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<+>'Suffering that produces fruit<+>'

Suffering that produces fruit

Mark 5:21-34


Dr. Brian Clowes in philosophy, who is Director of the Training Institute for the Family Life and Human Life International, wrote an article titled: Does it make sense to human suffering? (with respect to the dying and euthanasia) where he argues that suffering is necessary in our lives, it serves two major purposes in us, the purification and to earn merit before God. During his little writing Dr. Clowes said implicitly that we must not shrink from the pain of suffering, because this strengthens us, and that those who suffer must be treated humanely with words of encouragement and our company. Concludes that we must respect the suffering that occurs to us, because if they found God's will, and should be. What do you think of such words? But is the attitude that suggests Dr. Clowes we must take to the suffering? Do you suffer for suffering? ¿Born to suffer and nothing more? Is it true that we come here only to that?.

Let me tell you that the original purpose of God is not suffering, but has resulted from the disobedience of our parents (Adam and Eve) so we have to live, but it is also true that God can use this suffering to produce a fruit that we bring glory to his name and blessing to our lives. On occasion our brother Ricardo Castillo Mian we shared that there are two kinds of suffering: the sterile and producing in us something positive, and I think each of us can choose where Christ was directing our suffering. And today is just as Jesus Christ teaches us as a suffering should not be something sterile, but an opportunity to learn more and to receive his blessing and grace.

I. Suffering produces faith (V.26, 27) "when he heard talk of Jesus ..."

In his book "Until Armageddon," Dr. Billy Graham said: "The suffering has been our most faithful companion throughout the history of mankind, as has been with us in times of war and peace" It is true suffering has lived with us in many circumstances, it is common to rich and poor, wise and ignorant, good and bad, all we have lived and live situations that bring life to our suffering. A good example is the passage before us today. We are told that Jesus had just released a man in Gadara, decided to return to Galilee, and was received by a large crowd (v. 21) But it was greeted with a special request: Jairo, the main synagogue was his dying daughter and required that the Lord would see it and heal it (vv.22, 23) Jesus responds to that request, despite the crowd around them and pressed (v. 24)

In this scene appears on the subject of our study. "A woman who suffered from twelve years to blood flow" (v.25) we can not clear that this woman was suffering from disease, because the data we have are too few to determine the real truth is already 12 years to be with it, apparently was not a negligible output of blood but had reduced its strength and emotional as he had to spend everything I had to find a cure to their poor (V.26) The safest course is that during that time their happiness and life expectancy had been seriously affected. Who 12 years with disease can live as if nothing? 12 years of suffering in her body, which had terminated their beauty, their strength, their morale and their hopes. But in addition to the already hard by the disease if we are told that he had to add that "he had suffered much from many doctors ..." (v. 26a.) annoying and painful procedures and shameful to think that, in addition to possibly having fallen into the hands of quacks in medicine which together with other thugs had stolen.

II. Suffering that produces a value (v.27b, 28) "... wine ... and touched his cloak ..."

On several occasions I have already mentioned my definition of the word value: Daring to take action despite our fear. We think that all these years of suffering have left this woman full of fear and trauma, but despite these women dared to go where Jesus and interfere in the crowd and shoving between apretujones and try to find Jesus. And amid this crowd dares women, contrary to what many may think, is a courageous woman who dares to touch only the mantle of the Lord. What was your courage? believe that in just touching the edge of the mantle of Jesus could be healed. In the midst of this world as logical person must be brave and believe that the methods and ways of God are real and applicable in our midst and this is the value of this sick woman. The ways in which God acts are incomprehensible to our limited mind, never the reason and logic can be parameters to measure the activity of God, as the Lord's resources are limitless and beyond our mind. But that does not understand the act of God does not cancel its business for us, only we must dare to believe him, he only dare to trust in God.

Dare to trust as he did an entire nation to escape from Egyptian bondage; dare to believe as he did a 80-year-old man that God was able to use it in the twilight of their lives and conquer the land of Canaan; dare to believe as did a child in front of a giant with just a rock could overturn it, dare to believe that as a fisherman who was to catch a fish and find a few coins in it to pay their taxes, and dare to believe that these two under the orders of his teacher went and borrowed a colt for the triumphal entry; dare to believe that as a passionate apostle who saw the sky with his tired eyes and dare to believe that she hoped that with such a touch of the mantle of the Lord could remain healthy.

III. Suffering that occurs confession (v.33) "... and fell in front of him, and told the whole truth"

But then came the miracle "Immediately the source of dried blood in the body and felt that he was healthy his whip" (v. 29) We can see clearly how to operate the health gradually did this woman? No! ¿Was immediately perceived health was just mentally? No! we are told that his body, his flesh experienced relief of this disease that was 12 years had afflicted. The miracle had taken place, but that Jesus is arrested and perceived that he was out of power (v.30) and asked "Who touched my clothes?" (V.30) Did Christ had stolen health ? Do women could "steal health? Do not respond emphatically! Jesus is God with us and knows all things, just wanted one that was not be healed in anonymity, that the fruits of her suffering were known, for the honor of God and shame the devil testimony to the nations . "Then the women, fear and trembling, knowing what it had been made, came and prostrated before Him and told the whole truth" (v. 33)

Face to face, Jesus and women, is fully convinced that he was against it, convinced that this man was not any, was not a milagrero, as a charlatan doctor who had caused much suffering, but someone worthy of recognition of his prostrate in front of him was not only gratitude, but an act of worship and praise. Years of suffering were beautifully finished at the foot of their freedom and healing. His suffering had driven her car to leave and sympathy go to find a permanent solution, not magic, but real and absolute, but once it was relevant to confess, admit and recognize who was the author of that extraordinary health. What beautiful words of Christ to dismiss women for "Daughter, your faith has saved you. Go in peace and healthy is your disease "(v. 34)


Sad that gives us hope the Director of the Institute of Training for Life, "is suffering, this should be your destination and have to live with resignation" Suffering is a companion to accompany us throughout our lives, but this should not be for not always the only thing in our life, but God used him to reach this woman has the merit of not being defeated by adversity and not take refuge in compassion for their suffering, but that this experience led to believe the proper , to dare to believe in it at all costs and not to confess to all nations of all time what God had done in his life. Let us in our suffering Let 's move to trust in Jesus for freedom, let us dare to believe in the impossible and to confess to all nations, and thus was born the woman was in our history today.

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