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<+>The glory of the apostolic move <+>'

"We will be alive after two days in the third day we will rise again and live in front of him." Hosea 6: 2

We are on the third day, the day we will rise again, and we are on the third day prophetic. The Bible says that one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. We are into the third millennium, the third day of God. The Bible says that something special will happen, "us up." Could it be that in this time God has to resurrect something? YES.

The main thing that God has to resurrect the ministries.

Religion, fears and lack of presence of God in our leaders, have reduced and limited ministries and in some cases have been buried. Can you believe that some churches do not exercise the ministries of apostle, prophet and evangelist? That has led to a deterioration in the church. The big question is: why? Because we are not at the Bible and then we wonder why we do not live the revival of Pentecost.

In Ephesians 4:11 says God's word: It was about apostles, other prophets, other evangelists, pastors and other teachers. He is, why do we (no, no, no, I do not, the religious, the fearful and the absence of God) have desconstituido what God has established? The devil has used the religious andalusia andalusia fearful and lack of presence of God to bury, kill, abort three of the five ministries.

The ministry in our churches is not exercised, because calling someone "APOSTLE" is similar to the Catholic Church. The prophetic spirit was cut because of the "viri viri" (prophets of disaster, of meat and mobs) and evangelistic ministry because it is burying one of the ministries that need investment (cash, money, U.S. dollars, pesos , bolivars, euro, money) and the fact there are many churches that do not like to invest. I will move on to explain who call religious, afraid and lacking the presence of God.

RELIGIOUS: person, leader or individual who lives in a custom, not a dogma and efficiently move around, renewed, effective, and revolutionary power of the Holy Spirit.

Feared person, leader or individual who lives in fear of a new, fresh, that God is trying to establish in the church.

Those fearful of the (mmm, that of dance, mmm, that the prophetic word, mmm, that the prosperity ...)

Lack of presence of God: a person, leader or individual grazing, teaches and preaches disciple without communion with God, without disclosure, without prayer ...


Two of the five ministries have survived, the pastor and teacher and in many cases the pastor is the teacher and the teacher is the pastor. This deficiency has resulted in our churches. You ask me: What happens when the five ministries are not working in its fullness? This is the same as you have a hand missing three fingers. The church is in the same way: poor, and God is not moving for that deficiency apostle, prophet and evangelist.

What is the purpose of the ministries? The purpose is revealed to us in Ephesians 4:12.



producing unit

knowledge of the Son of God

production growth up to the fullness of Christ

That is why we have a church which does not like to improve their singing in the Bible study, in preaching, in prayer, and so on.

A church that is on average has not grown as it has to grow and has not reached the level that should have arrived.

And the lack of ministries have a church divided.

The knowledge, revelation, the lighting is low, when it would be incredibly great in the Church of Jesus Christ (prosperity, power of God at this time, that is what we can achieve in Jesus Christ, which is what we are ourselves , for the church and to God)

The lack of maturity in the church is amazing, we have sleeves ways nenes hands of the lack of work of five ministries.

As for prosperity, remember that in apostolic times did not need, jaa jaaa, look how big it was blessed by God. (Acts 4:33)

Well the prophet has the blessing of prosperity in 2 Chronicles 20:20: "Believe in the Lord and you will sure, believe in the prophets and you will be prosperity." What was the outcome of this event? We read in verse 25: stripped found great wealth, clothing, precious jewelry, and was as soon take three days in all, it was much, and the place was called "BERACA" = BLESSING.

The good news is that we are on the third day of God, and God the third millennium is resurrecting the ministries, mostly the apostolic, prophetic and evangelistic. We are at the time that God will enter the last big revival of history. As leaders, pastors and teachers let God lift us and we will restore a thriving church of power, improved, grown, mature and united in place that we need to be.

Ephesians 1:21: "Above all principality and authority and power and dominion, and above every name that is named not only in this century but also in the future, and put all things under their feet, and gave it head on by all things to the church. "


Author: Walter Gimenez

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