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VJ vs BLADE(15/3/14)ENDED


ok man it was awesome we felt some fun don we?
15.03.2014 10:05 EDT,
nw angry vj stallone is much more angry he boils up tries to use his injured arm he stares into the eyes of chandan and after a series of punches he hits his very fav move SPINE BURSTER!!!!
15.03.2014 10:03 EDT,
Time over buddy,time over,m stopping my coment,u should also do dat n keep rest fr rsr bro
vj stallone block s chandan hits a drop kick chandan is out of the ring after tht drop kicl !!!
15.03.2014 10:01 EDT,
nw vj stallone goes to the top rope again and hits hollywood heights a massive finisher to chandan as vj is nt able to hit pedigree properly
15.03.2014 09:59 EDT,
N than after a strng punch quickly trap him to the top rope than 10 armshots on his chest than a 2nd rope ddt than wait 4 his get up he thought m going to do rko lol just a kick on his belly thn shw mid finger than a stunner
I saw vj is trying to hit me so before high knee just a quicker brogue kick on him than watch the weak person dead here so i shout 'rest in peace' than after a chokeslam a tombstone on him,than a hellsgate on him
N than i go near him make him dizzy by a neckbreaker than puld him than a stronger spinebuster just make him a dead person than a old skool than a 5 str frg splsh
nw vj stallone runs to towards the rope makes a pace the hits running high knee to the chan s head
15.03.2014 09:54 EDT,
N than just grab his face n make him spear to steel trnbuckle than just bring him ring n dnt give him chnce n just a batista bomb from the ring n thrw him outside,than bring him to announce table than a pedigree there n before 10 count bring him ring than a muscle buster
vj makes chandan unconscious using stf then he goes on the top rope he hits one of his fav moves HEART BREAK KID to chandan using his one arm
15.03.2014 09:52 EDT,
N than i make him weak with sm punch n kick than quickly puld him n wlcm him with a short time spear than a long way skull krusher kick than when he sat down after 10 yes kick a neck breaker kick on him than a peoples elbow drop
Lol,after a stormy f5,he trying to win,lol,anyway,i cntinue rulin wid a head butt when i trapped him on the trnbuckle than some yes kicks than untrap him thn run n do a flying kick on his leg than a hogan leg drop than a 5 star frog splsh than a pump handle slm on the steel post than a neckbreaker
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