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We pray as it agrees?

We pray as it agrees? These lines are dedicated to all the youth, to all those that we know that a person exists, who knows to listen, that he is cuate well (friend). The God all powerful one, to which it makes him shake the piernitas to the devil, removes and it fleeing from its presence. You pray if to stop it says the word of God, If this we are doing, we do how it? Tenth what him to God? , We know to ask as it agrees? , we will see some types of orations, that usually we do: 1. The Oration Lightning, is the one that but we accustomed we almost mechanically realised, it and in a matter of seconds. we in the morning do it to *Así when rising: " Gentleman, ayúdame in this day, (at the same time we looked for the shoe under the bed), ayúdame Sir to follow in your way and to arrive in time at the work because it became to me behind schedule, amen". We do this it while we got ready. *Así we prayed when we at noon got to eat to the house: " Sir blesses these foods, (already with a tortilla piece in the mouth, and serving to us to the Cocaine tail). Amen…. That lacking of reverence. *Y thus we prayed to fall asleep: " Mr. Gracias for this day,… uuaaaagggg. (I yawn). thanks, by everything… (one forgets to us that it is oration to sleep and we began to bless foods). amén." (and we do it laid down in the bed)… we will be becoming routine Monks unconsciously? 2. The oration by the needs (egoistically). Majority of times that we knelt to pray, is because necessity exists, that these patient, that not you have work, that already I finish the gel, that you need paintings that are not run when these praying, etc. to you but never we remembered pray by the fellow. If, " says to the Bible in Mateo 7:7; You ask, and one will occur you; you look for, and you will find; you call, and it will be abrirá to you. " , But also it says in Stg 4:3… you ask and you do not receive, because you ask bad, to spend in your delights. he is but habemos many that we prayed thus: " Sir, I thank to you you have given reason why me, but Sir from a time we have not received much of you here, and today me postro on your feet, because…. Sir watches, is that… not like decirte, your you know that there is a very smooth novel, if, that of " bows of Amargura" , and then since either you have to know or this in its last chapters, and the useless one of my husband tripped over tele and the piece, and then your you know Sir, I want to finish seeing it, or lost two chapters and or I wanted to go to see it with the Hna. Susana, but the chamacos do not let there concentrate themselves, hopefully Mr. that you can grant one to me, to only finish seeing that novel, is but I promise to you that I am going to him to platicar all the novel to the Hna Martha, because she cannot see it so that she works. Thanks Mr. Amen… aaahhh Mr. forgot to me that it is to colors, I remember and you of the car there am that you been asking to go to the foreign cults, (if like not….and the new novel that) … Amen.". 3. The oration with pain…. If but in the knees, because the very hard floor this. Nowadays the young people we have been made so delicate that we do not like to pray in hard places is but, in the Church when we are going to pray almost we acted hastily to thus arrive first the small piece from carpet that there are in the altar, and when praying tenth: " Sir I thank to grant to me a small piece to you of carpets in the altar and to pray cómodamente". Mr. Jesus Christ, says his word that raised a mount to pray, and then I do not believe that there he had been very comfortable praying, the Gentleman passage in that place long time, and he never complained was very hard. And we cannot last 5 minutes in the floor because no longer we held the knees, that Barbarian! , that comfortable we are the children of God. 4. The complaint… We are going to the altar to pray as if outside the department of complaints, we go and we complained everything it succeeded what us in the day, and we prayed this way: " Sir, does no longer as three days he has to me been hurting the back, and I can but, you also know that he happened to me today, broke the dress new already hour to me I am not going to have to put me in the convention….Sir I reprobated mathematics and that I went to the cult the Domingo and prayed much to pass the examination. (Instead of ponerte to pray to pass the matter, ponte to study, you do not leave everything him to God, are not loaded). " and in other occasions boldly we complained our shepherd and some brothers that admonish to us. When the Gentleman sees you come to the altar could say: hayyy nanita comes quejabanzas there and now that will hurt to him even so… but faithful it is God and it knows to listen. For whom he will be ay? For whom the pain? For whom the quarrels? For whom the complaints? For whom the wounds in vain? For whom the made blue thing of the eyes. For that they pause much in the wine, For which they are looking for the mixture. Proverbs 23:29 and 30. 5. The oration diacepan. It is when we fell asleep praying, if you know what is they diacepan it? , to because it is a tablet to sleep, you have of account that we took one… after minutitos praying we began to pray thus: " God thanks for. to remove me from tin. .ajas, and to bring me to your .andrea light. how are you?… " Nor we already know what tenth until we remained slept. (I say it to this by experience). When we go to pray we do it with 5 senses, and to do it by far understanding so that sometimes we took the Oration like a letter to Santa Claus, him tenth that we want, that it hurts to us, that we needed for the week, etc… By life of God, Mr. Jesus Christ does not fulfill whims. Nonbrother, better dale thanks to God reason why you to dice and if you have in truth a necessity dile Mr. your you know to my I leave it necessity in your hands and your will is made. I believe that Mr. already is going away to feel just a little bit but it jeopardize. Not desmayes if the answer to the necessity that you have does not arrive, Mr. will give it to you when it believes that these preparation to receive it. There are your orations arrive at the presence of the Gentleman, hazlo of all heart, because from another way it did not arrive nor at the ceiling of your house. It serves to the Gentleman your heart yet, you do not do it thinking about that so you see stops arriving the receipt from the light….no, it watches better ten an encounter with. Dile that changes your life. Recíbelo in your heart. We take care of what Mr. Jesus Christ says to us on the matter in his Word: " You covet, and you do not have; you kill, and you burn with envy, and you cannot reach; you fight and you fight, and you do not have what you wish, because you do not ask. You ask, and you do not receive, because you ask bad, to spend in yours deleites." Santiago 4:2 - 3.

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