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!astral projection tips1!

easy astral methods

Considering you have tried other methods to project and it didnt work for you, then here is something new i learned by chanse. lie down on your back, with your arms on the sides or sit in lotus position if you prefer. Just breathe as if you are deeply asleep. Become aware of your whole body. Relax everything, if you prefer, use a grounding techniqe or just take about ten deep breaths of astral light from your crown chakrah, before you proceed.
Then, empty your mind but dont shut it down. Your head must be a bright hollow chamber.
Now for the secret part: slowly start to exhale a bit longer than you inhale. EVERY TIME YOU EXHALE IMAGINE YOUR BODY DESOLVE LIKE AN ASPRIN, until your body 'disapapear'. Usualy when you have desolved you are in the astral plane but may not always be completely detached from your physical body. i have noticed that when it feels like my arms a turned around its when im partialy in. or it my feel like they are gone, then the rest disapear. The last to go is usualy the eyes and may be tricky to detach. but even if you cant move, your concsiousness are already projected and you can see in the astral plane. it will look like the room or where ever you are but the light conditions may be diverent. to detach from your body may be tricky and where i have mostly failed in the past is where it gets scary. i wont lie, the experience is rather strange, but you will learn that its not that bad and the part where you get scared is as bad as it gets and once your out its the most amazing feeling.
Other tips. dont try to project when you are tiered, whithin one hour after eating, when you are high!when your mental vitality are low, when you are ill, constipated, stressed or in a bad mood.

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