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What is the nightwind?

Fly in the night sky

One evening, while tryin to altrer my concsiousness, i emptied my mind, and was suddenly strangly aware of the wind. i used the techniqe i explained on the next page. after i have evaporated myself and only the light remained, i was absorbed by the wind. It was not ether , but air in wich i was defused in. It was as if some part of me was attached to the atmosphere itself and with the sea of eather. as the wind blew over me my consciosness was swept away with it. I was flying over Pretoria in real time and space. i had physical sences like hearing, optic effects and even smell. but it was different. it was as if i could smell the exitement in the air of the early friday night, as if i could taste the romace, the fear and the expectations of the people over wich i flew.
I then realised that the air itself gets charged with the emotions of the people it comes in contact with. As if the regional collective consciosness transends to the physical plane. I mean if jewelry can get charged by a pesons energy why not the air.
I can tell its air (or its physical) since i cant go through walls ect and im not realy aware of elementals or astral beings. You dont have to ride the wind, but move almost like a puls or wave of sound. Just like magnetic energy govern our physical and astral body, the air is magnetised and that air is like a vessel for our consciousness. The reason why the nightwind or night air is so effective is because the air particles are less energised and closer together/more dense, and is more pure since the sky is less polluted with the noise of daytime thoughts.
And one does not realy have to leave your body to sence the air. By meditation alone one can sence it as well.
THE SECRET #1 : While asserting a magnetic charge, yet having every muscle relaxed, sothat it feels like you are diffused like a cloud, visualise your energies floating about like soft mist.
-To aquire the right conditions one has to subside your nerves so that its like a calm lake that will make the slightest influence apparent.
-To do this you must magnetise your body as explained on the page ''How to magnetise''. You must call your electric fires back to their chambers instead of killing it, otherwise your nerves are like a solid floor instead of a calm lake.
- You must also enhance your capacity to be aware/highten your ethereal conciosness. You can use the evaporation technique explained in the page " cool astral tips".
-You will feel that you are part of space. Like its inter-oozed in your body of light. Be one with the air. You may later feel like your in a bubble with the shell being like your skin wich can feel almost physical sensations. One can feel around you the density of matter like walls and open spaces. you can almost see with your ''touch sence''. if you get there you are ready to explore.

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