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RAW 3/9/2012 PART-5

Both men go down aftercolliding with clotheslines. Del Rio drops Cena with a Backstabber and covers him for a 2 count.
Del Rio goes to the top but Cena dropkicks him in mid-air. Cena hits his usual moves and the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Del Rio blocks the Attitude Adjustment and drops Cena over the top rope. Del Rio whips Cena into the steel steps now. Del Rio works Cena over no the floor. Cena ends up taking Del Rio down off the steps and covering for a 2 count on the floor. Cena takes apart the announce table now. Del Rio runs up and kicks him in the back of the head. Del Rio with a 2 count on the floor. Del Rio with another big kick now. Cena blocks a suplex and scoops Del Rio for the AA. Del Rio blocks it and shoves Cena head first into the ring post.
Del Rio grabs a steel chair but Cena ducks and he hits the ring post. Cena dumps Del Rio over into the crowd. Cena ends up walking up steel steps on to the announce table with Del Rio on his shoulders for the AA. Del Rio counters with a side suplex and both of them go crashing through the table. Del Rio gets up first and stomps on Cena before rolling him back in the ring. Del Rio brings a mic in the ring and mocks Cena. Del Rio stomps on Cena and insults Chicago. Del Rio says now he's going to break Cena's arm. Cena counters and applies the STF. Del Rio breaks the hold but ends up on the floor as Cena moves out of the way. They fight up the ramp now. Del Rio with a superplex on the ramp for a 2 count.
They fight over to Del Rio's car now. Cena grabs one of the big speakers and goes to throw it at Del Rio's car but Del Rio attacks and hurts Cena's leg. They fight into the backstage area now. Cena throws a big trash can but Del Rio moves. Cena crashes Del Rio through the backstage interview set. Del Rio goes for the armbreaker but Cena blocks it. Cena drops Del Rio on top of a bunch of production cases with an AA. CM Punk appears out of nowhere and drops Cena with a kick to the head. Punk lays Del Rio on top of Cena for the win.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio
- Del Rio's music plays as Cena picks Cena up. Punk drops his face on top of the car and Cena is out. Punk yells "respect" in Cena's face and backs off. Punk holds theWWE Title up before getting in thecar. The car drives by Cena and we see Paul Heyman is the driver. RAW goes off the air.

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