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Interesting finds

Downtown: Easter Egg:
Go on top on the VCN building, onto the helipad. The fourth window in from the right will be an invisible wall. Get to the corner of the helipad and jump inside to find an Easter Egg. If you did not fall through, you are at the wrong window.

Downtown: Huge explosion:
Go to the dirt bike track. Get on the parked dirt bike, start the mission, but do not move. Wait for the three Cubans to appear and kill them. Take their bikes and put them where the original dirt bike was located. Repeat until you are satisfied with the amount of bikes there. Note: Fail the mission first, then get back on the bike -- no more Cubans will appear if you do not do this. Get far enough away not to die then either throw a Molotov cocktail or a grenade at them, or shoot one until it catches on fire. This will cause a chain reaction that will cause a enormous explosion (and give you wanted stars).

Escobar International Airport: Enter airport with weapons:
When facing the airport building, go through the gate to the left that leads into the runway area. Follow the airport building itself around as far as you can and still have a window to your right. The last airport window is fashioned into the cement of the building, but there is just enough space for you to walk up to the outside portion of it. If you walk up this outside portion and veer slightly to the left you, will instantly appear on the other side of the glass. This may require several attempts

Escobar International Airport: Free ammunition:
Drive to Escobar International Airport. Walk through the metal detector. All your weapons will appear outside the airport, even those that were completely out of ammunition. Leave and pick them up. Each weapon, even the ones that were out of ammunition, will have earned a load of ammo

Go into the police station and change into the cop uniform. Then, buy one of each weapon you like and go to the airport. Because you are wearing the uniform, you will be allowed to enter with all of your weapons. However, as you pass in and out of the metal detector, your range of firepower will be waiting outside. Keep doing this for awhile and you will have all the ammunition needed.

Leaf Links: Bring weapons on golf course:
Park any car to the left of the entrance to Leaf Links. Jump on your car then onto the ramp made of golf clubs on the other side. You are now on the course with all of your weapons. This is quite helpful on the Four Iron mission.

Little Haiti: Taxi show reference:
The Kaufman Cab Company is named after the late Andy Kaufman, who stared in the television show ´Taxi´. Inside the building, it cleverly resembles the set of the show.

Little Haiti: Fudge Packing sign:
Start at the Café Under The Tree and go east on that road. Take the next right turn and go north. On the left hand side of the road is a large deep orange building. The sign there reads ´FUDGE Packing Corp.´
Little Haiti: Fudge Packing sign:
Start at the Café Under The Tree and go east on that road. Take the next right turn and go north. On the left hand side of the road is a large deep orange building. The sign there reads ´FUDGE Packing Corp.´

Little Haiti: Obscene poster:
After taking Phil to the hospital, go into his trailer and enter his room. Over top of his bed is a poster reads ´Is F***king Great´ at the top

Little Haiti: Sunken cars:
Go to the bridge leading to the golf course. Go next to the water on the east side of the bridge. The look down and you should see three sunken cars. They look like the ones that can be found around Little Havana and Little Haiti.

Little Haiti: Human remains:
Start at the Pizza Place then turn left and to get to Funeraria Romero. Keep going along the front of the place until encounter a small narrow alleyway. Go through the alleyway and turn left. There should be a hidden package there. Notice there are four little plots of dirt in the ground. One of them is uncovered and you can see a human skeleton.

Ocean Beach: Bag of money:
After you complete the Malibu Club missions, there will be a bag full of money on your bed in your Ocean View Hotel Room.

Ocean Beach: Drugs:
On the table in your Ocean View Hotel room is a broken hidden package that has a mysterious white powder spilling out of it.

Ocean Beach: Grand Theft Auto 3 reference:
There is a comic book-like picture of our hero from Grand Theft Auto 3 in your first hideout in The Ocean View Hotel.

Ocean Beach: Scarface reference:
The entire road that runs parallel the beach on the east side (where the Ocean View hotel is located) is an exact duplicate of the scene from the Scarface, which was based in Miami.

Ocean Beach: New Candy Suxxx posters:
After you complete all of the InterGlobal Film studio missions, return to the original save point area in the Ocean View Hotel. Go up to your room, and you can see two new Candy Suxxx movie advertisement posters on the wall -- ´BITE: Featuring Candy Suxxx´ and ´CLOSE ENCOUNTERS: Starring Candy Suxxx´.

Ocean Beach: Boomshine barrels:
After you complete the missions for Phil, go to your hideout at the Ocean View hotel. There will be barrels of boomshine in your room.

Ocean Beach: Shooting award:
Go into your hideout at the Ocean View hotel and go towards the television. On top of it is a head with a bullet hole in the middle of the forehead. On the base, there is a plaque reading ´Shooter Of The Month´. This only appears after you complete the Shooting Range mission.

Ocean Beach: Hockey mask:
Also a hockey mask from the Bank Heist mission will be on the table in your room at the Ocean View hotel after that mission is completed.

Prawn Island: Erotic posters:
Drive into the InterGlobal Films movie set on Prawn Island. Walk into the toll booth to see some posters of women on the wall. Note: You can see each poster better in first person view.

Prawn Island: Grand Theft Auto 3 reference:
When you obtain InterGlobal Films, in the far left hand corner (the opposite of where the sea plane is in the studio) is a set with a huge burger hanging from the top. It is Bolt Burgers from Grand Theft Auto 3 on the second island.

Get into the InterGlobal Films studio and keep walking around outside until you find a studio set made to look like a city ´strip´ with clubs and theaters. The set is actually the Club Street in the Red Light District of Grand Theft Auto 3.

Prawn Island: Blow up gas pump:
Go to the back wall of InterGlobal Film Studios and you will see a white box on the wall. If you look closely, you will see that it is a gas pump. Take a few steps back and shoot it to make it explode

Starfish Island: ´Keepy-Uppy´ beach ball game:
Go to Starfish Island and locate the mansion that has the drained pool in its side yard. There will be a lone beach ball in the deep end of the pool. Run into the ball hard enough and it will fly into the air. Position yourself on its shadow to have it bounce off your head. The game keeps track of consecutive hits, however the prize is unknown. Note: Equip a heavy weapon such as a flamethrower or a minigun to walk around slowly so you do not over-walk the shadow.

Starfish Island: Launch the beach ball:
Find the keepy-uppy beachball and shoot it. It will launch hundreds of feet in the air and come crashing back down only to launch back up again

Starfish Island: Erotic poster and pictures:
After you have completed the InterGlobal Films missions, go back to your mansion on Starfish Island. There will be erotic pictures of Candy Suxxx on the desk in your office, along with a poster on the wall of her from behind.

Starfish Island: New rooms in mansion:
After you complete the Rub-Out mission and obtain Diaz´s mansion, there are two secret rooms that you can now access with weapons and health/armor. The first is the minibar next to the main entrance of your new mansion. The second is on the lowest floor where the staircases are located (pool level). This room is next to the exit to the pools. It is easy to miss, but look for it. It is in a corner before you turn to the stairs going up.

Starfish Island: Love Fist gas cans:
Go to your mansion and enter the main office after completing the Love Fist missions. Look on one of the tables to find two Love Fist gas cans, marked ´Hot N Sticky´.

Starfish Island: Defaced Diaz painting:
After you complete the Rub-Out mission, go upstairs and look to the right on the wall outside of Tommy´s office. The painting of Diaz has been drawn on with a marker. Someone drew a pair of glasses and a few other things on it

Starfish Island: Good stunts:
Get a Sanchez or a fast car and go to the Vercetti Mansion. Drive up the big set of stairs leading to the door. Go off the side of the stairway while doing a wheelie (with the Sanchez). You can sometimes get 1200 degrees and six flips.

Vice Point: Village People:
The Village People perform inside the Malibu Club. Dicing them up with a chainsaw is very cathartic.

Vice Port: Dead dolphin:
Get a boat and take it somewhere between Escobar International Airport and the docks. Do not go past the two big ships docked there -- stay west of them. Just west of the two big ships around the shoreline is a dead dolphin, just floating there. It does not move, and just floats around. Do not try to jump on it, as you will fall through.

Washington Beach: Scarface reference and chainsaw:
Go to the gas station in Washington Beach, near the Mall. Do the stunt that goes up the white stairs onto a roof, then do the stunt that immediately follows afterwards. After that, you should be on the side of a street. There should be an apartment with two flight of stairs leading up, on the other side of the road. Go to the door on the right and enter the apartment. It is marked as apartment 30. Go into the bathroom, which is almost identical to the classic chainsaw scene in the movie Scarface, with blood stains on the wall. There will also be a chainsaw in there

Washington Beach: Phallic symbol:
Go to the Malibu Club and look around for a water tower. Once you have located it, look to the left of it. You will see a tall building next to it. Look closely at the top of the building. It will say ´LANGER´. Go to the parking lot directly across from the building and make sure you have a clear view of the front of the building. Once the game clock turns 23:00, lights will turn on, showing the form of a penis and two balls. At the top of the building, liquid will squirt out for a short time. When the game clock turns 24:00, the lights will change and this will no longer be visible.

Washington Beach: Aquatic life:
Go to the lighthouse near Ocean Beach to view some aquatic life. Once at the lighthouse, go out on the adjacent piers and use your first person view to scan the waters. Occasionally you can spot schools of fish, dolphin, sea turtles, and a large hungry shark. For more fun, wait on the pier and soon the people around you will start going crazy and jump into the water. None of them can swim, so the entire area becomes filled with floating corpses and shark food.

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