even my 1st sex encounter in life. The next day (sunday) same story was repeated, in morning we left home and roamed around city in the bike going to restaurants, shopping malls etc and repeating the same story in the night.

On monday morning I dropped nikki to her hostel. I dont know if her room mate will find out or not that nikki lost her virginity in the weekend to her brother. I said hi to her room ...

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