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Swami ji

My name is teja people say I look a like the actress Kavya Madhavan and I am in quiet fair and slightly hairy on my hands and my stats are 34 30 36 ( during I was at my 20's). I am married with one kid and I was at my early 20s when this happen to me. Me and my hubby are happily married coupled after the first year of our marriage I gave birth to my son during that time we called up the local temple gurukal for our baby naming ceremony. On that day I still remember it was around 11 am and the gurukal came to our house. He was a quiet an old man in his late 60's with mix of black / white moustache and beard and slightly bald headed. After he came I greeted him and invited him to the house. The gurukal then requested the date of birth and time of birth for my son as well as mine and sanjays( my hubby) . As requested I went and brought the bc for him and after checking the date and time with his own notes he sugeested the name ajay then I saw worries in his face and I asked him what is wrong swamiji ? He said while nodding his head "i have to inform you about this according to your new born baby astrology the sign are not good I mean there is a dosha for the father and the son and it is going to affect their lives" I was shocked for a while and I asked him " is there any remedy for this swamiji ?" and he said "yes the remedy must be done by the you " and I asked "what is the remedy swamiji?" well you have to stay in the ashram for 1 month and do prayers and meditation I can guide you on this. Then I said I will get back to him. That night I talk to sanjay when he came back home and I told him the issue and sanjay said that he wont be around for the next month since he has to leave to us for work I said I will call my mother to take care of the child for time being. The day after the ceremony I called the swamiji to home and told him that I am ready and he asked me to move next day and then he left giving me the address of the ashram and the next day I packed and went to the ashram outside chennnai. There was young gurukal waiting for me and brought me into the ashram and showed me the place which I will be staying. Then after a while the swamiji came to my cottage and ask me is everything is alright and I said fine and he said "you dont have to worry about anything you prayers will start tonight "then that night around 10 oclock the swamiji came to my cottage and he gave me bag with some clothes and ask me to follow him and I followed him we walked from the ashram deeper into the woods about 45 min and then we came to another small cottage near the water falls inside the woods. The swamyji ask me to enter the cottage and he enters the cottage together and he asked me to changes the clothes to the one he gave me earlier and I changed up with the clothes which was a milky color saree but I didnt remove my blouse. After he looked at me and said " my child you are not allowed to wear anything else except the clothes that I gave you" then I asked him " swamy you mean I cant wear a blouse ?" then he said " not only blouse but everything else must be removed you should only wear the clothes which I gave you" I was a bit shocked and he said this is the way the prayers need to be done and I did what he said and I feel so exposed and when I went back and he said some mantra and ask me to follow and I did and after that he gave some water to drink and then he asked to take off the saree and put in on the floor and lie on top of it ! I was speechless and shocked and I said " swamy you want me to change first or . . . . ?" he said " no just take off your saree you have to be naked this is how you can cleanse your body from the dosha " I said " but swamy I am a woman and . . . . . "

He said " dont worry this is prayers" reluctantly I remove my saree and my tender body is now naked without a single thread to cover it from the eyes of swamyji to feast. I cover the floor with the saree and lie on top of it and then he got up and came sit beside me . My pinkish nipples become sensitive to the air since the whether was cold. After he thorougly enjoy my body I felt like I am being 'raped' by his eyes. He took something oil like in his palm and pour it into my navel valley ! I was shocked then he said " I am going to cover you from the dosha so that after remedy you would not be having any side effects of the dosha" and he started to use his thick and rough skin fingers to spread the oil like liquid to my belly. Then slowly his crawling fingers moves from my belly to my 'milk hills'! I can feel my tender breast is being crawlled by his fingers exploring every inch and by now my nipples already be hypersensitive my pinkish nipples has become redish and hardened to the maximum but he have not touch it yet. He keep arousing my cleavage and the bottom part of the ' juggs ' and then he moves his crawling to my armpits! I could not take it I said " swamyji. . . Please dont it ticklish " he said " dont worry I have to covered everypart of your body" by now I am already wet. Now his hands moving towards my erected nipples! I moan " aarrgghhhh. . . Swamijy" without being distrated by my moaning he slowly rubbing my nipples with his fingers and 'torture' them by twisting and pinching them softly in between his fingers. His rough skin arouse the nipples more and more when he touches it . . . . . I moan . . . "aarrgghhhhhmmmmmmmm swamy what r u doing to me mmplease . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Finish the prayer as. . . . Faster . . . . . . Arrghhghhhhmm ?" now his fingers crawl downwards all the way to my toe and he started to pour the oil there and slowly he is reaching towards the 'valley' upwards. While only my hubby get to do all this and now another man is touching me sensually but I controlled my self by now he is already reaching to my pubic hair and pour the oil to the 'valley' I can feel the oil driped into my opening! He spread my both legs apart abit !And now he has got a clear view of my 'valley' which is only covered by soft pubic hair. Now I can feel the thick and rough skin fingers started to crawl all over my 'valley' " arrgghhhhh. . . Hhmhmmmhmhmhnnnnnnnnnhhmmmmmmargh. . Ar gh. . Argh" I moan. I could not take it anymore I begin to enjoy it then he asked "what you want now teja ?"i said . . . . . . Swammyji. . . . What r u . . . . . Asking?" he said "i want you do you want me teja " and I said " I want you swamyji. . . . . ! Take me . . . . . . . " and he slowly insert his thick fingers into me and I yelp " ouch . . . . Arrghhhh. . . Hhmhmmmmmm. . . . . . . More . . . More . . . . I want more swamyji take me" I am already 'flooded' with 'honey' and he kept playing in the honey make them drip out of me ! I was flowing heavyly and I could not stop the sensual and he begin to move toward my upper body and started to kiss my 'milk juggs' softly with his thick and rough lips I was speechles then he asked me " teja I want to drink you milk! I know you are keeping it for your baby but I want to taste it! Can I ?" and I just " take it. . . . Take. . . Me. . . . Take it all. . . . . . . " then like a a hungry wolf he 'catch' my sensitive harden nipples with his hairy mouth and swirling the nipples with his thick tongue! I moan " ohhhhhhhhswamyji. . . Oohhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeaarrgghhhhhhhcare. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Aarrgghhhhhhhh. . . A. Rarggghhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh agrgargh. . Argh. " and my milk started to flow slowly and he drinks it like a hungry child. He fullfill his 'hunger' with my tender nipples which only be tasted by my hubby. While he is busy with my nipples I took off his dhoti and now he is totally naked infront of a women and I saw his thick long rod with all the veins are bulging and pumping blood to the 'head' making it fully erected and hard ready to 'enter'. Now he looked at me with lusty eyes though asking for signal from me to proceed further and I just speak in silence he position himself in between my fleshy thighs and started to rub his 'head' on top of my clit I begin to aroused and slowly moan and he started to thrust his 'thick head' into my 'door' slowly and it was a bit tight because I am in the process of 'resrtucturing after birth' and he said " you are like a virgin gal. . Teja. . Tight" I said " do you like it " he said " yes . . . . Very much do. . You like it . . . . . " I said "yes my swamy I like it very much please push it in I want you to tear me apart swamy " and he begin to insert the whole rod in me its around 6 " long and 2 "girth. I moan in pain and pleasure "aaarghhhhhswamy. . . . . . Myswamy. . . . . . . . . Arrghghmh. . Hh mmhmh. . . Swamy . . . Harder. . . . Swa. . . . . . Harde tear me apart . . . . Deeper. . Deeper. . Argh. . . . Argh. . . . Yes take me harder" he ripped me apart with his monster 'rod' is was huge and long enough to explore to the deepest point into me. I was in ectasy and the swamyji stroking me harder and harder I was totally wet and I begin to cum more than 1 time and that make my 'valley' wetter. The more wetter is it the more excited swamyji is and suddenly he started to stroke me violently and he said " arrgghhhh teja I cumming " I moan in excitement "cum in me swamy . . . . . . Give me your 'vindu' . . . . . Give me . . . Argh. . . . Hhmmmmharder. . More harder swamy. . . . Push it deeper . . . . . Yes . . . . Yes. . . . . Arhg . . . . I can feel it . . . . . . . Argh. . . . . . It yes . . . Yes. . . !!Arhg. . Argh . . . Swamyji!!!!!!!!!!!" he moaned " teja. . . . . . . . . You are so good. . . . . And wet. . . . Argh. . . Argh. . . " I could felt suddenly there was a deep thrust deep inside me and a burst of warm and thick liquid deep filling my 'valley' and flowing out partially together with my 'honey'. The swamyji 'released' me from his grip and I took his rod in my hand and started to 'clean ' the mixture of his vindhu and mine which covers it and still dripping cum. Swamyji jerk some more cum and I took the whole rod into my mouth and did a thorough 'cleaning job'. After that session throughout the 1 month we had many session like that and we fullfilled many of our hidden desires.

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