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<+>We need each other<+>

We need each other

John 17:11 - I'm not in the world, but these are in the world, and I'm going to you. Holy Father, who hast given me, save them on your behalf, to be one, as well as us.


One of the most important reason for which Christians are split apart and are the wounds that have made them Christians or by tripping, or the different way of thinking (music, liturgy) For example, siblings you remember that before they met here and now are no longer satisfied the vast majority has been removed because he thinks have done something different or because he thought and felt he never heeded him. But despite all this we Christians need each other (the porcupine: it has a porcupine afabula two came together when it was cold to feel hot, but when I felt the pins from each other and then separated again when it was cold again came together and was always well.). And because we know we need each other: Because we are part of the same family. (Gal. 3:26 In every family will need: the Pope is leading the table, the breast is what makes eating and chores, the children are the ones that lend unity to marriage and happiness to their parents). But in families there are different characters and ways of being two of the disciples and Jesus came from completely opposite points Matthew tax collector and Simon faithful to Rome and the zealots who was a revolutionary against the Roman Empire. These differences also have in the church but we pray that Christ was one. We must do to promote unity and to recognize that we do need each other.


A) Not all think alike, we are different and it is obvious that there will be clashes because we have different characters: irascible, melancholic, Blood, phlegmatic. Examples: Gal. 2:11-14 Paul and Peter fight, Ac. 15:36-40 and Rom. 14:1-6.

B) But God wants unity, I pray that despite our differences we are one. One body.

C) This means you must accept the other as it is. Col. 3:13 Withstanding his character and his way of being that has no other, But if by praying for God to help us become better and help mold our character.

D) It's good that we are diverse and different because of the multitude of counselors there is wisdom. (Thank God because there are brothers hard, tender, cheerful, serious etc.)

II. We must have the same concept, that if (FIL. 1:27):

What the two brothers in the plane and the meeting with a Christian.

A) It is well that we have different characters and to think differently, but the goal and the goal that each of us should be pursuing it to glorify God (If I do not like the praise in the Church, I should not criticize, but pray for it).

B) Our common aim must be, that is what we do is for the Lord, but I think differently than my brother as to how things are done, so if I have made clear is that they do as is done the goal is to proclaim his Word.

C) If we work together there will be time for discussion and if there will be solidarity on the contrary, it only occurs when working in harmony and to the same site.

III. Be grateful to each other (FIL. 1.3):

A) Paul was very grateful for the life of the Philippian church for what they had done for him. Sometimes believers are not grateful, and there are many among them who do not help because they do not receive acknowledgments.

B) If any brother has helped you, acknowledge and try and tell you to what you received grace grace. (As he had been forgiven and not forgive, it was a bad grateful).

C) thus recognizing the need that all believers of all. Let the pride and grateful. Ro. 1:21. Remember what others have done for you. (Sometimes we only remember the bad: If you visited when you were sick, if you have helped with money, pantries with their support, their prayers).

D) Some people think it is the duty of helping others and that is not appreciated.

IV. We must seek peace (I Thess. 5:13):

A) Because we need each other the best part is that we seek peace and that.

B) Some do not make peace, because when someone makes them what they want is Lake revenge.

C) In a family where the child gets upset with you father, after some time has to seek reconciliation, because the needs of his father. (Look for peace, because we need the others).


Today there is a thought that is very immersed in the minds of many Christians and is that one can worship God without coming to church, after all are hypocrites, but that is not true because although there are differences and problems among us must recognize that we need and if we come together and seek unity, then sooner or later we are off (the fire). You need your brother that seems insignificant.

Author: Armando Andres Contreras

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