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*The Magnetic Realm*

Introduction to Magnetism

Magnetism is everywhere. This whole universe is held together by the laws of magnetism. From the atom to the solarsystemz, al exist under these laws. The reason why a magnet is magnetic is because the molecules are aranged in such a way that all small forces work in UNION. Electricity can force particles to be magneticly arranged . So the principle is union of all your electric forces in your body, mainly ur nervous system and brain. Most of you may know that just looking at a stream of electrons change their behavior. So you have a very great effect on the universe without you even knowing it. always remember that energy follows thought.
There are many natural magnetic energys within all forms of life, wich is mostly governed by nature. Magnetism is not energy, but the controle of it. Energy without magnetism is like ten horses each pulling in different directions. Having little focused energy is more powerfull than alot of defused energy. Magnetism is physical, emotional, and mental wich are all intertwined by the nerves. A stressed out peson's health is probaly up to shit, a sick or injured person are mentally impaired and a tiered one is cranky.
Having controle over these facultys are necessary to aquire magnetic power aspecialy since the are all related in this way.
Magnetic people enhance all life wich they come in contact with. They posess charm wich is very powerfull.Personal magnetism is the key to the master power.
Most powerfull men and women of the word have aquired their charm by just eleminating the loss of day to day loss of energy and magnetism.
Physical Magnetism is lost by:
-bad health and poor diet
-uncontroled movements like twitching.
-irratation and pain.
- being earthed for prolonged periods

To aquire this power you must:
-eliminatE all bad habbits.
-conquer the 'appetite of the mouth, wich include smoking, eating, drinking, taking druggs or submit to any craving of the body. you cant expect to controle nature if you are ìts subject.
-conquer the 'sex appetite'. this dont mean depressing or neutralising it , but embrancing lust instead of being lead arround by primative chemicals and hormones.
-conquer your 'spirtual appetite'. You must realise that you have an instinctive need to be spiritualy stimulated. If this need have a controle over you, you are its subject and not the master.
-Master your moods and emotions and embrace the brighter spectrum of feelings.

Thus, if you give some of you money away because you are spiritualy inclined, or change your behavior because you are sexualy exited, or loosing an opportunity becuase you sumitted to fear, you're being controlled and your're not controlling.

-controle or be controled.
-magnetism is controle, and controle give power, and uncontrolled conditions waste energy
-With power come extra controle.
-a weak body usauly have a weak mind, and a weak mind accommodate a weak spirit.
-mental strength can revive, magnetise and energise the mind, and the mind can revive the body. We are energy. Our aura, our physical and astral body, and even the more refined essence are all but energy. If we have complete power over our minds we wont even need bodies.

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