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<+>Jesus enters the temple of God<+>

Jesus enters the temple of God

Matthew 21:12-17


The temple has always meant in all cultures where worship is offered to the deity. It's where people and nations have cemented his honor. However, in the biblical concept, the temple is not the place to reflect the human glory but the glory of God. The temple is not the place that belongs to men but to God. A Christian church has no more meaning if he ceases to be the place where the man was close to God through Christ.

The Jews had made the temple the site of their ceremonial religious: its rituals, its festivals. The least was seen in practice, by the religious leaders, was that the temple was the place of genuine encounter with God. The temple had become more important, that the presence of God. The Jews began to contemplate his own glory in the temple, the glory of God. Were formed with the material, forgetting about the celestial. The heart of the town was captured by the building, but not by the presence of God.

Jesus teaches us in this passage that there is no temple with glory, if not the Heavenly Father blesses with his presence. What are the characteristics of a temple blessed by the presence of God?

I. The temple of God is identified by SER, above all, a house of prayer.

Do you remember any passage in the Gospels in which Jesus went to the temple to pray? They are so little to suggest that reason, it is easier to remember Jesus praying in the mountains, in gardens in the desert in the temple. The temple rituals were held, trading, while Jesus said that he had become "a den of thieves", as it has given priority to other things, robándole and glory to God.

The temple is where we come to give God honor and glory. This building should be the place for the encounter between God and men on earth. But there is no encounter with God but there is prayer. Many churches and Christians to be characterized by many other activities, but not for prayer. Prayer is not a program of the church must be the life of the church and of all faithful son of God. The altars and temples in reclinatorios has become part of the adornment of the temple, that space where the people are uniting to take communion with the Lord. Solomon, who built the first temple for the Living God, not overlooked this fact, as we read in 2 Chronicles 6:12,13; 19.20.

II. God's temple is a place of encounter with Christ.

The passage says that people need when they heard that Jesus was in the temple, "came to him." People came not to the temple, but they found the Christ in the temple. There was a reason to go to church to find Christ.

These people were healed. Jesus touched the. Christ's presence transforms any environment, any life, any church that recognizes its need to "come to him." The temple is a place for people to come to Christ. This is the evangelistic emphasis that should be a church where Christ is. Unlike the Church of Laodicea (Rev. 3:15-20), the faithful and true church is one in which Christ has a place in the lives of those who compose it.


A place where prayer is a place where we find Christ and a place where we encounter Christ therefore becomes a place of worship. How much time would have not listened to praise in the temple of God! So much so that when it occurs, the chief priests and scribes were outraged: While young people acknowledge the dignity of God, religious people are outraged.

Today, when someone prays aloud seems ridiculous, when someone cries and testifies of his encounter with Christ seems strange, when someone praises to God with joy we feel embarrassing and messy. The question is not "What do you think the people?" Because the Bible says that the carnal man can not understand the things of God because he is crazy, but for the children of God Christ is God's wisdom and power !

Today churches are criticized because they pray out loud, because every time a call to the altar to be closer to Christ, because they praise God with excitement. It is said that is pure scandal. However, people who dare to criticize are sometimes more glaring: lives are carnal and disobedient to God and his Word, are fighting among themselves, criticizing not know how to forgive. The last thing we would do is meet to worship God. But how can worship God without first coming to Christ.


What we have church? Why have altar? Why did you come? If you come to pray, if you come to find Christ and come to praise God: Hello! God is here! Your presence is here! This is an opportune time for our lives begin to pray, to have a personal encounter, and new deep with Christ, thereby filling their presence and to praise freely, and allow it to be him, who refined our praise.

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