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<+>'Miracles in Your Life <+>'

Miracles in Your Life

Luke 5:1-13


I always like to ask: How blessed are you? Remember, or are not doing God's will with God or you're wrong ... I do not accuse anybody if you do not feel blessed but I have come to awaken your interest in the miracles of God ... One of the things that God taught me long ago is that he does not share his glory with anyone ...
Not shared with the Idols
Not shared with the Saints
Do not share it with warlocks
Not shared with the injustices
Many do not believe in miracles, my God says "I am the same yesterday, today and forever." Let me ask my sibling: How gozas you in the things of God? What is the value of Jesus in your life? How important is Jesus in your life? Where to look for miracles from God? In the witchcraft? How much you love Jesus .... He said: John 10:14 "I am the good shepherd and know my sheep and mine know me." John 10:27 "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and follow me." Do you know your Jesus? I say God is ready to perform miracles in your life if you let her!

Let us now expositoriamente the text on the miracle of the catch, John Chapter 5:

Vers. 1 Why people agglomerating following Jesus? Need, Curiosity, Love .. Because you're looking for God? Do not use aspirin as ... or are you dying

Vrs. 2 Two fishermen: So close to Jesus and so far from him ... In their own efforts in life as we do ... "For a few dollars more

Vrs. 3 When Jesus asks you something!, I give it or refuse? Perhaps Jesus spoke, and Simon continued fishing NOTHING! So you pass to you ..... Jesus is calling you and you turn your back .....

Vrs. 4 Here we have the compassionate Christ .... Anyone who cares about us .... Peter, NO fishing is how ..... You are fighting a life alone and without God / ...... Hear one thing: You are too proud to be humble and accept that you need God in your life .... Just a little inside things of God and find the answer ....

Vrs. 5 big mistakes that we commit; Justifying the way we live and do things ... Watch what happens when you hear the voice of God ...

Vrs. 6 For doubt the miracles of Jesus .... You know how many times Jesus used fish?

With the A-end tax ... go and take a fish opens his mouth ... y. $ $ $

B-After the resurrection, when the disciples went fishing .... and cast the net on the other side of the boat ...

C-And now we read ..... Even fish do God's will

Vrs. 7 Why do not you talk to others the blessings of God ... "IF YOU HAVE THE" Look around you how many lost .... I wondered: What are the holidays agostino? PAGANO

Vrs. 8 I like the attitude of Peter ... Honest, sincere ,.... Just like us "truth"

Vrs. 9 When you decide you will see great miracles of God in your life .... Fear, that is respect for God

Vrs.10 Look what Jesus wants to make you "fisher of men" Here the intent of the gospel of Christ ... Fishing for souls "salvation" You remember: ¿A donde van to heaven or to hell? Make your work rescatales preetandoles is gospel ..

Vrs. 11 What are you willing to let Jesus? Pride, vanity, caprice, your friends who are opposed to your faith .....

What left these fishermen? TODO:

His boat

Their wealth


Which tell your friends

The false religion that professed

Dime: Do you believe in the miracles of God? Asks one today. The first miracle is the salvation of your soul.

Author: Gustavo E. Acevedo

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