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Revival of brambles

Revival of brambles

Exodus 3:1-5 "Moses sheep grazing his father-in-law Jethro, priest of Midian, I have the sheep through the desert, and reached Mount Horeb .. And God appeared to him the angel of the Lord in a flame of fire in the midst of a bush, And I look and saw the burning bush on fire, and the bush was not consumed. And Moses said: I will go now and I'll see this big picture, because it causes the burning bush does not burn. Seeing that the Lord would view the name of God in the midst of the bush and said, Moses, Moses! And answered: Here I. And he said: Stay away, remove your shoes on your feet because the place where you are on holy ground is. And he said 'I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, God of Jacob. Moses covered his face, I was afraid to look to God. "

PROPOSITION ....... Deep in my soul I believe that God is making final preparations to lift the people who have been waiting since ase many years, some of the generations that have passed I think that God has tried to show them the power of the glorious revival of recent days, however! Generations when they saw the burning bush in front of them, turned their eyes and turns off the bush in front of them, because they wanted with the "pain of hunger."


In this passage we see that Moses the great leader of the Israelite people, while the submerged with the syndrome of depression that he called "Syndrome of the desert," the show .. God presented before him and accompany him throughout his life. So these days God is looking at and showing people walking in the desert of this world without hope and vision, also to churches that have entered a dead religion and sedated, as they are forming, perhaps indirectly acknowledging that God has and can do great things with and for them in the communities in which they are living. We are in the century of communication abound everywhere and television, the Internet, e-mail, letters, radio, telephone, fax, etc. .. Etc.. And we all know that communication is so important that when we hear that breaks the communication companies lose and fall into complete bankruptcy, and precious time is not as it should be able to expedite the affairs of the world. In times of war when you lose or lose the messages costing thousands of lives, and brought confusion to whole armies, occasionally bringing defeat and slavery in the villages. Now I think the most important messages of the world are the messages that God is giving each of his sons, who seek him in spirit and in truth, that remaining faithful to wait, pray and work gloriously for the Lord of Lords. And the message more urgent need in these last days is the message of God's goodness poured into the Revival of the last days. Is the provision of God want to turn the spiritual zarza everyone is her being, and also turning the bush in his church's revival. It is so important to listen to God each time the speech is to equip us to improve and win in our spiritual life, and continue the message of the revival of the bush. In analyzing this passage as deep insights into prophetic revival think these points:

1. The appearance of the burning bush was something special for the kit of Moses for the task ahead is still awaited. Also with us this revival God is pouring out to prepare, equip his people for the great task remaining before us in recent times, were great harvest, we need discipulación accelerated, and there will be great need to feed a hungry generation of spiritual God removed from the deserts of drugs, evil, sin, etc. .. Many are being visited by the divine zarza personally and in their churches, too, but sometimes there are still too many barriers of prejudice that can not see the bush to the entire congregation.

2. We were like Moses in the desert 40 years as a period of preparation. Much people of God who has been sitting doing nothing, almost spiritually dead are waking up, especially young people who are up in arms against Satan and his kingdom. Adults and elderly who want to stop the revival beginning with the time we begin to adopt it and enjoyed before God. Recognizing that the end against those who fought against God was not the pastor, the loud music, dance or tambourines etc. But against God. We give glory to God who continues to be a people who are joining the army in the revival of David, rather than mocking now enjoy dance when the youth and they too began to dance. In other words suddenly begin to see that the bush burns, and fire is not of man but of God.

3. Recall also that Moses at a time, while living in Egypt wanted to fix their positions through personal forces. Beloved know well that time has elapsed and machismo through efforts, wisdom, technology, education has not reached the human revival. The way that the coming revival in the world of those churches who are enjoying it are those that have said to the Lord we are tired of the ritual, Methodism, liturgy and prayers repeated, and we want the real truth, the fullness, We will not just be sprinkled with water, but we want to swim in the river's spirit. I think the world is so degrades with the things of the enemy that in recent days to take a generation fueled with the power of God that will make the others starve them of the blessings of God. Divine Mission in our church here in Brownsville Texas USA, we gozándonos with this revival in a special way, and we see the barriers that nobody had been able to bring down the soaring doing the work. On November 21 of this 2000, we held a worship of power with more than 5 churches in Brownsville, all young people met to worship God, hear the word and celebrate the victory of Jesus at the end of the call, as we saw benefited hundreds of young people after the worship in a youth festival that had been prepared. Some were baptized with the Holy Spirit, others were healing, they minister to all ........ go for long time, and the final held together praising God at the altar for more than 30 minutes of praise without stop singing dancing, shouting and filled with God's presence. This did the holy spirit, no one would call, I plan to meet anyone, the same youth leaders talked for months and decided to join together to celebrate Jesus. But this did not the man, Jesus did. For we know that sometimes that man is planning everything, but there is no real life events is the same as ever, and this generation is tired of the same. So it was with Moses when he wanted to do everything by yourself just got in trouble, and when God got on the subject then did everything being written in the word.

4. We analyze the burning bush that also teaches us the desire for personal instructions from God. In other words God wants to teach, develop, guide, using the latest generation of burning bush. Never mind all the preparation that we strive to give our people will never be the same as God gives it to someone when that someone decides to turn to see the burning bush is talking to him .. Because when we go into a revival of God, spirit taught us great things and difficult that we do not know, teaching is more fun, preaching ase is deeper, and the anointing of the spirit accompanies each event and conference to be given from the pulpit , so that we do not have to bring folks to preach, but anyone who takes the pulpit is manna from God, the hearts are hungry because of the impact of the revival. So we can say that the brambles fueled generation will be those who are somewhat educated by the very high, never despise academics, because it is very necessary, but is that what I have the experience of the two phases, While reaching the doctorate, I could never understand what we now understand, much less feel what I feel now. Also nothing could prepare me to manage the huge wave of revival that suddenly came to our church. Thank God that the father is teaching us every moment, through the preaching, teaching, and even in prayer, and especially in a more striking when we begin to live the Revival. But to get closer to the must be done very carefully as he succeeded Moses. If we look at the words "Remove the sandals" teaches us in the original language that we respect, God is saying Respétame, Sométete, Rudo Remove it from your personality, not let anything interfere burdensome, and in no time and for any reason you disrespectful to the presence of God. When we meditate well on this topic Revival think that:

I. The burning bush is an experience writing .. NOT ,....! DALE

God speaks to us through his word and also spoke to Moses through his word, God is speaking to you at this time to experience the revival of the burning bush. We can experience powerful dreams that tell us about the blessings of God, we also loved having the blessing of great first hand signals, but none of that can replace the word of God heard: "God has spoken many times and in many other ways time to parents by the prophets. In these last days has spoken to us by the son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and who also made the universe "(Heb. 1:1-2). Here we see that God is always speaking to the world, and in recent days is talking to the world through the Revival that is spilling over all the land which is included in our church and also wants to include your church. God wants each message, reading, worship is an opportunity to listen to him, and really when it starts to spill the revival, every word and every event is in the church in worship, we feel it is God who is trying us. The word of God teaches us in original language that the word "TURN" in our text is the word) (Raw-Aw, .. and is a primitive verb, meaning to consider, view, watch, warning, wake up, examine, . This word is used 1198 times in the Old Testament. So good to ponder until then we see that Moses seriously consider what was happening, I note, however, awoke from their slumber and look good throughout the event of the burning bush, this happens to many who are in churches, in some ways have seen God, have felt to God, God has dealt with them, however, when God wants more than that, you want to wake up from your dream and may be religious in a more palpable, Powerful, Anointed One, but many do not want This revival, like escaped, stay as they are living a Christian Ralito and fullness.

II. EXPERIENCE stoke the burning bush IS ONE OF "sincerity"

When a child of God recognizes his limitations, needs more of God, his weaknesses, and awakens to the reality that there is more to it, then your God prendera zarza interior. Moses knew he had many limitations and that required the presence of God in a powerful way, when God saw his heart, appeared in the bush, which in turn, sparked the bush interior. The satisfaction of the soul comes only when we have a INTIMA COMMUNION WITH MORE ...

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