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'<+>Renovate the thinking<+>''

Renovate the thinking

Romans 12:2-3, Philippians 4:8, Matthew 15:16-20


A. - The great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds, people criticize.

B. - There is a sports commentator on radio, very assertive and biting in his comments, especially those that emphasize the evil that others have done and how well you do it, until now has never led any team football, has only made comments on how you have done, has earned a place of expression within the Chilean radio criticizing others and so far no one could ensure that the best would do, criticizing others is a form of life that was taken in our society, and that is not far from the reality experienced by the churches in our country.

Exegetical idea of the passage.

Renew a worldly way of thinking to understand what the will of God, pleasing and perfect sound.


The believer is called to renew their thinking, and not be compressed by the mold of this world.

Interrogative sentence

What is the mold of this world and the believer can renew your understanding?

First division.

The World (Century) is used here to denote the company or the system that man has built to make himself happy without God. The god and prince of this world is Satan, all unconverted people are his subjects, he tries to attract and retain people through the concupiscence of the flesh, (excessive desire for material goods especially the sensual pleasures) of the eyes and the pride of life.

The current world is a cruel and competitive society, because only the strong stand and faster, there is no room for the weak, for the needy, the world built by man is not where God is also characterized by their lack of scruples (certainly apprehensive about doing something bad), compared to others, and the most common attacking neighbor is relentless criticism, better known as the fur, pull down the other, no matter what their condition, friend, brother, relative, etc..

The way of thinking is individualistic, where the prevailing myself, we must reach as lead, no matter that this rise in those around me will suffer. The other key feature in the mold of the company, speaking mainly of Chilean society, is the envy of worms and this is defined as bone proverbs.

Under this prism is that the apostle Paul puts and calls on believers to leave behind this way of thinking that is inherent in this world, but antagonistic to God, because God watches over all, but I veil myself, God sees all with the same love, but I look with envy at that thrives and does well. Strange that Paul's words, as if they were not required to be treated within the Church, as if believers had no need for this recommendation and this appeal, also said the Holy Spirit in our midst that the world had ventured far inside your church, and without the need for a deeper analysis of the situation of society and as such has ido entering deeper into the middle of the church, I will refer to only one aspect that is worrying and not allows the church of God takes place with more force, and to fulfill its mission to proclaim the gospel with power, and in the specific case of our congregation to meet the Lord to be safe.

I am referring to criticism that there are continuous in the middle of the Christian people to one another, this practice is not a Christian, by contrast brings destruction, not construction, is not healthy and destroys the body, taking the introductory sentence, which apparently is very strong, I have read the text in Romans is the same caliber and calls us to rise to a different condition, when the head is not busy, no time for idleness, there is no time to develop ideas, but to develop Pelambres, to speak evil of another, how many times we get together with siblings or relatives, and our conversation revolves around those who are not present, not the very best terms, but talked to a lack of brotherly love, with absolute irreverence we refer to our brother, our family or our neighbor, that lack of respect for God, and we are seeing is a witness of our conversations, it does not say the word "no erréis, bad conversations, corrupt public morals "1 Corinthians 15:33, or was not the Lord himself who said that if we call our brother would be foolish to blame the council, and our way of referring to our brothers is often stronger than that, it is not true that we bad words in our leaders when we do not like his act, or do not agree with my way of thinking, it nevertheless criticized his way of doing things, or behave as leading in the church, should do it this way or should behave this way, it often costs us sincerely rejoice when our neighbor progresses, we like to see it roll, because that way we see it as inferior to us, and one was below can assist us We will also not be as happy when a brother is blessed either material or spiritual.

Second Division.

First Out, Christ died on the cross to give life to man, so that this does not conform to the mold that society imposes no God in the same passage we read from Romans, the Apostle Paul gives us three keys to learn God willing, the first body is delivered, the second a separate life, and a third transformed mind, we will stop at the third key by this time, to renew the way of thinking, the apostle Paul teaches us in his message to the church of Philippi, which means changing the way of thinking, and does not do it as a wish of his heart to his disciples, but they ordered this thinking, it is an imperative, with the vision that Paul had given him the Spirit Santo, who saw the danger looming over the church where the believers were not processed in their thinking, so the first exit in sight and that is an order of the word of God is renewed understanding, transform thoughts and this is not achieved with a magic act, the thoughts are transformed by an act of human will, when they come to my mind the badly wants to refer to my brother I have the mental capacity to remove that thought from my mind and bring my heart a nice thought, if I place is like a small snowball that gets rolling down the mountain, the avalanche is safe, if the stop at its inception, the flood would never occur, therefore we must seek the positive things that are on the other, begin to see the good, the noble, honest, what kind, what a good name, a campaign initiated by the government of Chile positive thinking, the Bible began back 2000 years ago, there that case to make the word of God, not just read it, but start by putting it work. Therefore the first output is think about it.

Second exit, equilibrium in respect of ourselves, begin to look balanced, not to have a higher or lower, of ourselves, because if we return is higher proud, look at each other with disrespect, we all seem less and therefore can not have communion with any, because the communion is only among equals, also if we have a very low concept of ourselves, we will become vain and bitter because they feel jealous of all, because they are better than I, and neither have communion with none, I feel inferior because I despise them, Jesus died for each one of us and his sacrifice has the same value for all, the price you paid for your redemption is the same as that paid for my rescue, did not pay more for one another, which began work in the morning gave him the same salary as that arrived an hour before the end of the day, Christ makes us equal with God, or better than our brothers or lower they. Once again just take the concept of himself, according to the grace that God has given for the benefit of the body.

Third output, clean the glass because the content is holy, we are temples of the Holy Spirit is our responsibility to keep a room tidy, clean, fragrant, fresh, have gone to homes where the rooms are smelly, dark, messy, do not want going to these houses, the Lord took the throne of our hearts so we must have a dwelling that is appropriate to the dignity of the monarch, we can not get carried away by our passions, our desires messy, messy because the church, the Apostle Paul be chilled in this way to clean the glass, "all things are lawful to me, but not all agree, all things are lawful to me, I will not let me dominate any of the food for the belly and the belly for tubers, but both the one and destroy the other God but the body is not for fornication but for the Lord and the Lord for the body or ....¿ not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? again the imperative of the word, there are no options, clean socks, occasionally he who dwells in us makes it on a permanent basis.


If someone comes to you with a gift, and you do not accept it, who owns the gift? When he tried to surrender, it is not true. The same applies to the envy, anger, evil thoughts, insults, when they do not belong to those who agree with him, we learn that we can not continue this type of gift, because more often than not are received by those who wish to receive and thus still belonging to ourselves, the Lord's call this morning is to renew the way of thinking, so that we can understand what the will of God, good, pleasing and perfect. Let us look forward and upward, fill up the time as advised by Paul to the Philippians, the apostle Peter in his second letter, "you also, even with all diligence on this, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge domain, the domain itself, patience, patience with piety, the piety, brotherly love and fraternal affection, love. Because if these things are in you and abound, do not cease to be idle or fruitless in terms of knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. "The Lord wants the best for their children, and that it may be, bless you.

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