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Animated Comics/Fantasy/Anime

♥RøMäNcE LêGêNdS♥

*Throug the years, it has said that
a girl could dream of her future
husband on St. Valentine's Eve by
sleeping with four bay or laurel
leaves pinned to the corners of
her pillow. Some believed that
lovers stayed faithful as long as
each carrif half of the same laurel
twig. Today, the laurel leaf still
represents thoughts of loved
*Sleeping with any of the
following things under a pillow
would bring dreams of one' TRUE
Shavings *a small LADDER made of
sticks, *a BIT of WEDDING CAKE
which has been passed through a
GOLD RIND three times, *THREE
newly visited.
*A woman might also count the
first nine stars she saw on each
of nine consecutive nights. The
first eligible man she saw the next
day would supposedly become
her husband-If she Desired it...
*The moon has always held
special meaning for LOVERS
enchanting those who walk in the
midst of its Romantic glow,
Legend holds that a young girl
could see the face of her future
husband by peering at the moon
on St. Valentine's Eve. For a time
many truly believed this face was
"The man in the moon."
*It was also said that good
fortune and a happy marriage
could be ensured it lovers kissed
for the first time under a new
moon, but gazing upon the moon
together through a looking glass
attracted bad luck.
*In Seventeenth century England,
it was customary for a girl to hold
SUPPER" on Midsummer's Eve. The
late meal was to be prepared in
total darkness,without one word
spoken between the participants
everything was placed
BACKWARDS, including the
Silverware, China-servers walked
back-wards from the kitchen, and
courses were eaten in reverse
order, then still in complete silence
and darkness, the girls would wait
until the clock struck midnight. At
that time each would see before
her the ghostly form of her
future husband.
*We thought we would have a
silent supper... we did everything
backwards in the dark and did not
say a word.. a Big storm came up
just the clock was about to strike
twelve.... We never did see our
future husbands that night. We
were too scared"
*An English country custom lf
young girls to rely on the sounds
of nature to indicate their
fates.Two girls would go out into
the woods after dark, where they
would hold the tip of a leaf and
recite; If I am to marry near, let
me hear a bird cry, If I am to
marry far, let me hear a cow low,
If I am to Single die, let me hear a
knocking by...

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