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two nexus members against each other...lets see who wins
It sounds like match has been going to end soon, i gave right hand chop to his chest and i irish whiped bolt to rope and i did the running gts when he returns after that i pick him up and i gave him a huge rko and then i executes the second rope hanging pedigree and then i signaled for Go to sleep when bolt raises i gave him a roundhouse kick and i carried him in my shoulder and then i spin thrice with him in my shoulder and i nailed him with GTS and he was sent to sleep mode...and i covered him for the win X X...
15.03.2014 10:16 EDT,
I moonwalked on the stage and bolt tries to get stand i went near to him and i helped him to stood up and i gave a kick to his stomach and i gave him a ddt and i take bolt up and i nailed him a powerbomb on the turnbuckle and i irish whip him to another corner and i did the running high knee to jaw and i pulled toward me and i did spinebuster and i went to top of the ring and i pose a straight edge symbol and i did macho man elbow drop on bolt after that i gave him a stone cold steve austin sunner X X
15.03.2014 10:11 EDT,
After the match, bolt and mj destroyed chandan , bolt then left the arena as hes show going on fb
15.03.2014 10:10 EDT,
Bolt was dizzy now he stands up slowly and turned towards me i quickly gave bolt a superman punch and i take bolt in my shoulder and i did the big ending after that i gave mj swing similar to cesaro swing i made 13x swings and bolt was groogy now so i did the skull crushing finale and i locked down the bolt in the dead lock stf....and then i make bolt to stand up and i gave elbows hits to his face and i irish whiped him and when he returns i did the shining wizard after then a twist of fate has been setuped on bolt..... X X
15.03.2014 10:09 EDT,
Went to top rope hits the swanton bomb , then connects the twist of fate , then pick him up and nailed with the vertbreaker!) followed by atomic legdrop BROTHER! then bolt says finish it , throws to corner hits ass to face , picked up on sholder and finishes him with T.K.O and hold him into the yes lock for the win
15.03.2014 10:09 EDT,
I ducks the running knee and then i gave him a quick rko and nails him down X X
15.03.2014 10:07 EDT,
I locked the bolts hand in the ropes and i did some boxing punches on his face and stomach i gave a big super kick and he fall out of the ring...then i did the suicide dive on bolt from the ring and i picked him up and i stomped his head on the commentry table and then i irish whiped him towards the steel posts and he hits the post and then i did reversed superlex on the barrier wall hir ribs got breaken, then i take him to the ring and i gave him a last ride powerbomb followed by the chokeslam X X
15.03.2014 10:05 EDT,
After that, pose goes mad , picks up mj kicked into hes gut hoist up and nailed with 6ple powerbomb, then when mj get up a runnin knee to hes face , then bolt grabs him by hes neck and chockslams so hard , then an olympic slam
15.03.2014 10:05 EDT,
Bolt bro dnt waste ur time coz mj wins alreay coz he made 19 cmnts before u come,
When bolt tried to nail me a powerbomb i just gave a huge right handed punch to bolts nose and he leaves me and then i quickly nailed him a tornado ddt X X
15.03.2014 10:04 EDT,
Bolt then powerbomed mj into the steel steps! Then take him to the announce table , hoist up and nailed with the LAST THUNDERIDE then bolt throws him into the ring , hoist up to top rope , hits a runnin enzuigiri grabs hes head in mid air an nailed with a backbody breaker
15.03.2014 10:02 EDT,
fans starts chanting mj punk
15.03.2014 10:01 EDT,
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