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<+>A gentle touch <+>

Mark 5:21-43

Open our Bibles in Mark, Chapter 5, Verse 21. The last time we were so happy to see Jesus to release this man, Legion. Now look what it does here, freed two women. It is wonderful to see how unleashes their power. However, power is often thought that explosive or energy, it is, but when the power authority is used properly, is very sweet.

If you're listening to radio or read online, go to your Bible and join us. If you're driving, just keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

"And Jesus going again on a boat to the other party, he joined a large company and was close to the sea." Remember that there are three groups watched from the beginning of Mark. The crowds, which are massive groups of people, say that is something like the event Harvest (Harvest), which filled the stadium in Anaheim. The second group that is often found in Mark is to the followers. Are people who may not be as massive as a group of the crowds, but still a good group of people. Continue for several reasons, because they liked what they heard, they liked what they saw as some miracles were performed. The third and most important group of people surrounding Jesus as Mark shows him, were the disciples.

Want to ask you now, what they are you? Are you part of a crowd, which is aware that Jesus walks about? Are you part of the followers, who are stuck only to see what Jesus does? Or, are you a disciple? - The word means "disciplined". Are you of those who have made a commitment to discipline him and continue the lifestyle of Jesus Christ?

You're one of those three categories - the crowd, which will take you to heaven. Being a follower, not necessarily sure you have your site there. But being a disciple is what will take you to heaven, because they believe their words. He said, "If you permaneciereis in my word, you are truly my disciples." So not necessarily a follower continuing the Lord's word, nor a member of the crowd, but a disciple is a "disciplined" in green on the word of the Lord.

Now, identify yourself, because God knows who you are. Or you are a follower, a member of the crowd, or one of his disciples. Want to get to the position of disciple.

"Came one of the princes of the synagogue, named Jairus, and then saw it and fell at his feet." Here we have something very usual, because he is the leader of the synagogue and it is very popular in the area and well known and highly respected. The view prostrate at the feet of another person, in fact, was a rare scene. But it is a situation that he is really tearing the heart. The will develop within a minute, I am sure that you have already read this story.

But it is very important that we understand that if we were in the crowd, standing behind, in the midst of a massive group of people waiting on the shore and see the person probably most notable of our community, running and prostrate at the feet of Jesus , we would be wondering, "What is this?". It would be totally out of the ordinary, just not the case.

"And I prayed a lot, saying ...". Now, seeing an authority figure would otherwise praying outside the ordinary. "And I prayed a lot, saying: My daughter is at the death come and put their hands on it to be safe and live."

Now, perhaps you have a friend, or perhaps a relative or family member, who is about to die. Maybe you are not going to die right now, but is in a situation in which not even know if a few days or weeks, or how much the rest of your life. Jesus can intercede in the life of either until the end. What did the thief on the cross when Jesus was crucified, yet he ministered to that type.

The grandmother of my wife Sandra was 103 years when he died. That is being old, yes, very old. Queen's English and was sent a greeting card when turned 100 years, and the President another, so for three years and received Presidential happy birthday, happy birthday reinal from England. But I remember we received a call Sunday afternoon, saying that it was going to die, he was about to die. I asked my assistant to me in the service and replace Sandra and I headed to Orange County to see her in the hospital. We were praying all the way to hospital, and we gave thanks to God for this great lady. And what a sweet lady was accepted that God in his heart.

When we arrived, some families were out and saw what they were sad, so Sandra and I went to his room and did a prayer with her. She had open eyes, we saw, sat and smiled and hugged me and I felt all his strength. Well, she lived for a year. I do not know what it is, I think it took a couple years of my life, but I'm not sure.

Being close to death, perhaps you've seen your grandfather or someone in front of you. So now you understand why it is requested and Jairo prostrate before Jesus. "My daughter is at the death come and put their hands on it ..." That is a reasonable request. But see what follows, "To be safe, and live." That's faith. Here is a man living under Jewish law and the law sets out each week to the community, but here, only because Jesus is in the neighborhood, he has faith.

"I know that my daughter will live, if you just come and pusieras your hands on it." We see that the man has released faith, and Jesus is going to like it and will accept. "And that was with him, and he was still great company, and tight."

"And with a woman who was bleeding was twelve years ..." Before we continue to see the problem with this woman, I would like to see in the Bible mark of the person next to you is the word "one." "One woman." That is very important, if you stop to think about it. We will not give his name, does not tell us whether rich or poor, if known, his stature, who was education. Is woman. And if you recall, throughout the Bible, there are certain people.

There was "a disciple in the book of Acts named Ananias, who was awakened at night by the Lord who told him," Get up and go to the street which is called the Right, and looking at the house of Judas for one called Saul of Tarsus: for, behold, he prays. And he has seen the vision of a man named Ananias, who comes and puts his hand over, to receive the light. " Amazing. Now, God sits in heaven and are watching the street Right down there and seeing where he lives is a disciple (only it was called a "disciple.") And this is having a vision there, and the other, Saul, is having a vision there. And God has ignited the hearts of these two visions. And I will take this man, just a disciple. What extraordinary vision that can take away the fear. He feared that if went, Saul would kill him. But God was reaffirmed when he turned his brother, because God said, "He is one of my guys."

We realize that God also wants to turn our hearts with one vision. "Without vision," the Bible says, "people will be dispelled." Then I motivate. God wants to do something big, because the world is spinning spiral out of orbit, and very quickly, and you are the people that God wants to change the course of their lives and fire in their hearts for him to going to win people to his kingdom.

All the churches are always think that those guys over there, or they over there. But not you. God wants to do for you, what he did with "a" woman, or what he did with "a" disciple, or what he did for Paul, the Apostle.

Now see what the problem is it is a quite profound. But be worse than the problem of the little girl who is dying? That we could not be more serious than that, but notes the emotional trauma in the soul and mind of this woman, because of the physical problem.

"And with a woman who was bleeding was twelve years and had suffered greatly from many doctors and had spent all he had, and nothing was seized before it was even worse, as heard of Jesus, came from behind the company, and touched her dress. I said: If only so touching her dress, I will be saved. "

Now, there are a few things to be clarified before proceeding. Number one - this woman had been bleeding for 12 years. According to the Levitical law, which the Jews were governed, if a woman was bleeding abnormally after his time every month, every day he spent as a woman was unclean and cleansing ceremonies to go through all their clothes and any Instead she felt, had to be ceremonially cleansed. If a person entered his home during this time, they would have to be cleaned and to take some cleaned bathrooms in a house of a person unclean. If you were sitting on the couch, where they sat at his desk, and if embraced. Then stop and think for a decade and two years, this lady was emotionally upset. Nobody had embraced, no one had kissed, no one had greeted hand, nobody had given him a pat on the shoulder, and no one had come to visit. Ceremonially was sidelined because of the law. He was thrown out.

Imagine how they will be the feelings of being exiled, yet being so close to people. Last week we saw a man so possessed by demons, who was exiled by their parents and even was sent to live at a cemetery. So maybe your problem is not as dramatic as mine, (they share my story last week), or as we studied this man last week. Perhaps your situation is, you've been rejected. And why then, you never get closer or heart or mind to people. Never let the people know that your way of thinking. Or, if you get close enough to hug you or someone tells you that you want, say that is because in reality they do not know what they say because they do not know even what it is. You have so many insightful defense mechanisms that can put warning signs where the danger lies ahead, "Stay away, or fly with a nuclear bomb." And people say, "Hello, how are you?" "I'm fine. And how are you?" "Well, you have a good day." "OK, thank you very much." And that's all. All your conversations are nothing more than the surface, no depth, no warmth, no love.

Can you imagine, how would this woman, after 12 years of failing to come to a person or any member of your family? How was this lady alone? How was rejected? How will sollozado your heart, if not sollozaba itself? Perhaps she wanted to run away to embrace a girl went to play there in the neighborhood, but knew it could not, because they had been to the doctor and the doctor probably already had to its findings.

So she has this physical problem. Technically, is ill, with blood flow, for the past 12 years. That tells us that perhaps it was anemic. You have too often suffered blackouts, dizzy all the time. Including, its own way of thinking, "Will I be normal?", "What is happening ...

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