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<+>The mocker of God <+>

The mocker of God

Daniel 5:1-30


Since the beginning of rock music, specifically with regard to Heavy Metal, they have been associated with satanic activities frankly open. God, the Bible and the Christian church, has been targeted in many of the constant messages of rock music; have been many singers of this genre that have offended through their songs to the person of Jesus Christ, blasphemed against God himself. Bon Scott, lead singer of the band AC / DC; cocaínomano alcoholic and a man, in several songs and comments made reference to God, jeopardize and insults, however, the trial came to his life, Feb. 19, 1980 in London dies by drowning in his own vomit after ingesting alcohol and drugs. John Lennon, said to be more famous that Jesus Christ, Janis Joplin, he described God as demeaning and offensive, and they received their fair pay. There is a page on the Internet called the cemetery of rock and examples like those mentioned above are present, adding: Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Freddy Mercury, Kurt Cobain, etc., and all died in tragic circumstances and fearsome. Even Madonna said: "I like the crucifixes, because there is a naked man .." After the death of Nebuchadnezzar in the year 562 a. C., after 23 years, Belshazzar occupies the throne of Babylon, Belshazzar was actually the grandson of Nebuchadnezzar. And it is this king who occupies our attention today, as we see in him traits of a mocker of God, then using the sacred objects of the Lord, is poised to seal his future with his life. While the life of Bon Scott and others like it, can seem exaggerated and extreme, no one of these (or readers) can escape or trying to circumvent mocked God, that though without the excesses of them, if we fall into believing that God is blind, deaf and inactive in our environment. The manner in which Belshazzar is killed, as well as Bon Scott, for example should help us maintain restraint ahead of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I. A mocker is against God (v.1) "The King Belshazzar, he made a great feast ..."

Historians say that Cyrus, king of Persia, was besieging the city of Babylon, and learned that Belshazzar was giving a big party and assuming that they would be distracted and buried under the wine and its effects, either take the opportunity to attack without warning to the city. Meanwhile, Belshazzar held, along with its 1000 princes, defying this trial from God, because while its capital was under siege and putting his life in danger. It should be announcing fasting, prayer and preparing strategies to defend himself and his nation, but instead it has dedicated time, money and effort in carrying out a celebration selfish, wanton and resolved to go against God announces festival, wine and music. I said a while ago that while Janis Joplin, may be an extreme example and open ridicule and contempt towards God and his will, many human beings make fun of him the same way. We must think that life can be found itself besieged by Satan and that brings problems to place at risk our stability as married couples, families, churches, and many colonies and nations rather than seek answers, solutions or aid; feast proclaim and wildness or everything else in place to enlist to defend his life and that of their families, but no, instead of looking for things that meet their needs and forget the danger that lurks around him.

II. Mocker a disgrace to God (vv.2-4) "... sent to bring the vessels of gold and silver ... had brought the temple of Jerusalem ..."

Amid the orgy that Belshazzar was enjoying, along with their wives and concubines, decided to tap the teacher to his sacrilegious feast: to bring the utensils that belonged to the sacred temple of Jerusalem that had been dedicated to the service of the God of heaven and them and with them worship gods, creations of hand man. Today Christians do not have sacred objects itself as the Hebrews in the Old Testament. But if there are elements that must be considered holy, for its use for which they are intended. In a concert singer Marilyn Manson, had the temerity to break a Bible with her teeth and then bled to burn before thousands of fans, saying: "The Bible is a book stained with blood ..." we know that the book itself, is nothing more than ink and paper, but its content is sacred because Santa is the voice of God, we can talk to salvation, consolation, encouragement, rebuke, and so on. Many do not reach the end of Marilyn Manson, but disregard the word of God with their attitudes, if not doing it, using it to justify, or arrumbándola in a corner of the house, leaving the curtains of dust cover. Mormons like the Jehovah's Witnesses say that the Christian church is a whore, which is mentioned in Revelation, remember that the church is the wife of Christ, who is polishing and presenting it for yourself without wrinkle or blemish (Ef. ) And when this is defamed, repudiated, persecuted or underestimated, also eta falling into the sin of Belshazzar. The baptism, so controversial, symbol of conversion and faith in Jesus Christ, used by many as a screen to be good in front of them and others. Finally, The Lord's supper, Paul says that who is making dinner indignity, trial eat and drink for himself (1 Cor. 11: 27-34), Paul does not speak here of our own unworthiness for being sinners by nature, but of those who take this lightly this celebration, those who fail to reflect

III. A mocker is not looking to God (v. 7) "The king cried aloud to make coming magicians, Chaldeans, and soothsayers ..."

Belshazzar was in his jolgorio, when suddenly a macabre vision that I leave perplexed fear. One hand (the exterminator angel) appeared and wrote a message in a clear and visible (v.5) so that there was no doubt and ignorance are not faking. After regaining its breath and serenity, Belshazzar realizes that the message is difficult to understand, but that is something important and looking for answers, but rather that God was his first, find the answer in soothsayers, astrologers and sages . In times of fear and uncertainty, does not opt for lifting its eyes to God, as did his grandfather once-Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 4:34). When hard times come to us are usually decided by looking at other "sources" response, aid; not think it is incredible that in the Lord, if only he can help. Paul is Yonggy, Cho, pastor of the Full Gospel Church in Seoul Korea, which incidentally is the largest in the world, who said he could not cope with things in life and become pastor of this church, but seek God's instructions and tips for how to act. But many are looking at the stars, friends, sorcerers, astrologers, philosophers, books, thoughts, the response to crises of our lives, instead of boosting the eyes of God and extend their hands to get help from him.

IV. Is a proud scoffer (v. 22) "But you, your son Belshazzar you have not humbled your heart, knowing all this ..."

Not all the wise men, soothsayers and astrologers were able to explain the strange inscription, nor to interpret it, is the grandmother of Belshazzar who recommended Daniel, and it is who arrives before the king and rejecting his gift, it explains all things. Begin by making a remembrance of his grandfather Nebuchadnezzar and the splendor of his reign, which was the product of divine providence, God had made his power to thrive because of the disobedience of his people Israel; he had gone well to Nebuchadnezzar, but sick of 3 things in her heart: pride, stubbornness and pride, and these three things led it to be undermined and humiliated to learn to know who he was indeed the author of all his power and also to be grateful and humble to the location in which he had been placed. This post is addressed to the king and confronts him: But you ... you have not humbled your heart, knowing all this., Belshazzar was too soon to suffer from these ills, even knowing what happened to Nebuchadnezzar and its terrible consequences. Evil of all time, the deafened, believing that what we have or succeed is the result of our strong arm. The first step of Alcoholics Anonymous is to recognize the total defeat, arguing that this is the first step to freedom from alcohol. But many believe that this applies only to this specific problem, but indeed humans are proud and stubborn, obstinate and wrong even when we are in trouble. Belshazzar even knowing there was still behaving well, believing that their wickedness is not reached. A mocker of God believes that God never faced him, and that will live in impunity, but that's not the case. The message was: Mene: God has counted the days of his majesty and I have limits; Téquel: Belshazzar had been put into balance and not weighed what should regret and Parsin: The kingdom has been divided and handed over to Medes and Persians . That you respond to God if I told you I've been passed Balance and you're below what is was

V. A mocker, you receive from God opinion (v. 30) "The same night Belshazzar was killed ..."

Mexico is considered by many political analysts as the country of impunity in the country where nothing happens, murder, robbery, rape, kidnapping, deceit and nobody does anything. Belshazzar was not Mexican, but believed in that philosophy that everything we did on offense against God was never going to be charged, but after Daniel reward for their interpretation; that night was killed by Dario, finished well with the splendor and power of the great Babylon and of his kingdom made mockery of the God of heaven. Do you think that you do will never be put in front of God, and believe that the Lord will not reprenderá you proceed? Remember? People do not talk about extremists, who also have their fair payment, we speak of those who shelter under the mask of piety are behaving more like children of Satan who as children of Light. If you can be you, who think they can outwit God and his will and left as if nothing but Belshazzar is our example, lose their lives because of their arrogance and irresponsibility.


Bon Scott, Janis Jopli, Jimi Hendrix, Marilyn Manson, Anton Label, etc., are examples of raw mocker of God, they are open and frank in expressing their rejection to God, but what concerns us all those who lost in his own unconsciousness, do the same as these men and live a life under the power of sin of Belshazzar. But today may be this day that can curb your commitment to Jesus and he can do a wonder in your existence, that you need to be free in his powerful name.

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