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Magnetic Charm


Before you proceed its wise to read the previos pages on Magnetism first.

Magnetic Charm works exactly like a magnet. Mesmer was a scientist/physician who did experiments with physical magnets in healing and thus the term Mesmerising comes from wich means charm, hipnotise, enchant or exite.

1# ATTRACTION: Magnetism in a person or Personal Magnetism brings forth qualities wich are attractive, like elegance, confidence, sympathy, controle and brilliance. Magnetic People have a warmth wich fills a room and make their presence felt. Magnetism also enhance one's poise and reflect in your walk, voice, eyes and touch wich initialy attracts, but also HOLDS a power over the subjects. Their very aura,vibration and energy that they emmit is inviting.

2# MAGNETISE: Just like a magnet magnetise a piece of metal so does a magnetic person charm their subjects. Its the opposite of hipnotism.It wins the will of the subject instead of breaking it.
The resonance of a magnetic person magnetise the nerves of another, subjecting them to the emotions, thoughts and ideas of the imposer. A simple example is how magnetism destroy pain, by calming the erratic movement of electricity in the neves.
If someone hold the power to calm some one down, or exite them at will and with purpose they posess this power.

By magnetising their subjects (or any form of life for that matter in wich they come in contact with) they uplift, enhance, energise and enchant the subject. This energy can be carried over and 'infect' others.

SECRET: You must choose an emotion wich you have mastered, magnetise your nerves and "override" your subject's with it. As soon as their mood change to the one you have imposed on them they are under your spell.

This charm is often called transmigration of self. You replace the emotional part of that person with "you". The primal self of the subject is magnetised to your resonance,
leaving them to feel or think what ever you wish them to.
When you posses this power, you automaticly charm the people you come in contact with and some people posess this power naturally. You may not wish to obtain something but you will automaticley be liked, be charming and enchant.

Then going beyond the emotional controle is the mental. Instead of transmigration of self is an even more powerfull method, wich is close to 'posession' wich is called the power of the ALTER EGO...see next page

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