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after defeating others..these two will now face each other to fill the empty space for heavyweight champion in pcw...
REFF- I SEE WHAT HAPPENED....BOLT USED A TABLE IN A NORMAL MATCH SO WINNER OF THE MATCH AND NEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION IS EWAN....but I gotta say if tables wasnt used by bolt this match could have been best
Then bolt takes a beer bottle frm a fan and smashed on ewans head , and cut hes head with it, picked up ewan and nailed with last ride on crowd
01.03.2014 09:15 EST,
yeahhhhh! i took out tumbtack...i sprinkle to the mat i grab bolt head! i nails ddt onto the tumbtack!! blood out from his forehead alot he is cying like sob!..n the i connect again a pidgree on to the tumbtack! bolt Unconscious!
01.03.2014 09:13 EST,
After that bolt throws ewan out , and take em on sholder starts runnin and go throw the barricade
01.03.2014 09:12 EST,
After chokeslam, bolt takes another chair and hits on ewans head , bolt then low blows ewan with iron rod
01.03.2014 09:10 EST,
idc wat bolt try doing bull shit here i just continue this match i gave German Suplex on Bolt...after that i pushed him to naked conner tnbkle his back got injury..then i continue with running shoulder block on him..he make mercy face..crying like a baby..he asked to me to stop haha...but i inhuman just hits shoulder block on him again n again haha...n then i raises him to top turnbkle n hited him 10x punch on his head n followed by belly to belly suplex from top tunbkle.n coverd him
01.03.2014 09:09 EST,
Uff.... Buddies what the hell u both r doing? This was hvt title match... Omg u just playing it like a fight for chocolate.... Lets go bolty !!! Lets to ewan ! Cme on ....
01.03.2014 09:08 EST,
01.03.2014 09:08 EST,
i think i win this macth reff! bolt used weapon..
01.03.2014 09:05 EST,
Wait, viper attacked me! Means i win!
01.03.2014 09:05 EST,
Bolt fixed 4 tables to 4 corners, takes ewan on sholder powerslams into 1st table, again picks em and hits a batterin ram to 2nd table, spears through the 3rd table and chockslams through the 4th table
01.03.2014 09:04 EST,
Omg... Spine bustr on mat ! Gosh bolt completly knockd out......
01.03.2014 09:03 EST,
when bolt so stupid used hammer in normal match when he tried hit he i hold his hand n grab that hammer threw out from the ring and then i gave him stone cold stunner on bolt he is flying out from the ring haha..n then i did suicide dive on him hes is crashing side bearere gate hardly..after that i took him i nailed brain buster onto the floor!..i sent him back to the ring..gave him german suplex n a diving headbutt from top rope n i covered him..
01.03.2014 09:03 EST,
Then bolt throws 5-6 tables and 3-4 chairs into the ring, comes in , takes a chair and hits hard on hes head , then fixed a table takes ewan on sholder and nails with death valley on the table
01.03.2014 09:01 EST,
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