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<+>'Do you know Jesus?<+>'

Do you know Jesus?

John 1:29-34, 1 John 2:3-6; Job 42:3-6


For John, the last of the prophets, it corresponded with his finger to draw the expected Messiah. This is the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. At that time it was accomplished its mission: to prepare the way and submit to the Messiah. Twice John said: "I do not know him." "The one who sent me to baptize with water said to me: That you see on the Spirit descend and remain on him, this is the one that baptizes in the Holy Spirit." John was very important to know that Jesus was the Messiah. However, along with that knowledge of the mission of Jesus, was another plus point in their relationship with Him: knowledge of the personal, he left his ministry staff to the ministry of Jesus grew and sent two of his disciples to follow the teacher, recognizing that Jesus was Mr He had that already serve and worship.

Proposition interrogative.

Do you know Jesus really?


In the relationship between people, to account all the knowledge that gives love. Knowing someone as a person is completely different to know details such as their age, appearance, profession, and so on. Knowing details of a person is to reduce the quality of the subject, knowing a mother to her child or a lover to his beloved is of another order. For the love the person ceases to be and becomes a Thou I like. It is useful to know details about Jesus, when born, as he died, that he preached, he made miracles, and so on. But what really matters is the love of knowledge itself. Just who has experience of love who is the other, and shared his Ser. Among those who love is given communion, each feels the other's ownership, and remember that this is the kingdom of heaven; communion with God through our Lord Jesus Christ and in communion with the brothers.

According to this definition of knowledge, how can we realize that we know the Lord Jesus Christ?

In prayer, when we look at our beloved, not only to ask ourselves things, but to be with him whom we love, we enter into communion with God and this is known. The Apostle John was clear when he says: "who does not love does not know God, because God is love." We are meant to be an experience of love to know who is the Lord. Is not it true that when we love and are loved, we believe that there is no better experience?. But love is a way of being, if nobody loves God does not love one's neighbor, the apostle John to speak to us again: "In this we have known love, that He put his life for us, we must put our lives for the brethren. But he has assets of this world and sees his brother have need, and closes his heart against him, how the love of God dwells in it?. My babies, not love in word or tongue, but in fact and in truth. " This is a foolproof way of knowing if we know the Lord Jesus, no man in history who walked in Galilee, but to the Lord and Savior of mankind, whom we worship and pay all honor and glory.

The selfishness that is displayed in our lives involves an absolute ignorance of the person of Jesus, we do not know his work and we do not have a personal communion with Him, we are isolated and ensimismados, as the hermit of the third century, who believed that moving away from worldly noise , Could have a better communion with God, denying in this way the best of God, who is giving. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son." Life is communication and that is available, we said some time ago that the coming of the Savior to the world is the cry of God, where you're pouring your love. If we proclaim know Jesus, we must be prepared to give our lives for him, or by our brothers, we should be able to crucify Me, and replaced by You, the communication should increase, namely the ability to give, I give , You give, the da, we give, and that happens if all of this conjugate the verb form, which all receive, this is communication, the opposite of isolation and ostracism in this debate that is humanity. If we know Jesus we must show it, and this is the concrete way to do it, what else is theory and good intentions.

Conclusion and called.

Today it is time to consider, which is our knowledge of the Lord Jesus, how we love it, and how much we are willing to give his name. The word of the Lord is full of personality of its author, shows us clearly we must act as those who know him say, in the passages that we read, it shows that those who have known Jesus, have acted as the face of this knowledge, they have Indeed his personal, ended with John and his ministry sent two of his disciples to follow Jesus, the Apostle John tells us that we must love the brothers of a specific form and not in words, if you really know the Lord. So far only requires each of us takes a decision against the personal knowledge of the Lord and make your own commitment to the cause of the Lord, loving their brothers, leaving selfishness and communicating what you have, that is giving, sharing, struggling every day against the tricks of this world and its King, not everyone looking for their own sake alone, but also by that of others, overcoming selfishness in this way, imitating the teacher who gave his life for us, the ultimate example generosity, doing this will show who really know Jesus. Today is the beginning of a new stage in our lives, to show our knowledge of the Lord.

Author: Bone Luis Castillo

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