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<+>Lazarus and purpose of God<+>

Lazarus and purpose of God



Are you frustrated because you are not receiving an answer from God?
Do you feel that God is not interested in your needs?
Perhaps these so saturated with activities that you feel you can not more?
Or perhaps you're like me, the week end and I have a lot of things that I did not do?
Maybe you're alone and nobody seems to understand what you're going?
Not what your situation but I want to pay attention to this next passage read in John 11:38-43
From this passage I want to talk about some issues that are important


Jesus was a close friend Lazarus and his two sisters, Mary and Martha. (Maria, NOT the mother of Jesus, was the woman who came later and poured perfume on Jesus' feet in gratitude for his love). When Jesus arrived several days later, Marta is embarrassed by saying, "If you would have come when you call ... .. ... ... Lazarus would not have died."

This is difficult to understand! The text says in verse 6: "But when he received the news that Lazarus was sick, decided to stay two days more he was" as if it were decided not to go to Jesus. Know if I was Lazarus would say: "With such friends who needs enemies?"
Marta with the response you gave to Jesus meant that He did not care to detail to come when you called. That he had the delicacy to reply and say: "Martha will come later but do not worry everything works out" NO, there was a silence that Jesus was totally ignored and despised one of his friends that he was sick.
But Jesus was a question of priorities and purposes, not lack of love or devotion to his friends. If what he had said before: JESUS WAS NOT ABOUT TO HEAL YOUR FRIEND LÁZARO. Would you say this macabre but even Jesus could have said that Lazarus was healthy to be thousands of kilometers away as did the Roman centurion's servant, and had been met.


God often has to delay His work in us to achieve something that His purposes are achieved only in the delay. Jesus had to allow Lazarus to die so that the miracle may have its full effect. If Jesus had just healed a sick man, the impact of the miracle was not so newsworthy as to revive a man who had been dead for four days.
The resurrection of Lazarus Jesus represents the largest "of all public acts" of his entire ministry. Many do not realize is the key to the next chapter in the Gospel of John. If Jesus had not raised Lazarus from the dead, there had not been the crowd shouted to him to enter the gates of Jerusalem:
Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, the King of Israel!
Many people came to meet Jesus, because they had heard that He had done this miracle. So were the Pharisees said, 'Look, everyone follows it! We can not do anything. " (John 12:18-19)
This was the key purpose of Jesus when he said: "Lazarus is not dead just sleeping so Let a few more days here."
Sometimes we are so blind and short-sight that we see God's purposes for our lives
Therefore: You have to conform to God's purpose are you doing the best things that God never wanted you to.
Perhaps these so busy with the list of "Things to do" you can not see God's purpose for your life
Perhaps because you've got stubborn to learn a career as an engineer or architect when God really wanted you to be a pastor, missionary, doctor.


Imagine if your God created you to be the Michelangelo of this century, but you've been so busy with so many things - all good things, perhaps you never had time to paint and sculpt. What a disappointment it would be for us all: God, you and the people around you who have been blessed, if only you would have adjusted to the original purpose that God had for your life!
Do you realize the great responsibility we have to adjust to God's purpose?
As the adage says, "You are guilty for losing your time doing good when I should have done better."
That, after this week should make a list of things that should not to do "instead of" LIST OF THINGS THAT HAVE TO DO. " So you can say I give the Lord what I want to do and I am available for your purposes!
Philippians 3:14 "So I proceed towards the goal, to get the prize that God calls us to receive through Jesus Christ."


THE SILENCE OF GOD SOMETIMES IS OUR ANSWER! Yes, it is difficult to accept but that is not there and give it back.
Delays in our lives are not always easy to manage and reconcile in our minds. Often, when God answers our prayers in time we feel that he should do, as all kinds of features to the nature of God saying:
God is not interested in my
God has many other more important things to do than to hear my prayer
God does not answer my prayers because I am not a pastor.


Such was the case with the sisters Mary and Martha when Lazarus was sick and died. They thought: "Jesus remember us."
God often prepares the way for His glory be revealed through the events that the same orchestra.
He did this with Moses and Pharaoh, the delay allows for the liberation of the Israelites from Egypt to prepare his people for the right time.
He did this with Abraham and Sara with the promised child, Isaac. God gave Sara a baby past the age of motherhood to demonstrate His power, His glory.
Jesus certainly believed and lived as He taught. He was here on a mission to fundamentally transform humanity, but you never saw Jesus hurry.
Truly appears as if the clock is tuned to God another time. Our clock is different from what is set in the East and others to conform to the Pacific.
But God is never late and He is never early, he arrives just in time according to His purpose!
Hear the story of the "TIME FOR JESUS":

Jesus is born at exactly the right time to be in Bethlehem with her parents, as the scriptures say he was going to be over 500 years.

He started studying the scriptures in the temple, just in time that her parents had decided to return home.

When his mother wants him to help save a wedding celebration because they lacked wine, He said that his time had not arrived yet.

You are asked to come and heal his friend Lazarus who is in bed and instead of this comes to the tomb of Lazarus

The list is endless, but the point is that Jesus was constantly bombarded with a choice between the urgency and importance. But he always stayed so aligned with God through prayer and understanding the purpose for which God had made the distinction between these things more easily.

Jesus was so disciplined about it that even His death was right on time. When the disciples told him off for Jerusalem to be crowned as King of Israel, Jesus replied that they should not be rushed because he knew it would be the right time. If Jesus had wanted to he could have been crucified so much before fulfilling his mission and go home, but everything had a purpose of God.

You have to adjust to the time of GOD

The precise time is what matters and this time not determined neither I nor you, but only God, the Creator of all things. It means saying no to the urgent need to stay focused on what matters.

Think about the Olympic athletes. They have many hours in the day like you and me, but they sacrificed everything to focus steadily towards the goal, the Olympics. They do not allow your day is guided by URGENCIAS because they are busy with the most important purposes.

Your purpose is to adjust the time of God, that He has put all things in your life.
My friend, do not take the delay or the Silence of God lightly. Do not faint, because God is preparing things even better for you.
There is a saying common: "He who hurries drowns" and another saying "Better to lose a minute in the life that lives in a minute."
God is never late .... God is never early ... .. He always arrives just in time!

Verse 4: When Jesus received the message, said: "This sickness will not end in death. Serve to show the power of God and the power that I have, the Son of God. "
He knows the whole story of the death and resurrection of Lazarus only serves one purpose and is "DO REPRESENT THE GLORY OF GOD."
If Jesus had just healed Lazarus, was not big news because he had already healed many people in the path of his ministry.
It is as if you have first seen a dramatic film and you were there at the edge of his chair to see what would happen. But seeing the same movie a second time and no impact.

Jesus refused to go to Bethany to heal Lazarus set the stage for his final masterpiece. The resurrection of Lazarus was an impact such that the whole world could see that Jesus was the Son of God, because healing could have been a coincidence of medicine, etc.. But defying death, and everybody knew that Lazarus had not died but only 1 days ago 4 days and was smelling badly because his body was decomposing.
Just call him Jesus resurrected Lazarus and the whole world knows that Jesus is not a charlatan, but who has the anointing of the Most High God. In that same instant all came to see the GLORY OF GOD!
HOW IS THE GLORY OF GOD? Many believe that the glory of God is something so supernatural that only selected few get to see her. NOT SO!
The glory of God we see
In the time spent alone with God performing our daily devotional
In that God answers prayers
In converting a person from a bad life to a new creation
The glory of God sees the believer:-Established Patient-Faithful -


Think about these questions in light of this reflection:
Have you been walking on your own purposes all these years and you have not complied with the purpose of God?
Have you been apurándote in your time moving through your own agenda of "things to do" and you have not adjusted to the time of GOD?
Is there anything in your life that prevents you from seeing THE GLORY OF GOD Manifest in your life?

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