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<+>'The church is one<+>'

The church is one

Philippians 2:3


One of the causes of almost all the divisions is disagreement over doctrine, and even sometimes has to do with the liturgy of the church, this gives a poor representation of the body of Christ which is one in which Christ is the head Apart from the church body that has no visible reason for existing.

The New Testament calls for unity, communion and an unwavering commitment to brotherly love, but these things have been neglected and rejected. The obligation to remain in communion even when disputes arise has been abandoned and often on small matters. These differences could have been raided by a prayer and with due regard for the rights of others. That all separations are due to the inconsistency of a group that intends to have the right to interpret the Bible according to their own point of view, and yet deny the same right to others. Of course you would deny a fundamental truth, the new testament of the directions in the matter.

Differences in practice should not be the reason of breaking communion among the faithful, committed a serious sin to divide the Body of Christ. However Atrocity of this sin when believers will be gathered as one body in the presence of the Lord where no sound may be that there are such divisions, where the mind of the believer would be concentrated on things eternal. Excluding a believer that in the opinion of someone has not been properly baptized, or because the is not limited to chant Psalms of David for the notes of praise that would exclude the thief to accept Christ.

Will not be pleasant to discover that while it is straining the mosquito minor stuff in the literature, one has swallowed the camel of a broken, or when one discovers the speck in the eye of a brother on the way to practice Ordinance, has failed to throw a beam's eye in spirit to deny Christ the answer to his prayer "that they are a thing as you, Father, in me and I in you" (John 17:21 )

Reason for all divisions is not due to the lack of a clear testimony to the Bible, or the lack of the ministry of teaching by the Spirit, nor is due to the inherent weakness of man rather is due to the lack of spirituality among the people of God, to fail to walk humbly and submit to the Spirit of God Philippians 2:3 "Do nothing by strife or vainglory; in humility before considering each other as superior to himself Galatians 6:1" considérant yourself. Brotherly love does not lead to separations, and when men are united and ensure themselves that they are contending for a just cause, should provide the greatest injustice of sin to divide the body of Christ.


The true church is not divided, nor can it be divided, but the church visible manifestation of the ideal of a Bible, an effort is ruined and destroyed. The remedy is not obtained by a simple union organizations, although this would give a better world. The remedy lies in the attitude of the individual believer in his love for all other believers, in spite of ecclesiastical connections or distinctions of race. This is the effect that a normal walk in the Spirit. The apostle John declares: "We know we have passed from death to life, that we love the Brethren" (John 3:14) and "Beloved, amémonos each other, that love is of God, Anyone loves is born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is Love

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