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!How to magnetise!

How to easily generate magnetic energy.

Magnetic Energy in the human body can depend on few things like health and alot of other shit. if you want to learn more chek out the page 'the magnetic realm' futher down on this site. But to get u buzzin asap read on.
1 When one move a limb the ganlionic nerve sells accumulate .electrons from within the fibres of the muscle and discharge it on the surface causing the contraction. And if u know how an electrto-magnet work ul know where we're goin. Scrambling the electrons will simply waste your energy, you must acumulate them and hold them in the chambers.So.... by keeping the charge and building it up is actaully rather easy....think to move but dont. Sit or lie down very comfortable in a chair or bed and relax all ur muscles. Then tell your self to jump up as fast as possible on the count of five then just never do. keep it at a half a second before jumping up. you will feel a strange sensation, wich is physical but it also exite the ectoplasm wich is connected to your ethereal boddy.
Almost like when you're looking down a high building. Its a wakeful sensation . Visualize a small blue dot in the centre of ur torso or chest, and try to move ur whole chest very slowy and smoothly towards that spot (but never actually move a muscle!) and visualize how the spot and ur spine (main nerves) illuminate as the sensation increases.
Try standing in front of a mirror and see how big u can get ur eye pupils. Besides light conditions, the sise of the pupils denote the level of magnetism and electricity in the body and brain. using drugs will only defuse all your energy. i can tell you on acid its like trying to blow up a baloon with a big whole in it. later you will be able to tense even your toe. if you have been conserving your energy you might even see a faint light emitting from the pupil if its dark enought.

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