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Gang Bang of College Girls

My senior year in college I was sleeping with Sanjana, who lived in a suite with three other girls. All of them were very sexually active, as a matter of fact, I had been with each of them at one point or another, so I guess I was the one who was very sexually active. The suite they lived in had two bedrooms connected by a bathroom, but they put all four beds in one room,

leaving the other room as a study room/parlor. The problem with four sexually active coeds all sleeping in one room is that it doesn't leave much room for intimacy. There were constantly people walking in on couples engaged in some of the most embarrassing situations, but it was something we put up with for the pleasure these girls provided.

One day at the end of finals, I got a phone call from Sanjana asking me to meet her in their study room. When I got there Rishi, who was dating Tina, was sitting there waiting as well. A few minutes later KARAN, who was Aparna's boyfriend walked in. We started to wonder what was up, especially when Rahul, who was Kashish's boyfriend walked in the room.

A few minutes later the bathroom door opened up and the girls walked into the room, each in a sexier outfit than the others. Kashish, the tomboy with breasts like two pillows, walked in wearing a satin bra and panties. Tina, a small tightly packed brunette, wore a baby tee and panties.

Aparna, the model with long auburn hair down to her ass, was in an oxford shirt and nothing else. Sanjana came in wearing a silk nightshirt that came down to the top of her thigh. Each girl grabbed her respective man, and led us into a dimly lit bedroom. Aparna and Kashish had their beds bunked, with Aparna's on top.

KARAN obediently climbed to the top and helped Aparna follow. Tina's bed was alone in the center of the room, while Sanjana's bed was set in a makeshift loft overseeing everything. As everyone got into their places, it wasn't long before I forgot that anyone else was in the room. Sanjana undressed me while I slid my hands up her thighs to her magic box.

I layed her on her back and slid the black silk shirt off of her. I then made my way to licking her nipples. I could tell that Sanjana was getting excited, but the moans she was making sounded louder than usual, then I heard a man's grunt and remembered that there were three other couples in the room.

The sounds of the other couples made me even hornier than usual, and I couldn't wait any longer. I stuck my cock deep into Sanjana's love pot. We began to get a rhythm going when she rolled us over onto my back, a position she hated. I realized that while she was riding me, she was watching the show that the others were putting on.

I decided I wanted to see, so I rolled her onto her back. After a brief struggle to be on top, I pulled out, flipped her on her front, and pierced her from behind so that we could both watch the others. I saw Aparna on her back while KARAN hammered into her. She was grabbing the sheets of the bed and whining in ecstasy as he pistoned into her treasure.

I was brought back to the time Aparna and I had our interlude. She had just been suspended for a semester for cheating on an exam, and was leaving to go home. That weekend we coincidently had a party at my place. She didn't know if she was going to come back after her suspension, and decided she'd go out with a bang.

Over drinks, I told her I had a going away present for her in my room. Up the stairs we went, and locked the door behind us. Without prompting she was on her knees, pulling down my jeans. I sat in the chair and pulled her hair out of the way. As she bobbed up and down on my dick,

I reached down to the hem of her dress and pulled it up enough for me to rub my fingers under the back of her thong and into her wet pussy. That was the only time Aparna and I ever got together, when she returned to campus it was like nothing had ever happened. She went to summer term and was able to graduate with all of us.

In the middle of the room, Tina was riding Rishi with a vengeance. As he held onto her hips, she was rubbing her own breasts. I remembered the night Tina and I let our emotions get the better of us. We were at a party when she confessed that she'd always had a crush on me. As she continued to shower me with compliments, I suggested we go for a walk.

We made it all the way to the blind side of the apartment before we started kissing. I pushed her against the wall and pulled her dress up to her hips. She undid my belt and pushed down my jeans. With a yank I took down her panties and slid my shaft into her neatly trimmed box. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I supported her by grabbing her ass.

I could tell that the brick wall behind her was less than comfortable, so I made it a quickie. A couple of weeks later I found out that she was dating Rishi, a good friend of mine. Underneath Aparna and KARAN, Kashish and Rahul were making more noise than any other couple. Rahul was on his knees behind Kashish with both hands on her hips,

grunting every time he thrust himself into her doggiestyle. Kashish was screeching with every thrust as well. Between the two of them, and the sound of the skin slapping they were making, they were easily as noisy as the rest of us combined. I thought back to the time I had Kashish in that position.

Being a tomboy, she made a habit of kicking the guys in my fraternity's asses whenever possible, which didn't reflect well on my house. Since I'm a former fullback she challenged me to a wrestling match, hoping I could give her a fight. Grappling around on the floor with this beautiful woman aroused my little Champion.

I got her in a position with both shoulders on the ground and my crotch firmly against hers. She should have been able to get up before the three count, but the surprise of feeling how hard I was took her off of her game, and I won. As I helped her up I offered a private rematch at my place. About a half-an-hour later we were grappling and sweaty all over again.

With all of these images in my head, my level of arousal went through the roof. I rolled Sanjana onto her back, and began to piston into her like never before. Pretty soon we were making enough noise to rival Kashish and Rahul. Then it was Tina who started to make all the noise. Before long, it became impossible to know which grunt and moan wascoming from which person.

Surrounded by the sounds of sex, I was becoming more aroused and made more noise, which I imagine aroused the other couples in the room. The arousal was like electricity going through all of us.

Finally, the sounds of orgasm started with Aparna, and within a couple of minutes made their way through all of us. "That was our way of congratulating you for making it through finals." Kashish explained, "but you have no idea what we have in mind for after graduation."

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