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<+>Until the end of the earh<+>'

Until the end of the earth

Acts 1:8


This verse is the main foundation of all missionary vision that the Lord has called us to develop. It is a key verse from the Word of God, left the mouth of the Lord, who describes should happen with his followers after his ascension into heaven.

I. Receive Power

The missions begin with the power of the Holy Spirit, which can be regarded as the chief of the mission because it is who leads, motivates, encourages and leads the church to fulfill their missionary task. Some people and churches say they have the power of the Holy Spirit, but no missionary vision that is impossible. If you had the power of E. S. Would automatically missionary vision. Others want to do missionary work without the power of E. S.; the result is a total failure. It is impossible to perform missionary work without the power of E. S. And it is impossible to have power of E. S. Without global vision.

II. To speak about me (you shall be witnesses to me ...)

The fruit of a life full of E. S. It is the testimony. The believer who appropriates the power of E. S. By faith, are motivated to talk about Christ to others, and does so naturally. Besides the power to testify, the believer will produce the fruit of E. S. Reflected in attitudes and works. His life is an encouragement for others to follow Jesus.

III. Everywhere

In Acts 1:8 Jesus tells us about four places where we must be witnesses in Jerusalem, in Judea, Samaria and even in the most distant of the world. In Jerusalem is the city where the disciples were when they received the order. Was the scene of major events of Christianity. There Jesus performed most of his ministry, died and rose again and gave the Great Commission to His disciples. Our Jerusalem is the city where we live, where we met as a church and receive the blessings of God. Therefore we must be witnesses in our city: at work, at school, or with our neighbors on the street, speaking of Christ, giving a brochure inviting people to go to church, etc..

Judea was a province that had Jerusalem as its capital. When Christ says that we must be witnesses in all Judea, tells us that we must evangelize in our state.

Samaria Samaria was a region somewhat more distant and with a heterogeneous population. Our Samaria is our country. Therefore, we must be witnesses of what Christ did and is doing for our country.

Until the end of the earth Jesus wants us to be witnesses in all nations of the earth. God's will is to establish his kingdom in all tribes, peoples, languages and nations (Rev. 5:9). Therefore, we must remember that vision, because we are God's instruments for this task.


Some think the church should only be your cologne with the message of the gospel. But you need to expand the vision! How much we need the hand of God open our eyes to see the task that lies ahead of us! God is witness that the church of Christ at the same time in Jerusalem, in Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. Some say to stay in his post evangelize the rest of the world. That is disobeying an order that Christ gave us. We must evangelize in four places at once! We must be witnesses in our neighborhood, our city, our country and around the world simultaneously. This is God's call to each of us. Our mission to be the world. We must do everything possible to make the world hear the message of good news from God. What is your part?

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