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nfs pro street - Newest pictures

Need For Speed: Pro Street (PC Cheats)

Unlock the map, more cars (2004 Pontiac GTO, Chevrolet
Cobalt SS, Dodge Viper SRT10, and another Nissan 240SX),
all of the race days, and stage 4 performance parts - UNLOCKALLTHINGS
$2,000 - 1MA9X99
$4,000 - W2iOLLO1
$8,000 - L1iS97A1
$10,000 - REGGAME
$10,000 - 1Mi9K7E1
$10,000 - CASHMONEY
Five free repair markers - SAFETYNET
Coke Zero Volkswagen Golf GTI In Career mode - ZEROZEROZERO
Energizer lithium decal in vinyls - ENERGIZERLITHIUM
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in Career mode - MITSUBISHIGOFAR
K&N decal in vinyls - HORSEPOWER
Castrol Syntec decal in vinyls - CASTROLSYNTEC
Energizer Lithium Dodge Viper SRT10 in Career mode - WORLDSLLONGESTLASTING
Audi TT 3.8 Quattro in Career mode - ITSABOUTYOU
Lock all cars previously unlocked with the
Money (in Career mode):
1MA9X99 Plus $2.000
W2iOLLO1 Plus $4.000
L1iS97A1 Plus $8.000
cashmoney Plus $10.000
1Mi9K7E1 Plus $10.000
LEIPZIG Plus $10.000
reggame Plus $10.000 and a few cars
cokezero VW Coke Zero Golf GTI
onlinesubaru Subaru Impreza WRX Sti
mitsubishigofar Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
zerozerozero VW Golf GTI
itsaboutyou Audi TT
worldslongestlasting Dodge Viper SRT10
unlockallthings Nissan 240SX, Pontiac GTO, Chevrolet Cobalt SS und getunter Dodge Viper
collectorsed Acura NSX, Acura Integra, Audi RS4, Lexus IS350, Pontiac Solstice GXP
energizerlithium - Lithium Energize Vinyl frei
castrolsyntec - Castrol Syntec Vinyl frei
Easy money:
Enable the "Master Code" then go to the car lot. You will find a red Acura Integra
available for $0. You can sell it for $7,200 and can repeat this as many times as
desired. You can also sell the other cars obtained when that code is enabled.
Enable the "Master code" then go to the career map and enter any event. Exit the
event the first chance you get. After doing this, go into your garage. You will
see that four new cars have been added to your collection: a Nissan 240 SX, a
modern Pontiac GTO, a Chevy Cobalt SS, and a Dodge Viper SRT 10. You can keep
any cars desired, but by selling all four of these newly added cars you can get
$90,290 quickly. You can reset the game and repeat the process until you get the
desired amount of money.
King rewards:
Defeat the indicated opponent in Career mode to unlock the corresponding car.
2006 Mustang GT - Drag King (Karol Monroe)
2008 Evo X - Showdown King (Ryo Watanabe)
2008 M3 E92 - Grip King (Ray Krieger)
1965 GTO - Speed King (Nate Denver)
1995 RX-7 - Drift King (Aki Kimura)
Recommended dragster:
The Toyota Supra with all Level 4 performance parts can do the quarter mile in under
7 seconds if tuned properly. -From: Barry Woods A really good dragster is the Dodge
Challenger R/T. The car runs 7.6 seconds in the quarter mile fully upgraded. If you
make the rear shocks stiff, the car will stand on the rear end all the way down the
track, and will do over 1,000 foot wheelies. If you make the rear shocks soft, you
can run 7.6 seconds in the quarter mile and not have to worry about the front end
lifting up. Some tuning will be needed, and knowledge of cars will definitely help.
A good dragster is the Nissan 240SX. The first chance you get, choose the 240SX.
Put on all the best performance parts you can afford. Remember, you need a lot of
speed and traction. After you start setting new track records, you will be invited
to race Karol Monroe the Drag King.
Raising Heat Level:
in the Beginning of Carrer, you start with Heat Levels 1 and 2, the bosses you defeat,
you can raise higher Level and more cops can get you
Heat Level 3 - GTOs and C5 Corvettes - Defeat the First three Races.
Heat Level 4 - Black GTOs - Defeat the First Boss.
Heat Level 5 - C6 Corvettes - Defeat the Second Boss.
Heat Level 6 - Black C6 Corvettes - Defeat the Third Boss.
Heat Level 7 - C5 Corvettes and Trucks - Pursuit Challenge Bronze in Challenge Series.
Heat Level 8 - Viper GTS-Rs, SUVs and Trucks - Pursuit Challenge Sliver in Challenge Series.
Heat Level 9 - Black Viper GTS-Rs - Pursuit Challenge Gold in Challenge Series.
Make Money:
If you want to make lots of money easily, try the following multi-step technique. Keep
in mind that this can be repeated over and over again for as much money as you want.
1. Start up the game and load your career profile
2. Head to the in-game cheats menu, and insert the UNLOCKALLTHINGS cheat
3. With the bonus unlocked, go ahead and save your career
4. Reload your career and head to the garage. The code should have unlocked several
new, expensive cars
5. Sell the bonus cars you received for a quick $90,000+

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