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best comments-BOLT
most comments-VAIBHAV
first comments-BOLT
mind games-BOLT
then i gave a gamer shot to his spine after that came a khali chop and then a powerbomb and then a moonassault to him then he will get b for bagged with a broncobuster then came a big boot to his teeth and that surely broke his jaw
15.02.2014 09:25 EST,
Bolt then pokes into vaibs eyes , clapped hes both ears, vaibs bent bolt nails'em with X-FACTOR! bolt now taunts vaib to get up, vaib gets up tries to punch bolt , bolt ducks underneeth takes on sholder and finished him with THUNDERUS F-5!!
15.02.2014 09:24 EST,
then i take him on my shoulder and i gave big f5 on the ropes and he splashed out of the ring and he collides with the barrier walls and then when he standed up i did the sucide dive to him and then i irish whiped him toward the steps
15.02.2014 09:23 EST,
befor u spliting i sit down hit u neckbreaker Then gave him a backbreaker and a quality kick to the chest of him then laid him with a series of punches to follow by a standing assault then gave him a manhattan drop and then a atomic drop in the middle of ring and then a thrust to send him to the buckes and then a one leg dropkickI then gave him a gts and then a f5 in the middle of ring....then jumped mad on the ribs of his
15.02.2014 09:21 EST,
Bolt then says "finish it" loaded couple of clothes line followed by triple german suplex vaib gets up bolt kicks to hes gut pulls him under hes legs raises hand and nails him with THE LAST THUNDER RIDE!
15.02.2014 09:21 EST,
i escaped from ur shellshock and then i hit u quick d.d.t. now time to do something new so i grab his both legs in my armpit and lift him up and swelling like cesaro crowd start counting 1to 20 then i throw him away from me
15.02.2014 09:18 EST,
Vaib gets up turn around ... Bolt spit the green color frm hes mouth to vaibs face! He got blind , bolt grabs vaibs balls and pulled it out!! Darn!! Bolt with vaibs one ball in hand bolt opens vaibs mouth and shove it deep inside hes throat!
15.02.2014 09:18 EST,
i locked him in the steiner recliner fans go crazy watching me do my vintage moves as after torchurin him i give him an rko to first hit him motionless then i went top rope and when he stants up i hit sitout powerbomb
15.02.2014 09:16 EST,
Bolt goes to corner goes crazy like bray wyatt, bolt kicks into vaibs gut and nails with candian destoryer, bolt takes vaib and goes on top and nails with a shellshocked!
15.02.2014 09:14 EST,
i counter ur jackhamer to kick in ur knee and nailed down d.d.d.t then i hit you pedigree followed by the spear and then again you get up i hit you with the gamers stunner and you flying in the air!! i hit him with the running throat thrust and after that the arabian press with the help of the ropes and pin over you
15.02.2014 09:14 EST,
then i did the batista power bomb to him and i went to top rope and i did the diving elbow drop, then i did the knuckkle shuffle and nailed him with the aa after that i irish whiped to the ring corner and i did the running knee to jaw and i pull him down and i did gut buster. after that i make him up and i did the bers hug for long time to weaken him
15.02.2014 09:12 EST,
Vaib crawling on hes knees sry baby boy :( bolt nails'em with fame asser, and gets fired up like like like.. GOLDBERG!! bolt kicks to vaibs gut takes hes head under arms and nails with jackhammer!
15.02.2014 09:11 EST,
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