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<+>Is it possible to be perfect? <+>

Is it possible to be perfect?


Can we be perfect in our Christian life? It's a question that makes many Christians today, especially when it comes to matching the perfection of the Bible that speaks to what we know in our contemporary language (perfection), the perfection of the Scriptures that talk has to do in holiness and purity, with the character that God gives to his children through Jesus Christ.

I. Why should we be perfect?

A. We must see the word perfection in light of the Bible in the light of purity of heart:

a. <5:8 Well <Mateo adventurous are the pure corazón>> Perhaps Jesus pronounced these words if there were no men with this condition existed, that is to say, our Lord would have said this but in reality there are Christians in this world clean of heart?

b. Jesus blesses those with clean hearts.

c. The cleaning is the heart of the whole root of sin (Jn 13:8)

d. Because it is a condition to enter the kingdom of God, to take part with Him

e. 1 Peter 1:15 Being holy in our whole way of life

B. Is an order (to be perfect, purified)

a. Matthew 5:48, Be perfect as your Father in heaven. Be Holy for I am holy says the Lord without holiness no one will see the Father.

b. It is an imperative, an order is not a choice, but God was so good that with the order given to the aid. Jesus sanctifies us because (aside for us), and the Holy Spirit helps us to live in Holiness (purifies us like fire).

c. Besides God never ordered anything which has not acted before. We can be saints because Jesus Santos, opened the way

II. What is perfection or purity?

A. No option, we must be perfect, pure:

a. Be pure is to remove everything that does not belong to his nature, as is done with gold or silver

b. Is to allow God to work in us and regenerate our lives, "born again", to restore its moral image in us.

B. Being perfect in the Christian life bears fruit:

a. Not resist the enemy, but we love you

b. We do not seek revenge, eye for eye, Matthew 5:38

c. We give good for evil V.39 d. We seek justice from God not from men vol.41-42

C. God can improve their people, cleanse the heart of the Christian Church, sanctify and empower to live in Holiness.

a. If not then this would mean two things, that God can not make us live in holiness, or does not want.

b. If not, then it is not omnipotent and can not uproot the sin that Satan implant in Adam.

c. If not, then there is a Holy God, it does not require purity of his people.


God wants a people perfect, without spot or wrinkle, so that when Jesus comes for his Church is in the Holiness. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit purifies our hearts, to live out for him, because without holiness no one will see the Father. Christ did, we just have to believe it, live it and those have been proposed to achieve the goal that is Christ, the Holy, holy, holy.

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