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<+>'Climbing the mountain<+>'

eyes to the mountains: From where I come Relief? My relief comes from the LORD made heaven and earth.


When David wrote this psalm, it seems that was happening, a difficult time in his life, perhaps in a test or had any enemies stalk everywhere, maybe then I could not leave his house for fear that it could happen, I say this that says Vr. 7 and 8 (and the Lord saved me out of my post) There are moments in our lives we also need to lift our eyes to the hills because this hill in our response, The psalmist knew he could just come up your answer, because my Miami relief will not come, my relief will not come from Japan, my relief will not come to Russia, "My relief comes from the LORD made heaven and earth" Alleluia! Blessed be the Lord? Glory to God?

Monte Mountain is synonymous with that just means, Solitude, Tranquility, Approach (Of course, in the spiritual sense) There are moments of our lives, you and I need to climb the mountain of God, because in the Mountains is always your answer, When learn to climb the mountain your life will be transformed by the power of God because God is in the mountains, mountain also has to do with height, aiming high, Paul said in the letter to the (Colossians 3: 1-2) " Seek the things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Vr 2 reads "Set your sights on things above" and not on the earth, here we are encouraged to find only the things above, "will lift up my eyes to the hills from where will my relief, my relief comes the LORD made heaven and earth "Glory to God Hallelujah? Blessed be the Lord.! it is time to remove your hope in things that perish, and find things that are eternal life, and put your faith in Christ and the author of our faith (Hebrews 12:2) This is the time for the church learns to climb the mountain of prayer, this is the time where God is calling his people to rise, the Mountain of God, because God wants to answer them, God wants to bless us, get up, thrive, aviv, fill us with his presence , get into their fire, but that God is calling us to climb the Mountain of Faith, Prayer Mountain, because God is in the mountains ...!

El Monte also means your prayer life: you want to know God ascends the mountain, will you answer for your life, climb the mountain, you care for your body, ascends the mountain, you want your children to God, ascends the mountain, want to be in the continuous fire of the Holy Spirit, mountain climbs, climbs the mountain because the mountain is ... God!

¿Men of God who went up the mountain?

1. Moses:

God called Moses to be with him in the mountain (Exodus 34:1-10) reads in Vr. 2 of this passage: Get ready for tomorrow morning and up to Mount Sinai, and introduce yourself to me on the summit of Mt.

In this passage we read tells us that God sent Moses to raise the mountain, why? Asks Moses to climb the mountain, it was not better that God gave the instructions at that time I was talking to, it was much easier to Moses receiving the instructions of God, to do them straight away to get people But God did not do so well, Mr. Moses wanted to raise the mountain and be put to the summit of the mountain, Brothers! There are moments in our lives that we need to present us before God at the summit of the mountain, because we want God in your presence, God, you can answer any prayer, you can respond to any requests we are doing, but also wants go up the mountain, and you're in his presence, closely monitor the Vr. 6-8, says that Moses began to declare to God, to exalt, and the Vr. 8, said: Moses and (probably) to see the majesty of the Lord, his power, his glorious presence, said he would hasten to lower your head .. and worship the Lord Almighty, I guess that should be glorious days for Moses to see the majesty of God in the summit of the mountain, where God calls you to be in his presence will do so with purpose after Moses praise God and love, You know what happened? Read Vr. 10, this is the key (And he answered: Behold, I make covenant before all your people, and wonders that I will not have been made throughout the land, nor in any nation and see all the people in the middle of which are you, the work of the Lord, because the great thing is that I'll do you) Aleluya? Glory to God

If these joyful things by God done in your life, that's nothing, (tell your neighbor) That is nothing? God will do something terrible to us, if you just climb the mountain of prayer, you know how long was Moses on the mountain with God? read (Exodus 34:28-35) forty days and forty nights in Vr. 30 Moses said to his face resplendent, Brothers ..! When you pass time with God on the Mountain, your face will shine in the glory of God, and the same people will see your life in the glory of God, the problem of the Church in this last time, this is not showing the glory of God to this lost world, Brothers ...! be the difference with your life shows the glory of God, with your testimony shows the glory of God, to do this must be on the mountain because the mountain is God?

2. Jesus ascended the mountain:

In (Matthew 5:1) says: "Seeing the crowd, climbed the mountain ..." Jesus went up the mountain to teach the word of God and preach the Gospel, in (Luke 6: 12) tells us that Jesus spent the whole night praying to God, if Jesus was God, had to climb the mountain and had to pray for so many hours, who are we to not do so (Luke 22:39-45) Lea (Matthew 14:23) Jesus loved being in the bush to be with God, to be alone with his father, this is the time to be with God, you have to climb the mountain, climb the mountain, now, look for its presence, climbs the mountain because the mountain your answer is, (in Psalm 24:3-4) says: Who will go up the mountain of the Lord? And who is in his holy place? The Clean hands and pure hearts, you know? That in the mountain, God will cleanse your heart, your hands, your life ahead of him, What was the success of the Lord Jesus Christ? Up the mountain ...? Hallelujah, Glory to God? Blessed be the Lord ...! (Read Matthew 15:39-31) if you read the run, I tell you not understand, step here, something weird with the Lord that day, says in this passage, specifically the "Vr. 29 ... And up the hill, there sat Brothers ..! Mr. every time down the hill to heal the sick, but that day, not in the mountains to heal the sick, but rather went to the mountains that rise to the sick to be healed, I do not know that was that tall hill where the sitting, but the Bible says, that climbed the mountain sick note carefully that this is what I call the attention of this passage is that "the lame climbed the mountain" not much time to this cost him lame that mountain top, but what if it is wise to the top of this mountain that was his response ...? Blessed be the Lord? "Blind climbed the mountain" may have been difficult for them to climb this mountain, but I think they knew that the top of this hill was his answer, because God was in the mountains ..? Waiting for it


Brother ..! No matter how hard to climb the mountain, or how much, what matters is that the mountain will receive your answer, in the mountain of prayer, God will lift you heal, you freedom, anoint you, sanctify you, you clean, because God is up in the sky, your answer will come from above, not here on earth, My relief comes from the LORD made heaven and earth, Psalms 121:1-2, Colossians 3:1-2.

Brothers ..! Up the mountain, the mountain is your answer, because God is in the heights ... .. amen!

Author: Antonio Bayardo Guadamuz

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